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PROPHECY: 21st Week of 2006-HIGHEST ALERT-May 21-May 27
May 9, 2006

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Please read this whole post, including the portions that are taken from January 2, 2006....which posted to Watchmen Prophets Assembly at 11:11 pm on that date, and are included below this post.


Rachel Bening received her dream on 11/21.....2005, at 5:21.....A.M., and reported to me the dream of "Watchmen..21.....Watchmen..21.....".

Last night, the Lord directed my attention to the fact that the week of May 21..... through May 27 is week number TWENTY ONE of 2006.

I also note that I was led of the Lord to purchase a TWENTY ONE inch wrecking bar, and was then given a vision of a prophet, in America, with that wrecking bar, on October FIVE, 2005.

The revelation concerning the prophetic linkage between the month of May and the Church of Philadelphia was published by me, on my website, on May 21, 2003. This article deals with the coming forth of the "manchild" church, which will be birthed amidst great calamity and relocation. We may be entering those times.

Signs In The Seven Stars

We are already on high prophetic alert for the month of May. I am blowing the trumpet now, announcing that I believe that the Holy Spirit is calling us to HIGHEST ALERT for the 21st week of the year, that begins on May 21.

I want to emphasize that this level of HIGHEST ALERT includes the current comet/asteroid situation, but also includes any other type of shaking that has been prophesied, and is not restricted to the United States of America. God has begun to deal with the entire world as well.

We seem to be receiving specificity from the Lord with respect to the range of dates, but not much specificity with respect to the event. We prophesy in part, and see darkly, as through a mirror or glass.

Furthermore, it seems prudent for me to advise you that Gold and Silver are increasing rapidly in price on the world markets. Gold roared past $700 per ounce today. It was at $500 only last December, and Silver has increased at an even more rapid pace. You should make whatever preparations are lacking, and do it soon.

Roughly half of those who have responded to our recent poll are underprepared for troubled times.

Many are reporting an "11", "111" and "1111" component in what they are seeing. Since we already have a situation, regarding NINE comet fragments that prompt concern regarding May 11, it seems prudent for me to advise you to make all preparations prior to May 11.

One member has reported that the Spirit of God advised her to fill her auto gas tank and to keep it full before the end of the 10th (tomorrow), and also to purchase some extra gasoline. This has not been confirmed by a second witness, but it also seems prudent, and does not involve any significant extra cost to anyone at this time.

Stephen L. Bening

--- In, "Linda Conner"
Post From January 2, 2006


Rick Wiles, from January 1, 2006
2006 is the year of the watchmen. They're going to become emboldened this year. Calamities and war will provoke the watchmen to start pushing the false shepherds out of the way. Once the watchmen realize that multitudes will be sent into eternity, they'll know that they can't let the false shepherds dominate the churches anymore. Its time to challenge the prophets of Baal to produce or shut up.

Rick Wiles

Stephen L. Bening, posted January 1, 2006
Rick had sent it at 6 pm, but it was just arriving in my email inbox at 1:30 A.M., right on time.

Then, the Holy Spirit quickened to my remembrance the dream my daughter Rachel had of the Lunarejos (Lunatics), dancing around, exclaiming "Watchmen, 21, Watchmen, 21". When she awoke, the Holy Spirit said, "Isaiah". There were six Lunarejos in her dream. It now appears that the prophets will be lunatics and madmen in the house of the Lord in 2006. Rachel had that dream on 11/21/2005.

Now, upon seeing all this, the Holy Spirit was not yet finished in opening my eyes:

2006..........21st century, 6th year.......Isaiah 21:6.....THE YEAR OF THE WATCHMAN.

Stephen L. Bening

Tim Price, posted January 2, 2006

This is what the Lord says to the leaders of watchmens prophets assembly. He says, "Lift you eyes, all of you towards the heavens, and point to what you see. For you shall all, simultaneously see what is coming says the Lord. It will not be one person and one voice saying- 'look it comes' and 'look what I see,' but it shall be you all that I shall reveal this to, and by that you shall know what comes and that it comes from Me.

Do not fear it, for I shall hide my servants under the shadow of my wing. I shall protect those that draw near to Me. This will appear to your vision very very shortly. Even now, yes, even now look to the skies of prophetic revelation and incline your ear towards me and the whisper shall become the voice of thunder and the voice of lightning in your ears.

MY VOICE SHALL BE UNMISTAKABLE. The prophets ears shall be cleared. The prophets eyes shall be given the sight of eagles, and my banner shall be raised in this hour. Even now Watchmen I have given you my banner and you have started to raise it. It has been cleaned, polished, refined and made of beauitful craftsmanship for this hour.

You do not fear this coming battle, you do not fear that which your physical eyes shall soon see. But you are strengthened behind me and I say to you, "HOLD." Draw your swords, for the hour is upon you. Fear nothing, for it is the Lord your God who goes before you."

Tim Price

Linda Conner, posted January 2, 2006

I have had a burden. A burden so intense, my guts (for a lack of a better term) are hurting.

I am going to repeat what I hear the Lord saying to me.


My Father also says, "My heart weeps this day to see the captives marching, marching to their deaths. Right in to the jaws of hell where they shall be swallowed for eternity. Every fiber of My being screams in agony at the death of My sons! My creation - brought forth in the innocency of a baby, yet bearing the time bomb within their very own DNA of death. Death because their father, the man I created and formed with the dust of the earth, sinned!

Look how many of My sons choose death rather that to look to Me. I have provided the antidote by My own death in their stead. But, they choose to look away. They choose to call Me vile names, to spit on Me, to slash Me with their knives (teeth). They pull out My beard and tie Me down with cords of their own doctrines. They put Me on that cruel cross over and over again rather than just believe that I love them and I Am Who I Am.

You have entered My grief, My child. Look, look and see! Such potential! Such humanity!! Entering the domain of eternal burning!!!! Will it ever stop, my child? I tell you that it will stop and be no more. I will not endure it much longer. Soon satan and his kingdom shall cease to reap the spoils of war.

It must be that I put a stop to mankind. There is no other way. I have offered Myself as the Way, but I have been refused by all but a handful. How My heart grieves this day!

Even most of those who call themselves My people do not even know Me!!! They know I died for their sins and then they go on with their lives just as they see fit. They do not even want to know Me. They do not consider Me worthy enough to take the time to closet themselves in with Me and be discipled. To learn of Me. I have spoken in My Word to learn of Me for I am meek and lowly, not puffed up, proud and full of gold jewelry and fine robes. No! That is not where My Spirit dwells. These are repositories of dead men's bones. Nothing has changed. The elite of the religious crowd spew out doctrines of demons and what is more, they condemn all who do not follow after them. Full of pride all they can pray is 'I am glad I am not like the sinner over there.'

Even My remnant, My remnant has no idea how to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth! So, I am coming in power and Great Glory to My remnant and My remnant shall see ME. My remnant shall quake with the fear of the Almighty God. My remnant will bow down and worship me in Spirit and Truth and in this they shall turn and walk forth in Great Power and Truth. I am not speaking of an event that the whole world shall see, but only those of My remnant shall see and be changed in a moment, the twinkling of an eye. It is these who shall turn swiftly around and walk the earth as My witnesses.

It is the Spirit and the Truth that releases My power to change. To touch those who need touched, to walk the walk as it is intended. Only, I SAY In Spirit and In Truth. Tandem, the Two Witnesses; witnesses of ME.Many witnesses shall I have over the whole earth. Two witnesses of ME ... MY SPIRIT AND MY TRUTH.

No longer shall My people bicker about which day to set aside as a sabbath. They will know I AM THE SABBATH!!! I AM THE REST!

No longer shall My people be washed to and fro by every wave set up by the enemy to distract and buffet. But My remnant shall walk on the water as My servant Peter did and he did so at MY command ALONE.

The time is coming, My love, the time is coming. It is coming so very soon that My remnant shall be empowered to go forth. To go forth as Lambs to the Slaughter! For where I walked, you shall walk! But first, you shall have a season of walking in great power in order to declare MY Gospel to the ends of the earth."

Linda Conner

Stephen L. Bening

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