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PROPHECY: Signs In the Pleiades
May 21, 2003

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The Holy Spirit just will not allow me to leave the Pleiades, or "The Seven Stars" alone. There is something that God wants brought out here. Satan thought this prophetic information was important enough that he sowed a tare of erroneous information into the pot to throw me off the track.

But, I have been in prayer, and in the word, and what God is saying here simply will not depart from me, and the desire to seek after Him with regards to it is still with me. I won't let the enemy discourage me, even if one person is edified by what God is saying here. What are you saying Lord? That is what I have been asking.

You will recall that I was hoaxed by a star map that had the names of the Pleiades stars placed in the wrong positions. I obtained this map from the internet, as it was purported to have come from the World Book Encyclopedia.

There may be one or two who are like me. You don't like things swept under the rug. You like to see the whole story, so that you can investigate for yourselves as to just what the truth looks like. Well, look here at this link to see the hoaxed chart.

Hoax Chart of the Pleiades next to correct chart of the seven churches

Now, take a look at the Pleides, and you will see what the real layout of the star cluster is on this link.

Correct Pleiades Star Chart

Finally, take a look at everything compared:

Correct Pleiades Star Chart With Correct Seven Churches Chart and Map

The problem here is that the stars line up pretty well in the photo, but the names of the stars in the photo are not as they were on the sketch on the hoaxed chart.

Here is what is apparent from the new chart layout:

The star on the left of the correct, jpg picture of the Pleiades is Atlas: that is not one of the Pleiades “seven sisters”, although it is one of the six brightest visible stars in the Pleiades that you can see with the naked eye.

The name Atlas means Atlas"he who dares/suffers" (a Titan; father of the Pleiades), one who holds up the heavens, a heavy burden, with his hands and his head as punishment for his revolt against the gods.

It is quite easy to see that the general shape of the six brightest stars in the Pleiades is a pretty close match to the Earth map of the Turkey/Asia area, looking east. One city, Sardis, has no matching star. Thyatira is just a little bit out of place, being a bit north of it's matching star position. Laodecia is just a bit South of it's matching star. All the other cities have a star point to match when you compare the layouts.

And so, if we utilize this method, where the six brightest stars in the cluster are matched up to the Earth map, we have these correspondences, utilizing the stars you are looking at this information, with the magnitudes and rank in brightness by magnitude, as being correct.

These are presented in the order they appear in Revelation 2 and 3.

Sardis:.............No star......Blot Out...-.......7

These two Pleiades are now left out of the chart because their actual position in the sky does not match up with one of the seven cities:

Asterope:.....Pleiade....5.76 & 6.4 (Double Star)

It is interesting that some charts list Atlas as part of the Pleiades, although it was not one of the seven sisters in ancient mythology, but it is one of the six brightest stars in the group, to the naked eye, and also, according to magnitude. Actually, Atlas is the second brightest star.

Utilizing that method does yield the six brightest visible stars that match up with the Earth map of the Seven Churches area.

If we ignore the idea of Pleiades/Seven sisters, and just go with the idea of “The Seven Stars”, which is what the bible sometimes calls this cluster of stars, we have six that are visible with the naked eye, and we must assume that one has been blotted out. Sardis then matches up eerily with the bible text in terms of being blotted out.

The star name meanings are as follows:

Maia......Mother, grandmother, nurse, great one
Taygeta...Long necked
Electra...Shining, bright, amber
AlCyone...Queen who wards off evil storms
Asterope..lightning, twinkling, sun-face, stubborn-face
Merope....eloquent, bee eater, mortal
Atlas.....rebel of the gods, holds up the heavens, father of the Pleiades, bears a heavy burden

How do these churches and stars line up when we rank them by brightness of the associated star, and look at possible associations with the star name meaning?

Thyatira:...........AlCyone...2.85..1...Queen vs. Jezebel!!
Pergamum:........Atlas.....3.62..2...Rebel of the gods vs Satan’s seat!!
Ephesus:...........Electra...3.72..3...Lost first love vs “shining bright?
Philadelphia:.....Maia......3.87..4...Faithful church vs Mother, Granny?
Smyrna:...........Merope....4.14..5...Suffering church vs mortal, eloquent?
Laodecia:.........Taygeta...4.30..6...Lukewarm vs Long necked?
Sardis:.............No star.....-...7...Dead, Blotted out vs…..blotted out!!!

The scripture relates the seven stars, or Pleiades, with the Seven Stars of the Seven Churches, so we already know they are related. What else is the Lord saying to us that has been kept for today?

Right now, on May 21, 2003, the Pleiades is sitting right on top of the Sun, and Taurus the Bull is going behind the Sun in their annual progression around the celestial sphere.

It is interesting that Atlas has now entered our discussion. He is the sort of mythological counterpart of Satan, is he not?

The two who now bow out of our consideration are Celaeno-the swarthy one, and Asterope- lightning, twinkling, sun-face, stubborn-face.

This evening, I was shown something additional by the Holy Spirit.

Let us consider:

1) The prophetic image of the Pleiades relates to the seven churches, which in a larger sense, typify various flavors of the body of Christ, and the troubles that arise in her. We can expect any prophetic symbolism in the Pleiades will relate to the church, and not to the world.

2) Many prophets, including me, have been prophesying of the two fold trouble that Susan Cummings presented visually yesterday in the picture and form of two whirlwinds: one for the world, and one for the church. Could it be that the Pleides picture is one of prophetic judgment coming to the church?

3) Clo DiPilato wrote yesterday about the spirit of Jezebel, as have many others, including me, in the recent past. Many of us have also written about Nicolaitanism. It seems that God is going to move against these things in the church first.

Now, with respect to the Pleiades, and the correct star chart and order according to magnitude, there is something there that bears consideration.

It seems that there are three groupings of churches here that the Holy Spirit has shown me:

The first group, ranked by associated star magnitude, is a group of three churches that have major problems, where it appears that the Lord will go first in judgment:

1) Thyatira, is first, and is known for tolerating Jezebel. The name of the associated star is AlCyone, which means a Queen who protects from storms. That star is the brightest of the six.
2) Pergamum is second, and is known for being Satan's Seat, and for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. The associated star is Atlas, who was the mythological rebel of the gods, and is a father. Christ told us to call no man father, yet the Nicolaitans violate this command.
3) Ephesus is third, and is known for the deeds of the Nicolaitans, and for the loss of the first love. The associated star is Electra, meaning shining, bright and amber.

So, we see the Jezebel spirit and the Nicolaitan doctrines and deeds are present in this first group of churches, which are associated with the three brightest stars in the cluster.

The second grouping of churches are two where the Lord does not highlight any major problem, where there is persecution present, and suffering, and all that is asked is that they hold on to what they have. The star names do not seem to relate very much at all with what we know about these churches from the scriptures.

1) Philadelphia-associated star Maia. (The month of May obtains its' name from Maia. I note also that the Lord is speaking about this subject in the month of May, as this article was written on May 21, 2003. Also, the location of Maia was one of the stars that was altered on the "hoaxed" chart. There appears to have been an attempt to throw the seeker off the trail with respect to the Philadelphia-Maia-May connection. Could the Holy Spirit be indicating that the coming forth of the Philadelphia-manchild church might be in the month of May? Shavuot usually occurs in May, which we refer to as Pentecost. It is therefore a historical month when God moves with fire-these comments in parentheses added on May 1, 2006)
2) Smyrna-associated star Merope

The final group of churches may be so bad that the Lord will get around to them last of all, for there is apparently not much good to glean from them.

1) Laodecia-associated star Taygeta
2) Sardis-no star, blotted out.

Initially, you will recall, that I had thought the star cluster pictured the glory present in the churches. Now, it seems that the stars tell us of which types of churches are on the Lord's chopping block first. This agrees and confirms many recent prophetic words.

We are two days away from May 24th. This is a date that the Holy Spirit highlighted for me as a center point of intercession. To add to what I have already seen, I discovered today that the Pleiades is the only major grouping of stars located along Declination 24. The actual declination is 24 degrees, 7 minutes.

What is God saying?

God's focus is on His church. He is coming to take it back. His first move will be against the harlot church system that is holding His bride captive through Jezebellian and Nicolaitan doctrines and deeds.

This is a very simple image. It is for our time, and many signs indicate there will be no delay.

What should you do?

Sincerely repent! Stop sinning! Pray for your nation and our churches! We are in God's hands!

Randy Mckee has seen something else in the meanings and matchups of the various stars, and I present it here as an interesting side note, as I am trying to present a comprehensive presentation on this subject in one place.

Biblical Astronomers intrepretated biblical messages from comets by the areas of the sky they pasted through. One that I seem to remember a few years ago was a comet that pasted through multiple star areas.

When the biblical meanings of the star areas (From Rolleston's Mazzaroth) were put together it translated something like "behold the Savior comes in power quickly for His sheepfold." So using the following order and the archiac meanings from Rolleston (data is below) let's speculate on a meaning.

Thyatira:...........AlCyone 1 the established center
Pergamum:........Atlas 2 high, as a mountain
Ephesus:...........Electra 3 abundance
Philadelphia:.....Maia 4 many
Smyrna:...........Merope 5 weakened
Laodecia:.........Taygeta 6 bound together
Sardis:.............No star 7 dead, dimmed, gone

So how about (the established center)+(high, as a mountain)+(abundance)+(many)+(weakened)+(bound together)+(dead, dimmed, gone)

A reference to God bringing a mountain of abundance to those weakened and bound together in death.

A reference to God coming against the center of the those building a mountain of prosperity and placing the many into bondage and death.

The Lord may just be giving us all some background for something else coming.

Randy McKee

MAZZAROTH; or the CONSTELLATIONS., Frances Rolleston, 1862

THE PLEIADES Texts where the word or its root is used in this sense in the Hebrew Bible Hebrew Roots

PLEIADES, Heb., the congregation of the Judge Psa 74:2 Job 31:11

PLEIADES, Heb., Gr., the abundance, Rom 6:1 abound

Arab., Wasat, the centre foundation Psa 11:3

Al Thuraiya, the abundance Isa 15:7 Sanscrit,

Cartiguey, the daughters of Carteek, circling (Arab.) Carteek was said to be the general of the celestial armies

Heb., Arab., Egypt., Atlas, high, as a mountain eminent Eze 17:22

Gr., Pleione, abundance Rom 6:1

Maia, multitudes many Gen 17:4

Electra, the abundance (with El prefixed) Jer 33:6

Taygeta, bound together bunch Exo 12:22

Celene, the collected together all Gen 41:57

Merope, the weakened Jer 38:4

Asterope, the light, Job 11:17, that fails, is weak Isa 35:3

Alcyone, the centre, foundation, Psa 104:4 — — Alcyone, the established, Psa 87:5, 89:2,4,24,37 base 1 Kings 7:27

Lat., Vergiliae, the centre, Arab., vertex Lat., Vergiliae, of the revolving, rolled Gen 29:10

Heb., Chima, accumulation. Arab. sense, cumulus Job 9:9 Job 38:31

Stephen L. Bening

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