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May 20, 2003

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86 people visited this website on Monday, and a few of those read an article about a discovery concerning the Star Cluster “Pleiades”, or “The Seven Stars”, and it’s connection with the Seven Churches of Revelation 2 and 3. I have since removed it from the site, and a few might be wondering why.

That article was based upon a star chart of the Pleiades, which was taken from an internet source that credited it as having been taken from the World Book Encyclopedia.

It was amazing where this led me to. From that star chart, I was able to match up each of the seven churches with a corresponding star name in the Pleiades; to determine the magnitude of that star and then to compare it to the indicated glory of it’s respective church in Revelation chapter 2 and 3. It was all so perfect, and so symmetrical. It fit. It appeared quite clear that God had prophesied in detail in the heavens, from the foundation of the world, about the relative glory that was to be manifested in each of the seven churches.

The only problem was that the star map was a hoax. And so, that made every conclusion to be erroneous that I derived from it after I accepted that falsehood as fact.

Immediately, I set about to warn my readers on four websites that I had been duped by a false star chart of the Pleiades, and hence, my conclusions were erroneous as well. I removed the offending article from this website, as well as all others I control, and posted a “humble pie” correction article. I sent private email to two individuals whom I thought might rely upon my work, and forward it to others. I thought I was finished, and I set about doing other work.

Then, the Holy Spirit told me to write about this experience. And so, I will comply. I suspect that others may benefit from the details of my experience.

Today, as I meditate on this, the story of the wheat and tares comes to my mind. That star chart was definitely a tare. It had false information in it, but if I could have created the Pleiades myself, I would have laid it out just as that star chart pictured it. Using it as a point of reference, I was able to put together some grand conclusions and discoveries that all seemed to be so good, so right and so real. The discovery of it seemed to buttress and confirm some related prophecy I was receiving. It all seemed so good and right and light. Yet, it was sowed there by the devil.

Yes, It began by receipt of real and powerful prophetic, from the Lord. These words were being confirmed. Then, Satan managed to slip in a tare, and I swallowed the deception hook, line and sinker! How can this be: that we can begin, hearing powerfully from the Lord, and then be vulnerable to a tare?

I remember years ago, I began to appreciate the ministry of Kent Henry. During the close of one worship song, Kent began to speak, and said, “If you ever get into anything, and then, later, find out that it wasn’t what you expected, just back out of it, just get out of it as quickly as you can.” I have walked by that maxim. When we make an error, or we are duped or hoaxed, the best medicine is to openly admit the error and all of it’s ramifications, no matter how embarrassing it is, for it is worse if someone else is stumbled by the error we have made.

I am thinking about other hoaxes and deceptions that appear to be so light on their surface. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is introduced to people by use of the slickest promotional video available. It is called “Heavenly Father’s Plan”, and shows a beautiful family, seeking God together. It all looks so wonderful. The Mormon missionaries hand out cards with “24 Signs Of The True Church” on them. It all looks so perfect. But it is not. It will lead you to hell. Once you discern the darkness present there, you had better escape, and do it quickly.

We all hate to be duped and hoaxed. I am always suspicious whenever I receive any of those virus notifications that say a particular virus is out that will delete your hard drive information. They almost always turn out to be hoaxes. One time, I bought a product on a credit card from one of those TV infomercials. I will never do that again. They sent me several things, including vitamins, travel club memberships and a buyers club membership that I never ordered, and charged me for things that it took two years to straighten out. We learn the hard way, don’t we?

What is the ultimate hoax? To me, it is the Christian actor, the “hupocrito”. He appears to be so pious, so religious, yet he is a mere confessor. There are no private works to back up the public persona. What does he think he is doing? Does he really believe he can fool God? Jude calls him a cloud without rain, and a wandering star. He looks so promising, yet he delivers nothing. Paul told Timothy that when he encountered such people who had a form of Godliness, but who denied the power thereof, he was to get away from them.

It is interesting to me that this particular hoax involved stars. The bible calls Lucifier the morning star, and it is said that Satan and his fallen angels can come to us as angels of light. They can appear to be so beautiful and lovely on the surface, but their beauty is all a hoax.

This particular hoax today followed on the heels of some very powerful prophecy that the Lord had been giving me. Some of it was confirmed by the fact that the Pleiades is drawing very near to the Sun right now. That is not a hoax. It is also not a hoax that it is a biblical star cluster, and that it relates, in name, to the seven churches of Revelation. It is no hoax that God is issuing an urgent plea for repentance so that real intercession can be made for the United States.

What might the objectives of the adversary be in perpetrating this hoax on me and my readers at this present time?

1) I have been preaching about real repentance as a requirement for true intercession. Satan hates that. He wants you to continue on in your sins. He wants me to be quiet about it. He knows that if you regard iniquity in your heart, you will not be heard on high.

2) I have been prophesying that America is out of time. There is no more time for playing games with God. No more time is left for Christian actors to continue on. They must turn. All pretending needs to cease. We are entering a very grave and serious time. Satan wants all of you to continue on.

3) I have been telling all I can reach to wake up, and to walk in intimacy with Jesus Christ. Learn how to hear His voice for yourselves. Satan hates that. He wants you to pay your tithe and listen to the pastor. If he can mess one pastor up, he can destroy a great many people, so long as those people cannot hear the master's voice for themselves.

4) I have been telling people to do it this week, prior to May 24th, and Satan wants to distract from that. Perhaps, with some of you, he has succeeded.

5) I have been personally drawing nearer to God, in repentance. Satan wants me to become discouraged, give up, and forget about this business of intercession. It is such hard work, after all.

I told a sister at lunch today that whatever the ministry is that the Lord calls you to, it is not about you. It is about Jesus. He is the source of all the power. He is the healer. He is the one who knows the end from the beginning. Though we fail, Jesus will never fail. Follow Him. If we pray for someone to be healed, and they die, remember that whether they live or die is not within us to give or decide. We can only pray. If I err, and then need to fix some things, so be it.

I hate to commit error in anything. Even though this hoax was simply the dispensing of erroneous information, and was not a false prophecy or anything like that, it still bothers me terribly that my frailty might give the devil some place to stumble someone in their walk with the master. I do not want to add anything to what the master gives me to speak or write something that might dilute or defile the message. I take this matter very seriously, and it grieves me when I fail.

I want all men to repent, and come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want all men to know Him as I know Him, and to walk with Him. I don’t want any error on my part to give them any excuses for delay. Yet, I have not attained to the mark yet: that upward call in Christ Jesus that I stretch for every day.

Jesus is the only perfect one I know. I will always lead you to him, and make the introductions. Please, repent now. Trouble is coming. Time is short.

Stephen L. Bening

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