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PROPHECY: The Time Has Now Come-Susan Cummings
May 19, 2003

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I have told you repeatedly that great changes were coming upon you, and that you were to prepare for them. I tell you this day, that they have already begun, and many are now having to run to catch up, as they did not truly believe My Word and they waited until there was no more time, then they began to obey. But they will find that it will be to them a labor and a hard thing, as they were not filled with My Wisdom nor My Peace to be able to labor with My Yoke.

I always tell My Prophets what I am doing, yet few will take My Word to their hearts as true. They continually look around at men for their guidance, and for their advice, and fail to inquire of Me. They now have found that they are behind, and that they cannot begin to know where to start. So, their choices have now left them unequipped and unprepared for the pace that has now left them reeling from the release that is coming upon them. They will not have a portion among the faithful, as they did not esteem Me as more important than their own desires and plans.

Have I not told you that I was coming?

Have I not told you that I would bring forth My Own in the midst of great trials?

Why then, have so many not acted upon My Word?

A GREAT DELUGE is upon you!

I am pouring out My Fire and MY Rain and it has already begun and will not become a torrent!

What will you do now?

I told you to prepare…………You did not believe, and there is now no room for repentance, as you cast aside your birthright for a portion of fleshly pottage and momentary worldly pleasures. Why did you not hear the cries of the people, or even pray for the laborers to come forth?

Everything is in place, and the nations are in My Hands! I hold the keys and I will release them into their destinies now, at My Will. For all things are at hand, and will now come forth!

Those who have turned towards Me and have cried out to Me to prepare them, I will now answer……

Those who have turned to their own devices and selfish plans, will now walk alone………

-Susan Cummings 5-19-03 3:51 pm

Stephen L. Bening

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