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PROPHECY: Up...To The Jordan
February 5, 2006

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On The Road To The Jordan

My introduction to church exposed me to many ideas that I had not previously considered. Our church had a youth group called "The Joshua Generation". I quickly found out that many believed that we were "going in to the land" very soon. I wondered what this "entering the land" might entail.

That was 1991, and that excitement of spiritual fervor that marked 1991 and 1992 was quickly extinguished by 1994 as our church was scattered to the wind. Along with it went the talk about entering the land. Since that time, the believers I knew have become as the Israelites, wandering in the wilderness and blending in with the world. There has been little talk about "entering the land" in the intervening years.

But I think back to those days of the children, in that youth group called The Joshua generation. Those were some "rip roaring times" in the Holy Ghost. Those who know of what I speak long to see those days again.

Recently, our group of watchmen, prophets and interested bystanders has considered the question of the manchild as it is discussed in prophetic scripture. It seems that we believe a great many divergent things about this "manchild", but we do seem to agree that the obedient remnant will be greatly empowered in the days to come. Some of us are expecting this to happen in 2006. We also expect the onset of great calamities.

But what of this "going in to the land" that we have heard talk of? I have heard some in the past say that we will not really do this until we cross the Jordan of death, and enter into our heavenly rest. I can say that in the discouraging times, I had almost sunk to the depths of believing this. But, I resist those thoughts and disagree because the Israelites did not rest when they crossed the Jordan: they went to war for seven years. We will not be at war when we enter heaven. No, this promised land must be entered here, on the Earth.

God has been speaking to me since January 28th about this subject. He has brought it before me six separate times, in different ways. He is intently reminding me that he has children now that He will bring into the land. He is adamant that the land of which he is speaking is on this side of heaven, and will be marked by intense battle, accompanied by awesome supernatural manifestations.

God has been speaking to me for 19 years, and when I began walking and talking with Him, I would keep my silence until I thought I understood things. Usually, this entails the engagement of the brain as the revelatory process comes to an end. What usually results is that the brain ruins what the Holy Spirit has delivered. It seems to be central to God's purpose that very little of that which is revealed is immediately understood. God loves to hide and conceal a matter, and then He will reveal it to whomever he chooses. This is that sort of thing, and I cannot be silent about it simply because I understand very little about it. So, I will share what I have in revelatory knowledge, from the Lord.

Then, once God reveals something that He is doing, just how far will we leap? Will we try to predict something based upon a pattern that we see in events as they are occurring. Many have been turned into false predictors in these days by taking these leaps.

First of all, getting back to what God has been showing me, God emphasized to me in Numbers 21 that the CHILDREN of Israel grumbled too. The children grumbled just as the parents had grumbled and I had not previously realized this. That JOSHUA GENERATION was a bunch of grumblers. And so, the children really had no reason to point to in their own worth to argue for admission in to the land. They were no better than their fathers. The Joshua generation had one thing only: God's promise. God had promised their fathers and ancestors that He would bring them in to the land. The same is true with us. God has promised that before we see Jesus on the clouds, we will do greater works in His name than he did himself while he was on the Earth. We are in no way better than our fathers.

This was revealed to me last Thursday, January 28th. I made note of it, and went on, but God was not finished with this subject. Going that far provides some good teaching material, but God had something more to reveal.

January 30th was Shebat 1, on the Hebrew calendar. That is, it was the 11th month, and that day was the first day. From very early on that day, I recognized the Hebrew date, and I began to wonder about all the words that have been received by people of prophecy regarding the number 11.

In the evening, I sat to read the read the word, and the Holy Spirit led me to Deuteronomy Chapter 1. There, I was stunned to notice that Moses had gathered the people to speak to them on the 11th month, 1st day and here I was, sitting here, reading it thousands of years later on the same day. So, I began to cover again all that I had considered from two days earlier:

1) The regathering of the CHILDREN of Israel happened suddenly. They had dispersed and had lived as Bedouins for 38 years. They had left off circumcising their children, and were not living in any way that would identify them as Israelites. They were not even celebrating the Passover. Now, they began to move as a group of people once again.

2) They had a great military victory against Arad (Numbers 21)

3) Next, they entered a wilderness where the way was hard.

4) They grumbled

5) They quickly repented.

6) Moses gathered them, and repeated all the law to them, as it is recorded in Deuteronomy.

7) Moses died.

8) Joshua led the people to the Jordan.

As I pondered these things, I realized how similar that time line has been to the last two years of my life. God put me together with a rag tag group of the remnant. He sent me to Africa,, where I was joined with Kenyan remnant, and where I saw great miracles. Next, I entered a terrible wilderness of solitude and humiliation. I grumbled, but I have quickly repented. So, points 1 through 5 have happened in my life, and God was saying that we have reached point number 6. We are being gathered to enter the land. The prophetic type holds for me, and I believe it has held for the remnant as well.

So, I believe that God has revealed that IN THIS YEAR OF 2006, I and the remnant which I serve and lead are walking out a type of exit from the wilderness. We are, in some way, preparing to enter into the land. This entering in is lining up with the Hebrew calendar, so far.

Now, the question is…….will I make a predictive leap? No way. I will not predict one single element of the future without the revelation given by the Holy Spirit.

Moses gathered the people on the 1st day of the 11th month. The book of Deuteronomy was written. Then, Moses died.

What modern day death of Moses will occur to hold with this type? I do not know. Will a man of the prophetic remnant die? Or, will there be a death to self; a death of the prophetic old man that has not been previously experienced? Will some disobedient pastors of the harlot die? Only God knows.

Moses died prior to the first month and after the 1st day of the 11th month. The people mourned for him for 30 days after his death and prior to their entry into the land, so that means it is almost certain that he died late in Shebat, the 11th month, WHICH IS THIS MONTH. Then, on Abib (Nisan) 7, the first month of the year, they were told to prepare themselves for entry into the land. They crossed the Jordan river at flood stage on the 10th day of Abib. This year, that day falls on April 8.

Right now, we of the remnant are tracking along, point by point, with the Hebrew calendar. Our history in 2006 is now tracking along with theirs as a type during the time when the children of the Israelites walked in the wilderness and were preparing to enter the land in their 40th year after leaving Egypt.

In that day, thousands of years ago, the bible recorded the events of the Exodus of the children of the Jews from wilderness, and their entry into the land of promise.

God has shown me clearly that just as God led Moses to speak to the people on the 11th month, 1st day of their 40th year in the wilderness as it is recorded in Deuteronomy 1, to prepare them for entry into the land, this represents a type for us today, for we are right now in the 11th Hebrew sacred month of Shebat. It is a type for us IN THIS PRESENT YEAR, AT THIS PRESENT TIME. We have slightly more than two months before the Abib, when Joshua led the Israelite remnant into the land.

Do we then make a predictive leap that we are going to enter the land in slightly more than two months? Well, maybe we will, and maybe we won't. I am not going to be a predictive leaper. That land is not heaven, where we will rest. NO! The land is a place of warfare and taking back the land in supernaturally assisted warfare.

In that day, once Moses finished speaking with the people, he went to Mt. Nebo and died. They mourned him for 30 days. Then, God spoke to Joshua, and they entered the land. In the same way, Moses must die today before we enter into the land, and no one will be able to find the body.

In that day, in Abib, the 10th day, the Israelites crossed the Jordan with supernatural assistance. Abib 10 falls on April 8 this year. Between now and April 8, Moses must die, the body will not be found and the remnant children will enter the land….if the type holds to the calendar….IF.

I wait to see just exactly how God will do it. Perhaps, if we clearly see that a "Moses" has died between now and Abib 1, we can say that the pattern of the type in our day is continuing to hold true with that of the exodus from the wilderness and the crossing of the Jordan.

But, regardless of exactly how God works out our present day details, the Israelites had to prepare themselves and sanctify themselves unto God before they could enter the land. Likewise, we must do the same. We must draw near to God like never before in this hour, for we do not know exactly when these events will take place, nor do we know exactly how they will transpire. We may enter the land on April 8. Let us prepare as they did.

Stephen L. Bening

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