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PROPHECY: Three Dreams, Three Asteroids and Three Bridges
February 4, 2006

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I was speaking with Randy McKee tonight, and these things came forth:

1) This dream from Michael Boldea is the first mention of synchronistic dreams that I have heard coming from God since the coming forth of the 3 asteroid/tsunami prophecy, with the 2 A.M. synchronistic dreams that will herald that occurrence. So, the Holy Spirit is linking this prophecy to that one by the use of the synchronistic dreams to deliver the word.

2) The fact that God confirmed this word with three dreams ties it with the 3 asteroid/tsunami prophecy by virtue of the use of the number THREE. The fact that three dreams were used also ties it with the prophecy regarding a coming New Madrid quake, as given to Joseph Cook, in a prophecy called "Threes".

3) I conclude from this that all areas of the nation: East Coast, Gulf Coast and heartland, had best be drawing close to God in this hour. No one should assume that California will be first on the chopping block. It is entirely possible that an asteroid impact off the East Coast and Gulf Coast could trigger seismic activity in the Heartland, and on the West Coast as well. All three events could occur in near time proximity to one another. No one should be resting easy under any assumption that they are in the clear simply because they do not live in California. Proximity to Jesus is your only point of safety.

Today, I had a quick vision, and a prophetic parallel, given by revelation.

In one, I saw this present day remnant as riders on the roller coaster ride at Disney World. The ride is called space mountain. At the outset of the ride, you enter some cars with others, the train pulls out and you enter darkness. Then, you hear a clanking sound, and you are aware that the car you are riding is is being pulled up and up and up. Then, you hear that the clanking sound has stopped, and you begin to roll slowly forward. You know that at any moment, the bottom will fall out, and you will plunge downward.

Get ready and fasten your seat belts. This will be one wild ride. It seems to me that we in WPA have been going up and up for about five years now. Suddenly, I cannot hear that clanking sound any more, and we are coasting along rather freely, and just ahead of us will be the plunge.....any minute now.

Get ready.

Stephen L. Bening

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