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PROPHECY: Shaking All That Will Shake-The 90/10 Doctrine-Coming Of The Lord
June 15, 2005

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The Holy Spirit is pressing me to write further with respect to some things that were revealed by God to us on the recent mission. Furthermore, some will not pay attention if I merely write up a mission report, so I want to put the “prophecy” tag on this article, because I believe there are a great many people in this world today who need to hear this message.

The issue of legally required tithing to the church was a subject that dominated my preaching while I was in Africa during this trip.

I have written previously for my website about “The Eight Tithes Of Scripture”: The Eight Tithes

I have also written about the idolatry and name it claim it nature of the harlot church at Idolatry, Mammon & Decrees
This article includes a word of prophecy: an admonition the Lord spoke to me for the church while I was in the nation of Colombia. It confronts legal tithing.

Most everyone who knows me is aware that I contend earnestly for the pure presentation of Paul’s gospel, and I perceive that the snake of legally obligated tithing to the Church is strangling the church today under Paul’s double curse of Galatians chapter 1. There is no other false doctrine in this hour that will drag people and ministers off to hell like this one. It has no peer. Manipulation for money is witchcraft, pure and simple. If you eat the food of this witch, then you will die just like King Saul did.

This trip to Africa had some elements to it that need to be discussed, because God did some things in my life that He never did before.

God awakened me twelve times from May 26 to June 10 by shaking me in my bed. The first time, prophet Randy McKee was shaking too, at 1:17 A.M. on May 26. For Randy, this was not unusual. He reports that God has shaken him in the past, but for me, these were firsts.

We were preaching in Kapkateny, Western Kenya, on the evening of May 25 to open a five day series of crusade and revival meetings. One of the ministers of our team made the following statement: “to be healed, you may have to bring your tithe into the church”. I looked at Randy and I immediately knew that I had to take action. The minister then veered into another error, and I arose, took the microphone from him, and proceeded to correct the errors he had been speaking to the people.

There are four Greek words that have been translated into the English words tithe, tenth, and tithes. Not ONE of these four words appears anywhere in the 13 epistles of Paul, or in the book of Acts. Tithing had absolutely no place in Paul’s gospel to the Gentiles.

Paul made it very clear in Galatians 1 that if you present any other gospel than the one he preached, you are under a double curse. He used the whole book of Galatians to define what he meant by “another gospel”. You were preaching another gospel if you added any elements from the law of Moses to his gospel. You were preaching another gospel if you added anything else to his gospel, such as required circumcision, which was not from the law of Moses, but which predated it.

In short, you cannot add anything to Paul’s gospel and escape the curse. Yet, today’s harlot church has added much. Many churches in East Africa will not recognize a member unless they are a tithe payer to that church.

And so, that evening, at 1:17 A.M. on May 26, God was shaking me rather forcefully as I was laying in my bed, and prophet Randy was shaking too. We were inquiring of God as to just what this shaking might mean.

Later that day, on May 26th, the pastors of Kapkateny asked that I teach on tithing. It seems that every seminary in Kenya teaches that tithing is a law for the church. That does not make it true or right.

I took two hours that afternoon and expounded in detail about the eight tithes that are found in scripture. I also included a basic course in Jewish festivals, since one cannot understand tithing under the law of Moses without a basic knowledge of the festivals. I have written about the eight tithes before, so I will not re-write that information here at this time, but here is the link, once again, to that article. The Eight Tithes

In short, tithes under the Law of Moses were first required to be EATEN before the Lord. The residual went to the Levitical priest. Once every three years, a second tithe was collected for the Levite and the poor. There are six other tithes in old testament scripture.

There was other powerful preaching and revelation from God on the evening of May 26th and 27th, which I will discuss later. The result was that the pastors of Kapkateny repented of legally required tithing in their churches. God, however, was not finished shaking his prophets or these pastors.

The evening of June 1, at 11:57 P.M., God shook Randy and I awake once again in our beds. This was such a vigorous shaking that Randy and I stayed awake and discussed the possible portents. We found ourselves shaking again at 1:45 A.M. and the third time at 1:57 A.M. We inquired of the Lord, and were puzzled about what this thrice shaking might mean. God gave us the answer the following day.

The total duration of time between the shakings was 120 minutes, which is a number that evokes the flood of Noah (Genesis 6:3) The time between shakings one and two was 108 minutes and between shakings two and three was 12 minutes. This meant that the first interval represented 90% of the 120 total minutes, and the second interval represented 10% of the 120 total minutes. As I looked at this, God spoke:

“I have declared war against the false doctrine that teaches that 90% is mine and 10% is Gods”.

To highlight the absurdity of this teaching and to clarify God’s position, He gave me some new words to an old song: “I surrender 10%, I surrender 10%, tithes to Jesus, I surrender, I surrender 10%”.

(Comment added on June 22, 2005)
(Some are perverting my words to their own destruction. The Lord has spoken to me specifically about LEGALLY REQUIRED TITHING, PAID TO THE LOCAL CHURCH, UNDER COMPULSION. I have been consistently clear about this. This is what He is shaking. I have clearly written about the eight tithes of scripture: it has its' place among scriptural principles. Neither I, nor the Lord, have spoken anything to discourage anyone from tithing or giving in accordance to INSTRUCTIONS from the Lord as led by the Holy Spirit. Give cheerfully, without compulsion or reluctance, and you will be blessed.)

God is going to shake everything that props up this doctrine in the harlot church. Nothing is going to work in this area now. None of the promises that pastors make regarding financial blessing will accompany this legalistic tithing. God has declared war on it and has expressed intention to shake it to the core. Churches and pastors that continue in it will be destroyed.

I was shaken by the Lord six times on June 6, 2005. Two of these shakings happened while I was taking a nap in the morning: at 11:24 and 11:48 A.M.. Four of them happened in the evening between 11 P.M. and 1 A.M.

I inquired of the Lord about this, and all I received was that the shakings referred to here would refer to and occur in the world. Everything will be shaken, not just the church and false doctrines. Earthquakes will now increase in frequency and severity.

Furthermore, it is time for vial 6 to be poured very soon now. The evil angels of Psalm 78:49 have now been evicted from Africa and have gathered to the dead churches of America as the vultures gather to the carcass.

False prophet Kim Clement has recently confirmed this, in that he has prophesied that angels of blessing are coming to America. These are, in fact, evil angels, who will be coming as angels of light. Now, the harlot church will be inviting these angels in with open arms, just as the Trojan horse was eagerly brought into the city. They will be fulfilling the provisions of vial 6, in Revelation 16. The false harlot church, with her false prophets, will now see false healings and false miracles. Deception will reach an all time high.

In the midst of this, look up. Jesus comes as a thief in Revelation 16:15. He advises all of us to watch and keep our garments clean from pollution. We may be very close indeed to the return of the Lord.

Prophet Randy and I were in the midst of travel back to the USA on June 10. We were sitting in the airport at Amsterdam: resting on some comfortable chairs, when we both began to shake. We noted the time as 7:12 A.M., and the Lord gave the scripture from Micah 7:12.. God had given all of Micah 7 to us previously as referring once again to our time.

June 11, 2005, at 11:38 P.M., God awakened me once again by shaking me from my sleep. I inquired of the Lord. At 2:04 A.M., a few hours later, He woke me, and spoke the meaning of the shaking to me: Jeremiah 11 and Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel 38 will not have a fulfillment that relates to Israel alone. These events will be played out in the United States as well. The key verse from Jeremiah 11 is verse 11.

I believe it is very clear that God is saying that we are in the time of great shakings. Obviously, the book of Haggai has more to say about shakings than most other books. Haggai received his last revelation on Kislev 24, which falls, this year, on Christmas day. I am expecting great shaking of every kind between now and Christmas.

Earlier, I alluded to other revelations that came to me as I preached on May 27th, as it followed the first day of shakings. I will discuss these now.

I have preached several times of the birthrights of the sons of Jacob as they are presented in 1 Chronicles 5:1-2. At first, the birthright belonged to Reuben, but he defiled the bed of his father. Then, the birthright passed to the sons of Joseph. Hosea reports that they built unauthorized temples, and delivered they children to the murderer. And so, the birthright passed to Judah, who prevailed over his brethren.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the birthright to lead the Christian church had first been held by the Byzantine empire (Turkey). The birthright was lost, to be picked up again by the United States. Now, the birthright is passing from the USA to Africa. It will now be up to Africa to prevail in praise, and in putting down idolatry.

As I preached this to the people and pastors of Kapkateny, Western Kenya, I saw, in a vision, a flaming scepter appear in my hand. I passed the scepter to the Kenyan pastors. I told them that they had now become the heart of the gospel, and they must pump the lifeblood of Christ to the rest of the African nations. We have carried the true gospel of the kingdom to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We have reversed the curses that were placed upon this area, and the river Nile, by Moses and Aaron. The evil angels have been evicted from the land. Now, the gospel of the kingdom must go to Congo and Tanzania.

The previous night, apostle David Walukhu, the Kenyan, had preached forcefully on the subject of Solomon and the Shullamite. Now, the Holy Spirit was explaining why. God is returning to Africa to gather the dark skinned comely one that He had loved the best. Now, understanding began to come to me, because I had always wondered why the Jewish Rabbi's have taught for thousands of years that the Song of Solomon is the greatest prophetic book in the bible.

In another vision that came while I preached that night, I saw Africa as a body, with the four nations of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi as the heart. Congo and Tanzania are the lungs. The Holy Spirit had me prophesy that when Congo and Tanzania are filled with the wind of the Holy Spirit, then Africa will run in the Holy Ghost.

I finished speaking and returned to my seat. Prophet Randy looked at me, and asked me: “Did you see it?”, referring to the flaming scepter. I replied in the affirmative. Then, Randy said that he saw a paper come down from heaven with this heading: “DEATH WARRANT-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Randy said that he saw me sign it. I agreed, saying that I was also aware of what I had done by the Holy Spirit. We both knew that God had confirmed in the mouths of two witnesses what He had just done through His prophets.

We both wept, while the Kenyans were greatly rejoicing. We both knew what they had gained, and what we as Americans have lost. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I spoke for the final time, the 44th message of this trip, on the afternoon of June 7, 2005, near the Kipkaren River, in a mud hut. There were about 20 present, and I was led to preach on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is appropriate, given what I have already written, that I share some of the revelation that I received that day, because some things that were previously hidden are now revealed.

Matthew 24:29 speaks of vultures that will gather to the carcase. Unfortunately for those of us in America, these vultures, symbolizing demons, are now gathering to our nation, to the dead church bodies. They have left their 3,500 year old haunts in Africa. Likewise, eagles are gathering to the living body of Christ, just as Jesus said it would be in Luke 17:39. God is sending prophets to the real church and to the the remnant to edify and strengthen what remains against the great shakings that will soon ensue.

Jude 14 and 15 speaks of the Lord’s coming to judge all men, and Daniel, in chapter 7, records that he saw the same thing. Verse 9 records that “the judgement did sit”. This has now happened. The judgement has sat, says the Holy Spirit, and the throne of the beast has been struck. Revelation 16:10 has happened. The man child of Isaiah 66:7 has now been brought to birth.

The fifth vial of Revelation 16 has been poured, and we are seeing the angels of Matthew 13 in their travels. I saw a great multitude of them, in a vision, flying as they were leaving Africa. The hour of the separation of the wheat and the tares is at hand.

To be left behind in this hour IS A VERY GOOD THING. The tares will be removed from the Earth in the great shakings that are to come.

But, praise God, these evil angels that have been locked up in Africa for 3,500 years are angels who once, in time past, were forced to respect a Goshen where the people of God dwelt. God’s remnant will be safe once again in their Goshen’s. Those who hide themselves in Him will have nothing to fear.

Now is the time when, according to Daniel, the saints will possess the kingdom forever (7:18). Jesus told us to seek first the kingdom, and all things will be added unto us. We are in the time of the adding of “all things”, for it has become clear that God’s remnant has possessed the kingdom. God has sealed his remnant as he promised to do in Ezekiel 9. He has prepared his remnant for the shaking to come.

We have now been told to separate ourselves from all defilement. It is a COMMAND. We must come out of all churches where the leadership will not repent of legal tithing. We must come out where there is manipulation for money, and idolatry. Where there is any uncleanness, we must come out.

Yes, it is difficult, but if we do not come out, we will be spiritually defiled. We must keep our garments clean and spotless at this time, for the sixth vial is nigh unto being poured. When it is, we know that God has promised to cut short that time (Matthew 24:22). Yes, the day of great shakings is upon us. The day of great deceptions is at hand.

It is the day of his great indignation. Hide yourselves until it is overpast.

I will close with the words of Revelation 16:15, for this speaks of the return of our Lord:

“Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.”

If you are watchful now, at this time, He will not catch you as a thief. Walk in the light and stay sober. Examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith and keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

God bless you all,

Stephen L. Bening

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