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What Do We Know About The Great California Earthquake?

INTRODUCTION-(December 8, 2018)

Please read here for a brief introduction to prophecy in general, and the prophecies concerning asteroids and the great flood in particular:
Introduction To Prophecies

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God has sent hundreds of people to America, perhaps even thousands, and has given them various prophecies about things to come. These prophets have seen events that may be grouped in seven broad categories: presented below. I have tagged these with the label: "TIER ONE EVENTS". I was sent forth by God in 2005 to work out God's decree of a DEATH WARRANT FOR AMERICA with Randy McKee. That collaboration ended in late 2008 when Randy McKee quit the ministry and renounced his agreement with that which he had previously given his assent to perform: the decreeing of the fall of America. Later, these called in judgements were given the name "Double Judgements" when we, Matthew Stephen Moranor and Stephen L. Bening, were sent forth by God as two prophets in the course of nine joint tours between July, 2008 and January, 2014 where we prophesied and called in these double judgements and commanded that this nation drink forth from the wine cup of the wrath of God: 1) The Single Staff Judgement Tour, 2) The Double Judgement Tour, 3) The Lord's Staff Tour, 4) The Bulldog Tour, 5) Branson, MO Red Stick Decrees, 6) God's Filibuster of DC, 7) The Red Stick Tour-WA & OR, 8) The Three Sisters Tour-WA & OR and 9) The Duck Tour-Vicksburg Decrees.

My collaboration with Matthew Stephen Moranor ended in April, 2015 as a result of his apostasy from the true faith of Jesus Christ. How did he depart? Read more at The Fall Of Matthew Stephen Moranor

We have not had one of the double judgements yet in America that is of the level of the Asian Tsunami but we have been expecting the first occurrence since 2006 and we feel we will probably see the occurrence of it in or prior to 2017. Japan suffered a TIER ONE event in early 2011 at Fukushima. By comparison, I would classify Hurricane Katrina, and the 911 attack as TIER TWO EVENTS. So, you can see that these will be terrible events indeed when they occur. I am not sure which of these events will come first. It is therefore impossible for any reader who lives in Florida, for example, to adopt a "wait and see" attitude, that would trigger a response on their part when they see an event happen in another place that is designated in their mind, to be the first to suffer. There has been no such clear designation from the Lord. Where there are hints, I will speak about them. God wants all of His people to be awake, and seeking Him right now.


You might be wondering what my record for accuracy is. Check it here:
Prophecy Tracker

This has now become the gateway page to all of the California Earthquake prophecy information that is available on my website. Everything is now reachable from here.

I received this word after the Lord paused the judgement clock for ten years. He is hot with anger and is ready to arise and strike the Earth.
The Predictions Are Coming True! In Your Own Lifetime!-December 8, 2018

Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening) toured the continental United States on the double judgement tour in November and December, 2008. We called in these judgements, among others, in the name of the Lord: the asteroid tsunamis, the New Madrid Earthquakes, The California Earthquakes and the Washington and Oregon Volcanoes. You can read about it here:
24 Locations Struck With The Staff On the Double Judgement Tour

This is the word and vision I received concerning the name of Andrew, and the San Andreas fault, which is named for him, at this link:

This is a curious word I had concerning the number 24, which became related in the initial fulfillment of the Andrew prophecy, at this link:

Joe Brandt received this vision of earthquakes in California, and other events, in 1937, at the age of 17. It is powerful. You need to read it!
Joe Brandt-This Is California-We Are Going Into The Sea

Bob Jones received this prophecy concerning earthquakes in California, and other events, in 1997.
Bob Jones-California & New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies

This is a word that was shared by Mei Lum, after she had read about a one word reminder communication from the Lord, to me, regarding the California earthquake. Mei received this vision in early January, 2004, and it was an open vision, in that she was seeing something very real while she was awake. You can read it at this link:
Mei Lum-California Earthquake Ticker Tape Vision

Matthew Stephen has prophesied many times about various earthquakes to come in California. You can read it at this link on his website:
Matthew Stephen-California Earthquake Vision

I have compiled my best guess at a conjectured chronolgy for this event and others, at the link provided below:
Chonology Of End Time Events And American Judgement


I believe that God is giving us more precise timing/watch information than we have ever had before. This has been the most frustrating thing for me about this particular prophecy and many others in this generation up to this time. But, we continue, as Peter wrote in his first epistle, to "search what or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify". That really is the key as we realize that hundreds upon hundreds of people have now been touched by the Spirit of God in some manner to expect something that has not been seen upon this Earth in a very long time. Scientists and astronomers are also involved in this search and they are coming up with some answers that seem, to me, to have some merit.

Right now, there seem to me to be three methods of predicting a period of high expectation for when we can expect some events like the ones these people are seeing in dreams and visions. These "watch periods" now overlap for the three of them that I consider to have some validity. Today, as I write on June 4, 2015, the following projections can be made:

Scientists/Astronomers: August 2015 to March 2018 (these numbers are soft)(I pay some attention to what the scientists/astronomers have to say because two prophets, Neumann and Mivule, have indicated that authorities will have accurate information about the day of impact and will withhold it from the public. I assume that the government will regard only scientific observations as definitive and will not rely upon prophetic utterance)
-----32 month watch period (specific to an incoming comet swarm they have not yet visually observed, but have inferred the existence thereof through tree rings, ice layers, previous impact craters, radio carbon dating, orbital variations in planets, etc)

My 24th Anniversary Revelation: June 1, 2015 to September 17, 2016
-----16 month watch period (watch period is not specific to asteroids/comets but to all double judgments and miraculous blessings upon God's remnant)
24th Anniversary Revelation

Tsunami House Timing Pin Revelation WPA Asteroid-Tsunami Prophecies
-----3 month watch period

Tom, a believer in Christ, had a dream in 2006. In his dream, he saw a tsunami come in from the Atlantic and overwhelm a party, a topping out party that he was attending at an ocean front house. He works in construction related activity and the house had just been completed. He knew the place because he recognized the lighthouse nearby. The tsunami went far inland and made a great mess, covering highways and overpasses in Broward and Palm Beach County Florida. I (Stephen Bening) work with this man named Tom who owns a house painting company.

There is now the most unusual story that has developed surrounding this house that we both refer to as the tsunami house. The tsunami in his dream came in as Tom attended the "topping out party" that accompanies the completion of a large project. That dream came in 2006. He was not familiar with the house at that time, but he knew the general location. Tom was asked to bid a house painting project in 2010 and when he walked into the back yard of that house, on the ocean pool deck, overlooking the Atlantic, he realized that it was the house from his dream.

We submitted a bid for the painting of the interior of the home. The first bid was for priming of the interior. Surprisingly, we were not awarded that bid. Another contractor primed the interior and very soon after that, much of that priming paint simply fell off the walls. We got a call from the owner's representative and after that incidence of God's providence, we were awarded the contract. We completed that initial priming job painting the whole interior of the home in 2011.

We had initially thought that we would immediately proceed to final painting of the interior and that it would be finished by the end of 2012, but the project was delayed as was commencement of this final phase of painting.

We began the final painting of the interior of the house in January, 2014. During this time, we became aware that this house came on the market as one of the most expensive homes in the United States, listed for tens of millions of dollars. Since I have been aware of this dream/revelation from 2006 as both friend and co-worker with Tom, I have regarded it as as the most important timing pin indicator for the arrival of the initial Atlantic tsunami vision and prophecies for South Florida.

Current House Painting Status: 54% complete
Current Date For This Percentage Complete: June 3, 2015
Current projected date of completion: March 1, 2016 to June 1, 2016
Predictive Sharpness: Change orders can extend the completion date of this job, but the ability to predict the completion date will get much sharper when we reach 80%-85% complete, which will be updated and reported here.

You can read about it here:
PROPHECY: 2012-2016 Timing Pin Update

There will also be a fourth way to know when we are getting very close to the time of great floods and great earthquakes, but it will not be knowable until we see worldwide economic collapse, rioting and anarchy.

Prior to May 27, 2008, all I had on my website was a brief synopsis of this European Vision of economic calamity European Vision Of World Economic Calamity, but I found the exact wording on the previous day, and it includes this long forgotten word about "sixty days". As I read it last night, it was very mysterious. I arose and was immediately thinking about this wording and what it could mean. It came into my spirit this morning that on November 21, 1991, I was in the valley of vision. The sixty day countdown was not related to that particular date in 1991, but it would be triggered later, when the vision of economic chaos would be fulfilled. In short, I was in another time: In the time when this vision of economic chaos is fulfilled, particularly in Europe, it will be followed within sixty days by great floods and great earthquakes. Fulfillments Expected To Commence in The Fall Of 2008-Seventeenth Anniversary

The Lord also spoke to me on May 28, 2008 that I was to expect the commencement of the fulfillment of everything the Lord has shown me or spoken about to me in the fall and winter of 2008 as the seventeenth anniversaries began to come around for everything the Lord has shown me. Economic collapse was therefore indicated in the fall of 2008 with worldwide rioting set to follow. This was, of course, only partially fulfilled in 2008 with another wave of fulfillment due to arrive at some later date. I believe we are nearing the time of a tremendous worsening of all four: economic chaos, riot, great floods and great earthquakes.

Now, as I update this page on the afternoon of June 11, 2015, the Lord has once again spoken to me about this vision. I noted in the news this afternoon that there are threats internationally of defaults by Greece and by the Ukraine on their foreign debt. I posted these two alerts to Watchmen Prophets Assembly at 5:45 pm and I complained to my wife, and to the Lord, that the Lord has not spoken anything to me this week: it has been eerily quiet in the Spirit. I then proceeded to take a short nap, and as I awoke one hour later, I was immediately in the European Vision field once again and the Lord spoke: SIXTY LITERAL DAYS. It will be sixty literal days after we see the complete, worldwide meltdown of national economies accompanied by rioting and anarchy and then, the Lord will shake the Earth with great earthquakes and great floods. SIXTY LITERAL DAYS!

I have made available to all of you a free membership in the WPA Emergency Alert System. There is a a private list, that will be known only to me and my assistants. Look at the link, pray, and decide if you want to be part of this. You will have to contact me to have your name and number included.
WPA Emergency Alert System

Additionally, I prepared this list of suggestions for what a concerned person might do now, upon recognizing that a genuine threat exists, at this link:
WPA Emergency Prophetic Readiness

If and when we issue an evacuation alert, you will find it here at this link:
WPA Emergency Escape Plan

I have compiled a detailed collection of maps, that includes rail lines, volcanoes, earthquake zones, waterways and other types of detail. Some of these maps are interactive. Because many of these prophecies indicate they will be used by invading forces for mobilization, this information is vital. These are available at this link:
Specialized Maps

Also, I have prepared a survival equipment checklist, if you believe you will have to flee, at this link:
WPA Emergency Escape Preparation List

So, you don't know what the elevation of the city where you live is? Look here at this link for the elevations of many U.S. Cities, with an exhaustive list included for Georgia:
Elevations Of Cities


God observes anniversaries and festivals. Satan loves to remember them too. God also gives revelation about dates. These are dates in the next three months where I advise special readiness, watchfulness and prayer.
Calendar Watch (

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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