I journeyed to Washington DC and conducted a 13 hour filibuster of DC on April 18, 2013, from 8 AM to 9 PM. The event was held at the Washington Court Hotel in the Montpelier Room. We have recorded the filibuster in eight separate sessions below. The eight sessions contain a broad based presentation which constitutes a rather complete presentation of the prophetic case for God's controversy with America which will result in the loss of America's independence if complete and unconditional repentance does not quickly ensue. These eight sessions will provide even the prophetic novice with sufficient prophetic information so that one who possesses even a rudimentary gift from God to understand will grow quickly in the knowledge of those things that will be necessary to sustain life and escape the destruction of the coming days.

CBN News sent their correspondent Paul Strand to interview us during the morning of the filibuster. The attached link herein presented is a copy of that twelve minute interview as it was captured by a member of our staff. CBN News has elected thus far to withhold their video recording of the event from the public.
CBN Interview Of God's Filibuster Of DC

Session 1, 59 minutes
The need for dramatic action right now in America; The sleeping church; The governement blind and deaf; The historical case for a "starving time" in America; God's controversy with America; Biblical examples of God's dealings with nations. Matthew began discussing the gun grab and Paul Revere's ride. We were in Montpelier Room- (Mount Of The Pilgrims). Meeting held at Washington Court Hotel-a trial of government and spiritual leaders.

Session 2, 1 hour, 28 minutes
The history of Prophecy in America; Vision of George Washington, Visions of Henry Gruver, Leonard Ravenhill, AA Allen; Prophets of this generation corrupted by peddling; God's patience and delays of judgement; Groups praying for delays; IHOP...Gathering Of Eagles. We were in witness wear along with coat and tie. We discussed the visit with Senator Enzi...One word given to the Senator: America...Repent Or Else! Visits to the Cherokees discussed. CBN arrived and interviewed us. Quoting Ronald Reagan...Washington D.C...a city on a hill, but now, that light is darkness. The verdict of this trial-Guilty! Daniel 4:17-decree of the watchers. Tecumseh (Panther across the sky).
Session 3, 1 hour, 16 minutes
Fulfilled prophecies ; 58 years of prophetic ministry; A proven track record; judging false prophets New Testament style; By their fruits. Other prophets have compromised and peddled. Matthew spoke about meeting with Mike Bickel of IHOP. Bob Jones discussed-100 pound bag of rice discussed-prophecy of new grain coming. Judgement coming to IHOP. Lou Engle "red tape" strategy against abortion discussed, but God gave us mouths to speak and to proclaim. The root of abortion-the old supreme court-vision of the 9 demons. Roe vs Wade will not be overturned until the prophets have been heard.
Session 4, 1 hour, 31 minutes
God's case against America right now; The 2001 judgement template; Sins that have provoked God to action. Chariots of Fire-the man who honors God..God will honor. The Lord revealed-truth is so hard to find. I did lose every contributor, but God raised up one two months later who gave more than all those who I lost. Mocking the prophets can bring a serious curse against you. The Jaws 2 revelation-the word of warning to those on the beach was prevented from going forth by politicians and businessmen who were concerned that tourism and business would be devastated...similar to the church...the numbers may go down..the tithe may decrease...if we allow the true warnings to go forth in the church.
Session 5, 1 hour, 29 minutes
Prophesied events to occur in the short term; The double judgements; Defibrillation of the church; Economic crash, Bank closings, Riots, Assasinations, Terror; What will be left to our grandchildren. Matthew decreed that the judgements of God will begin right here from this moment.
Session 6, 1 hour, 21 minutes
Prophesied events of uncertain timing; Mid catastrophic judgements; National Electric outage by solar flare, Extreme weather; Nuclear terror; Leviticus 26 seven fold judgements; Red stick revelation. God said that when Hurricane Raphael occurred, we would move from the age of cataclysmic to apocalyptic events. Raphael was the storm directly preceeding Hurricane Sandy.
Session 7, 1 hour, 47 minutes
Prophesied events if no repentance ensues; Lake Erie volcano; Inland sea; Asteroid prophecies; Dumpster vision along I70-Towers of Stone prophecy #17. The third chastisement and the second chastisement will be compressed-Leviticus 26...judgement multiplied seven fold. The highways will be made desolate. Asteroid and tsunami prophecies from John Lallier, Bob Neumann, Billie London, and Stephen Bening. Twenty hour warning period will be in effect once the warning dreams are given to many saints at the same time. South Florida is 13 hours from high ground. You must be ready to MOVE! The spirit of divination is upon so many so-called prophets. Discernment is needed but is absent. Chris Stevens was assassinated ...Stevens was ready to give testimony against President Obama.
Session 8, 53 minutes
Discussions about Benghazi, Praying with the staves, Conclusion

Directly following the Filibuster of DC, we finished up the Red Stick Tour with four meetings in the Western United States. These were held at Liberty Lake, WA, Moses Lake, WA, La Center, WA and Portland OR. The mp3 recordings of those meetings are downloadable below.
Meeting 1
Liberty Lake, WA, May 9, 2013, 4 hours, 7 minutes
Meeting 2
Moses Lake, WA, May 10, 2013, 5 hours, 12 minutes
Meeting 3
La Center WA, May 13, 2013, 4 hours, 2 minutes
Meeting 4
Portland, OR, May 14, 2013, at FGBMA, 2 hours, 42 minutes

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