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Prophecy: Public Meeting Notice For July 3 Through July 19
June 25, 2008

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June 25, 2008
Updated July 6

Stephen L. Bening Meeting Notice

I will be going on the road for the first few weeks of July to attend, help with and co-host meetings in the East and Midwest of the USA.

During the first 13 days, I am planning to travel with Matthew Stephen and to be present with him at the meetings that he is planning. All meetings will be open to the public.

I have included Matthew's schedule of meetings below and I will update this notice with meeting locations and specific times as they become available to us.

I am tentatively planning the following meetings, after I finish doing the meetings with Matthew, that will be open to the public:

7/3 to 7/13-With Matthew Stephen (Schedule Below)


7/3-Virginia/ Washington D.C. Area, 6:30pm (Denny's Restaurant, Alexandria, VA, (Denny's Restaurant, 7214 Richmond Hwy, Route 1, 509-496-9740)

7/5-Radio Broadcast-Watchman Radio-11pm EST-Two hour broadcast, Watchman Radio, 5070 on shortwave.

7/7-Radio Broadcast-Eyes On America-7:30pm-Two hour broadcast, Host-Pastor Bob-

7/7-Raleigh, NC, 6:45pm-(The meeting is at the Holiday Inn Express off of I-40, exit 312, behind Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Here is a weblink for the hotel: IC Hotel Group ent-facilities, Holiday Inn Express, CLAYTON (SE RALEIGH), 105 LEONE CT, GARNER, NC 27529, (Johnston County), Hotel Front Desk: 1-919-719-3415, Hotel Fax: 1-919-773-0602)

7/10-Hickory, NC, To Be Announced, (Venue Set )

7/11-Knoxville TN-(The meeting will be at the HOLIDAY INN SELECT. It is located at 525 Henley St, Knoxville TN, 37902. Their phone number is 1-865-522-2800. It will be in the Cumberland Room. The time is set for 6:30 pm.)

7/12-Radio Broadcast-The Edge Radio with Daniel Ott-8pm EST-Two Hour Broadcast, The Edge AM

7/12-Louisville KY, 12 Noon-(I have secured a conference room at The Clarion Hotel and Conference Center located just off of I64 at the Hurst Bourne Parkway (KY1747) interchange. Please note that the conference center is the large brown brick buidling in the rear of the property. It sits behind the white colored hotel building. 11:00am to 3:00pm on July 12, Address, Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, 9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY, 40299, 502-491-4830, 502-499-5364 fax)

7/12-St. Louis MO, 7:30 PM-(Venue Host Needed)

7/13-Kansas City MO, 5:00pm to 10:00pm-(Comfort Suites, 19751 E. Valley View Parkway, Independence, MO 64057 (816) 373-9880)


7/14-Evansville, IN, 6pm-The Carousel 5115 Monroe ave,Evansville IN, 47715-Joseph Cook and Stephen Bening

7/15-Muncie, IN-Joseph Cook and Stephen Bening-7:30pm, located on the West side of Muncie, Indiana.

7/16 to 18-Chattanooga, TN area--Tracey Meeks and Stephen Bening-These meetings will be held at 7 pm, each of the three nights.

Please send a confirming email to me, with the city you will be attending/desiring to host in the subject line. My email address is

Email to Stephen L. Bening

Please pray with us for all aspects of these meetings, and where you may assist us with anything as the Lord would lead by His Spirit.

Stephen L. Bening

Here is the notice that is posted today (June 25) at Matthew's website:
Prophetic Watchman Vine-Matthew Stephen

Matthew Stephen Meeting Notice

I will be having meetings called : "Judgment At the Door Meetings" .

It is very important because of time restraints that everyone who would like to attend RSVP ASAP.

The time is going to go very fast and there is a lot to cover in these areas.

In The following areas there will be meetings, so please tell everyone you know and pass this on to other e-mailers. We need everyone to help and we will need those who can set up meeting places in these areas.

Please place all replies to the Subject box whatever area you want to attend, Attention what ever city.

7/3-Virginia/ Washington D.C. Area on the 3rd of July-(Venue Host Needed)

7/6-7-North Carolina, Wilmington N.C. and Raleigh,N.C. 6th & 7th July- (Venue Host Needed)

7/11-Knoxville Tn. on the 11th July-(Venue Host Needed)

7/12-Louisville KY. 12 th at 12:00 Noon-(Venue Host Needed)

7/12-St. Louis Mo. at 7:30 PM. on the 12th July-(Venue Host Needed)

7/13-Kansas City MO. on the 13th of July-(Venue Host Needed)

If you want your Church involved please let them know. These meetings will be very important. Find out about America and your local areas.

Please be praying for this trip and the meetings.

Very Important Prophetic meetings, find out what is about to take place to America.

God Bless,

Email to Matthew Stephen

Pastor Matthew Stephen Prophetic Watchman Vine-Matthew Stephen

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