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Prophecy: Branson MO:4 Red Sticks, Decrees And March Markers For Zero Hour
February 8, 2013

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I have been walking in co-ministry with prophet Matthew Stephen for a little bit more than 5 years. Many of you are aware that it has not been easy for us. Human beings make mistakes and when these mistakes get tangled up in legalese, the thing we regard as the church and all the religious christians will crucify you faster than you can blink your eye. So, it happened with Matthew and because I would not leave His side, it came upon me. I would rather obey God than bow to the wishes of a billion religious men and so we have walked a narrow road together. We have both paid the price.

One of the first things I became familiar with when I met Matthew was his blue panther prophecy map. You can see it on my site at the MAPVIEW link on my front page. The Lord gave Matthew a vision of a blue panther, stretched out over a map of the lower 48 United States. The head was placed over Montana, and several areas deemed safer by the Lord than others were colored in blue. I found the map a fascinating study from the beginning of our association together and I would question Matthew about it from time to time. MAPVIEW

Some of you are aware that a few years back, on a radio program, I spoke about how the Lord had me engage in a rather full study of the Shawnee Indian prophets Tecumseh and Tenskatawa. Those two men accurately predicted the cataclysmic New Madrid fault earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. Most people do not know that they prophetically predicted the EXACT MONTH when the first major quake would occur. The means used to communicate the prophecy to the tribes was the RED STICKS.

I also, at that time, disclosed some rather shocking information about the birth of that Shawnee prophet Tecumseh. Prophet Matthew was quite literally blown away by the information as he had never heard of it before, but it seems that the name Tecumseh means "Panther Across The Sky". He was so named by his father as a comet had roared overhead on the night of his birth. So began the similarities of our prophetic ministry with that of Tecumseh and Tenskatawa from a time of a little more than 200 years ago.

November 13, 2012, prophet Matthew was in the area of Branson, Missouri and the Spirit of God came upon him. He was told to take a red stick from a place locally known as "Point Lookout". He reported the deed to me and then asked me to come to Branson to meet him there a month later. We were directed by the Spirit to take three more red sticks on that date of December 13, 2012. We spoke about it on radio but I did not write much about it because I was waiting for the Lord to give me word regarding the meaning thereof.

We have had in our possession these four red sticks since that time. I knew before I traveled to Branson in December that in the days of Tecumseh, he utilized one red stick to denote that passage of one month of time. He traveled to all the Indian tribes of America in an attempt to form a type of United Indian Tribes of America. Had they listened to him and fought as one man, who knoweth what might have been. The central means of delivering the message was that of the red sticks. Those red sticks denoted the number of months that were prophesied to pass until the great sign of the earthquake would come. The first tribes he visited were given a great number of red sticks. The last tribes only a few. As predicted, the first New Madrid quake of 1811 came right on time in 1811. Would our sticks also denote a time period of one month apiece? What was the significance that we held two small red sticks and two large ones? I have waited upon the Lord for the answer.

Last night, February 7, 2013, I was in mid-progress on our Midnight Ride radio program and the Lord gave me revelation. He revealed to me that the meaning of the red sticks that we hold is as follows:

November 13, 2012.....small red stick.....denoted the period from 11/13/12 to 12/12/12
December 13, 2012.....small red stick.....denoted the period from 12/13/12 to 01/12/13
December 13, 2012.....large red stick.....denotes the period from 01/13/13 to 02/12/13
December 13, 2012.....large red stick.....denotes the period from 02/13/13 to 03/12/13

The small red sticks denote relatively smaller judgements and events than the larger red sticks. These large red sticks therefore point to a dramatic uptick in events, beginning with the January 13 time-frame and again in the time commencing February 13. There will be great escalation in the number and severity. The time being pointed at is now indicated as mid March, 2013 for the arrival of the double judgement wave, but we can also expect big events in February.

There have been other things that have happened that are now pointing to mid March and the period leading up to July 4, 2013 as a launching point for events that are so serious that I cannot use language too strong to warn you about their approach. I will make a brief list of these below:

  • I stated above that the revelation of the four red sticks points most prominently at the period commencing with March 12, 2013.

  • The Jaws 2 Revelation, prophesied by me under separate prophetic article, has come into it's season of fulfillment now that the Mayan end of world prophecies have failed. This Jaws 2 revelation really could not have been fulfilled until the passage of December 21, 2012. Now, everyone feels it is safe to come out of their bunkers and go back in the water for a swim, once again.

  • Matthew Stephen prophesied on January 30, 2013 that we have 45 days left to make our final movements and preparations. That terminus date points at March 16, 2013.

  • I received a quickening in my spirit last night as I became aware of a new ABC tv program titled ZERO HOUR. My website prophetic archive contains the article I wrote on August 26, 2002 titled ZERO HOUR-THE BASEMENT. I direct you to read it at this link: ZERO HOUR-THE BASEMENT
    That revelation indicated that we would come to a future date when time would seem to stop. That may point to last night, February 7, 2013, or it may point back to February 1, 2013 when the ABC program Zero Hour first became available for viewing on the internet. In any event, the revelation I received in 2002 was that at the point when time would seem to stop, we would then mark forward 1 month and 17 days until we reached ZERO HOUR. That calculation points alternatively to March 18 or March 24. I believe by the Spirit of God that it is a real warning. We, as bulldog prophets, have been associated with "Doomsday" since we gained our association with that moniker in 2008. The relationship between the popularly named "Doomsday Clock" and the ZERO HOUR of 12 midnight, or 00:00 is well known. It is defined as the planned time for commencement of tremendously important actions, whether they be military or otherwise. In any event, it is yet another confirmation of the alert for the period of mid March, 2013.

  • I have had to bear the loss of two precious friends in the last month. Sister Joan and Brother Roger were my last remaining Spiritual Father and Spiritual Mother on the Earth. I was given Isaiah 57:1 by the Lord this morning. "They were taken away from the evil to come".

  • Finally, I have endured something this week that is new to me. The Holy Spirit has been weeping inside of me. Now, mind you, I still need the blood and I miss the mark in many ways. I have, regrettably, grieved the Holy Spirit several times during the last 25 years. Forgive me Lord Jesus. This is different. The Spirit within me began to weep and I could not perceive any wrong that I had done. I could simply not figure it out. Effectively, it shut me down from all other spiritual activity for three days. On the third day, the Lord revealed to me that He was crying on my shoulder regarding over the things that He must now do to bring His bride out of an Egypt where she is held captive. He has not wanted to go to these lengths to get her, but He must now do these things and it grieves and hurts His heart terribly. So, He came to me, his friend, and cried on my shoulder, so to speak, for three days. It is to me the most significant sign that I present to you.

    I really believe these signs, revelations and confirmations all point to a dreaded truth: these events that we and others before us have been prophesying about for almost forty years are just about ready to move into a most dramatic season of escalation. They will not be over quickly. Many are also reporting an increase in the Glory of the Lord, as I wrote about in my last article. It is also a sure sign to me that the double judgement wave is incoming, hard on the heels of the glory wave.

    I hope and pray that we all take heed and make preparations as led by the Holy Spirit.

    Stephen L. Bening

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