PROPHECY: Chronology Of Prophesied Judgements In the United States
August 28, 2002 (Most Recent Revisions Completed on May 15, 2004)

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Dear Readers::

One year ago, I released an article entitled "Major Elements of US Judgements". Since that time, the vision of what is shortly to occur has become much clearer, and I thought it necessary to update, to change, to improve and to make more specific what God has said to the apostolic/prophetic company at Watchmen Prophets Assembly concerning the future.

Over the years since my call to prophesy on 6/24/1992, I have listened to and read much by those who claim to speak for God. As one who has been shown terrible events to come that will happen in my country, I have always been awake and alert when others claim to have seen or heard similar things.

I present below those events that have been prophesied by me, and others, that I believe are from the Lord. There are many others I have judged and not received. I do not, for example, receive the prophecies of Chuck Youngbrandt of Chicago with respect to the occupation of the United States, after the invasion, as being from the Lord. I do believe that Chuck received from the Lord with respect to the Chicago earthquake. There are others not mentioned here, that I do receive, that are in most cases duplicative of what is presented below.

I would further advise that those items where only one witness has spoken of the event are in the greatest doubt, for our Lord will confirm every word through the mouths of two or three witnesses. I am aware that Dr. Bill Deagle has made a claim to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11, and also to be one of the 24 elders spoken of in John's revelation. The fulfillment, or failure of these future prophecies will determine the truth or falsehood of that claim. It is my belief that Dr. Deagle prophesied accurately with respect to Y2K, although some believe he set a date for troubles to begin in later 2000, and discredit him for that, and I believe he was largely accurate with respect to the Balkan troubles in Bosnia/Herzegovina. Although Michael Rood has been severely discredited by his many predictive failures, his "discovery" in the scriptures of Zechariah is more appropriate for his gift as a teacher, and is therefore presented here as documenting the fact that Zechariah foresaw a nuclear attack against Israel.

I have now inserted what I believe to be a prophesied order of occurrence. Where the order of the event is unclear, I have noted those events with identical numbers.


For more detailed information, you may want to search the following document, or inspect the archives of Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly

1a)IN PROCESS--Judgement begins with the house of God, according to 1 Peter 4:17. On July 4, 1991, I had a dream, all night, where I heard a voice repeating the numbers 4,17, over and over again. Since this happened on American Independence Day, I interpreted it to mean that Independence from control will come to the church, and that God will smite the church that is built on the foundation of the pastor. (This is now being fulfilled as of January, 2003.) Additionally, The existing, Nicolaitan church governmental structure will be smashed, and replaced by a true biblical model, prior to Purim, 2003.
(Reportedly prophesied in a Florida church, by a prophetess whose word I fear-August, 2002, with Bob Neumann prophesying the same, except with no timing attached, Ken Anderson-Watchmen Prophets Assembly-2002) I believe this has been totally fulfilled as of February 2, 2003

1b)IN PROCESS--- Y2K 1999-God judges man's inventions. Y2K will at first appear serious, then seem to be completely handled and not a concern, and then trouble will come suddenly. Christians will be able to buy survival supplies for 11 to 13 cents on the dollar. We are to store up not only for ourselves, but for many others.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-Vision-5/5/1999-As printed by "The Prophecy Club", Stephen Bening-word of prophecy-May 9, 1999-As printed in "GAMMADIM VISION", July 1999., John Neuhaus, 1999, Benny Hinn, 1999, Hillton Sutton also gave a word regarding Y2K from God and it was 100% accurate. )
This is beginning to be totally fulfilled now, in 2002. On February 8, 2003, I have a bid placed, set to expire on ebay, for 24 Daulton Water Purifying Filtration Ceramic Candles. The original retail price was $49.99. My bid is $5 each. We will see at 3:24 A.M. whether my bid has resulted in my first purchase at or less than 11 to 13 cents on the dollar. With shipping charges, will be between 11 and 13 cents. (At 00:24:32 A.M. Pacific Time, I bought 24 of these Daulton Water Filtration Candles for $134.00, which is exactly $5.58 per item. This represents a purchase for just slightly more than 11 cents on the dollar)

2)IN PROCESS-- American soldiers will be killed in the Balkan Slavic lands and be sent home in body bags. NATO will be discredited. A united Nations peacekeeping force will take over for NATO. This marks the place of tribulation geographically.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-4/24/1999-As printed by "The Prophecy Club", Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy-November, 1992 as printed in GAMMADIM REPORT newsletter)
Fulfilled with more to come, with the final fulfillment much later in the sequence, at a time that is currently unclear.

3a)IN PROCESS-- Children and adults in America will be arrested and taken to detention camps for the smallest of crimes or offenses. Terrorism alerts and checkpoints will be instituted. Children and adults will be incarcerated together.
(Stephen L. Bening-dream vision-2001-GAMMADIM VISION website)
Fulfillments began in earnest after September 11, 2001 and in 2002 with the detainees, held as participants in war. This has escalated further during the 2003/4 Iraq conflict.

3b)IN PROCESS--Internal revolution will be started secretly by communist infiltrators in America.
(Dumitru Duduman-word of prophecy-September 1984)
May have begun fulfillment on September 11, 2001, or even earlier (1993?).

3c)IN PROCESS--Droughts and flooding will cause the complete loss of a fall harvest just prior to the destruction of America.
(Benjamin Baruch-word of prophecy-Book "The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand"-1998)
Droughts have begun to spread in 2002, and getting worse in 2004.

4a) The USS Kitty Hawk and 11 supporting vessels are destroyed by a nuclear attack, perpetrated by the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs). This commences the great trouble in America, which will last seven years.
(Stephen L. Bening-vision-1/9/1993-Numbers 24:24-GAMMADIM VISION website-1998) (Two US Carriers are of the "Kitty Hawk" class)
Fulfillment expected next in order of occurrence, and it is most likely to fall on the second month, seventeenth day of some future year (Hebrew or Julian Calendar possible) Fulfillment is also possible on the seventeenth day of any month, but is most likely to occur in February. The USS Kitty Hawk was ordered to deploy to the Persian Gulf on February 7, 2003. It is the fifth carrier to be deployed there. Bob Neumann has also seen, in a vision, an attack upon the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. It is highly likely, according to prophet Bob Griffin, in late 2002, that Iran will be the attacker.

4b)Miami will be destroyed by nuclear attack.
(Stephen L. Vision-dream vision-GAMMADIM VISION website-July 24, 1992, Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Nita Johnson and Dan Bohler have all prophesied concerning military and nuclear attacks on Miami. David E. Taylor saw, in a dream vision, nuclear missiles flying toward Florida and California in April, 2004)

4c) Los Angeles will suffer the detonation of a 5 Kiloton nuclear warhead.
(Stephen L. Vision-dream vision-GAMMADIM VISION website-1999, Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Nita Johnson and Dan Bohler have all prophesied concerning military and nuclear attacks on Los Angeles. David E. Taylor has prophesied it in April, 2004)

4d) Three asteroids, or a single asteroid that breaks into three pieces, will strike in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Eastern Atlantic, inundating large portions of the US East Coast
(Bob Neumann, 2002, Stephen L. Bening, 2002, John Lallier, 2001, Ann Peterson-2002, Billie London-2002, Gloria Lopez-2004, Jim McCants-2003, and others)

4e) A terrible earthquake along the San Andreas fault drops coastal California beneath the sea. San Bernadino, in the area of the San Gabriel Mountains, will be the epicenter of this 9.0 range Quake. Timothy Snodgrass has prophesied that this will happen before the end of 2002. (I do not endorse or agree with this setting of a date by Timothy Snodgrass. Snodgrass's prediction of a date failed.) Kristine Carson and Tim Snodgrass prophesied the location of the quake. Kristine Carson prophesied of a 7.5 mag quake in the San Bernadino area.
(Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy and vision-7/13/1992, Timothy Snodgrass, 2001 and 2002, Kristine Carson, August 19, 2002, John Sandford, Gordon Michael Scillion)
Fulfillment prophesied by one witness before January 1, 2003. (Stephen L. Bening does not endorse or agree with this setting of a date by Timothy Snodgrass)

4f) Nothing has changed! Israel will be involved in an intervening war with Syria, Jordan and the Palestinians. Israel will suffer defeat and perhaps even cease to exist as a nation. After a time, she will return and be recovered from war. Then, war will come again to Israel. This war will involve a nuclear attack, possibly by Iraq, against Israel. Damascus will probably cease to be a city at this time, in fulfillment of Isaiah 17.
(Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy-November, 2000-GAMMADIM VISION website, David Skelly, 2002-Watchmen Prophets Assembly, Michael Rood-notes from Zechariah-August, 2002)

5a) Volcanic eruptions are prophesied, particularly at Yellowstone. (Dan Bohler-2004)

5b) A terrible earthquake has been prophesied, along the New Madrid Fault, with the epicenter located at Albert Lea, Minnesota, as prophesied by Kristine Carson. This earthquake will measure in the 9.0 range, and will cause damage throughout the Midwest. Timothy Snodgrass has prophesied the eventual formation of a sea in the center of the USA with a depth of 10,000 feet, that will divide America, if America participates in the division of Israel. Some have seen this earthquake, or sequence of earthquakes, having a terribly destructive effect throughout the whole midwest, and totally destroying Chicago, St. Louis and Memphis.
(Timothy Snodgrass, 2001 and 2002, Kristine Carson, August 19, 2002, Stephen L. Bening, 2002, Dan Bohler, Gwen Shaw, Rick Joyner)

6a) An EMP/Neutron fuse pulse/nuclear attack will take out electronics, communications and transportation in the continental United States.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-message from the angel Gabriel, 2/4/1999, Henry Gruver)

6b) There is, of course, the terrible "trumpet war" to fit in here somewhere. It could happen as quickly as tomorrow, or as late as after the rapture. It will kill more than 2 billion men, and will probably involve China and the USA.

7a) Russia will launch a nuclear attack against the coastlands of the United States. SS18 missiles will rain down on these areas, as Cormier has written.. Russia's submarines will launch their missiles against both coasts, as seen by Gruver.. Duduman was shown that Florida, Las Vegas, California and New York will be attacked. Russia and her allies will invade and occupy the heartland of America, entering through Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua. This was seen in a general way by George Washington as well. Surviving Americans will be rounded up and taken to military bases, transported accross the heartland using railroad cattlecars, as seen by Bening in a vision. Washington was shown that after a long siege, the occupiers of America would be repelled and defeated. It is my belief that this is part of the attack against the coastlands that is referred to in Ezekiel 38 and 39, where it is said that fire will fall upon the coastlands.
(Art Cormier-SS18 Satan prophecy-June 18, 1991, Dumitru Dudman-prophecy, Henry Gruver-vision, Stephen L. Bening-Vision-7/1993, Dr.Bill Deagle-message from the angel, George Washington-vision of war, Stephen L. Bening-Zero Hour-August 26, 2002, Bob Neumann-The Basement-July 8, 2001-Watchmen Prophets Assembly, Linda Conner-Vision-Watchmen Prophets Assembly, Nita Johnson, approximately 89 other witnesses who are known)

7b) Israel will be attacked-Ezekiel 38, by several nations, but not all the nations of the world. This cannot occur until Israel is rich, and Israel has recovered from a great war, according to Ezekiel 38:12-14. As of February 2003, Israel is still poor, and is not living in safety.

8) Rise of the son of perdition, or antichrist, as a great peacemaker.

9a) The US president will invite 500,000 Russian troops to America to help with implantation of the mark of the beast.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-1/2/1999)

9b) (order unclear) Colored badges are given out to Americans as the mark of the beast implantation proceeds. Non-compliant Americans are taken to military bases, given red badges, and exterminated.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-9/1998)

10) Great Tribulation begins with the wrath of man against man, and the wrath of Satan against man.

11) The Rapture of the Christian Church.

12) The wrath of God begins.

13) The Zechariah 12 War occurs, when all nations of the Earth come against Israel.

14) The Lord returns, with thousands of His Holy ones, to fight the enemies of Israel.

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