PROPHECY: The Summer Is Ended, And We Are Not Saved
August 25, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Jeremiah 8:20-22

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."

This scripture is resonating in my spirit today and will not depart, for you see, I have been seeking my Lord this morning, and since yesterday, for some hard answers.

I desire, as it's earthly head, to call the Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly to order, and I have been seeking the Lord for the authority and power from Him to do that. Our call is to accomplish far more than the denigration of the ministries of others or to become mere fault finders and experts in high prophetic criticism.

I obeyed explicitly the orders of my Lord Jesus Christ when I brought forth the compiled work (USA Prophets Prophetesses and Saints-In This Website) of someone who wishes to remain nameless. I do not know if that person's desire comes from the Lord, but I do know that the Lord chose me as a conduit through whom to release this compilation to many. I care not a whit for her motives in creating the compilation. I have obeyed Jesus!

When I review the work of the 90 (USA Prophets Prophetesses and Saints), I am humbled. Truly, they represent a wide cross section of doctrinal beliefs. There is someone included there whose life might offend just about anyone. And yet, GOD USED THEM. At some point in their life, the Spirit of Prophecy came upon them, and they gave utterance.

What are we to say? The 90 have come, given their utterance, and we are not saved. Our nation remains utterly imperiled. God has pronounced that the end has come upon our nation. Swift judgement is imminent. Truly, as some have written, none of the 90 has achieved the level of an Elijah or Elisha. None have carried a bold word before kings as did John Baptist and Jeremiah.

Indeed! If destruction were to come upon America tomorrow, in the form of nuclear missile attack, or massive earthquake, or terrible windstorm, what portion of the American population would connect that catastrophe with the actions of an Almighty God? Very few, I think. Most would give the blame to faulty leadership or an unruly mother nature. After the 90 have completed and published their work, America remains largely ignorant of God's controversy with her. Who is to blame for that?

Ezekiel 22:30

"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none."

Clearly, none of the 90 have been that man, else we would not currently be sitting under the edge of the sword of the Lord. Either God will search, and yet find a man, or He will, as he did formerly, find none. Clearly, Jeremiah was not that man, else God would have said so, since Jeremiah was alive and ministering when Ezekiel heard and recorded the word of the Lord. Clearly, the delivery of an accurate prophetic word before kings was not enough to qualify as "that man". Moses qualified as "that man". He stood alone, before Almighty God, and asked that God not destroy a people whom God had determined to destroy. And God repented! How many others have there been?

These men, who can stand between God and man, have been historically rare. Try to add to the list. After Jesus, we find Moses. Who else? Someone brings up the name of Abraham, yet even his intercessions for Sodom did not produce a result that forestalled the destruction of the land. We could say that, historically, GOD HAS NOT FOUND THE MAN!

God is looking for that man again. Can you sense that? I do. Can you sense also what the cost will be to that man? It will cost him everything. A life given more to fasting than to eating. A life devoted to prayer and not to party. A life characterized by worship and not worldliness. God has laid the gauntlet at our feet.

Yes, I call you to order WPA. Is that man among us? God is searching again. Yes, none of our names are among the 90: that man was not among them? Is he among us?

If that man is not among us, we have fulfilled our call. More accurate prophetic words have been received and delivered. Perhaps, in time, some of our names, now omitted, will be added to the 90 names. Perhaps, somewhere in the rubble of future America, this compilation will be preserved, and our names might be noticed by some future prophetic student.

As for me, I desire for more than a listing in some prophetic anthology. I do not wish to be added to the 90 unless I have sought God personally for the answer: Am I that man Lord? And if so, I don't want to be placed in the book unless I succeed and prevail with God. As of the present time, I do not know, so I still seek Him. At present, He is not giving me the answer.....He just leads me on, and directs me that I should follow Him, day by day, and hour by hour, and let Him do the job of the seeking for that man. Oh, but how I do hope that He finds that man, who will stand in the gap, for if He does not, we have pretty much finished our course here, and there is no further purpose for what we do other than to save of few souls among those who are perishing.

If we may be permitted to find any fault at all with the 90, and I'm not even sure it is proper to find fault with them at all, perhaps it might be said that some of them deviated from the primary purposes of God for their lives. Perhaps, some of them could have lived more for God and less for themselves. Perhaps, some of them could have shined as brighter lights before men. If they had, perhaps more men would have listened.

For most of them, their days of ministry have passed, and it is quite easy to find fault. Examine yourselves, and acquit yourselves like men. How many of us are guilty of these same charges? Let us repent.....NOW. Our ministries are not concluded. For some of us, we have only just begun to fight. We live in desperate times and God is looking for a few desperate men. Will he find them among us? I hope and pray it is so.

Years ago, when God sought me out and conquered my will, I was filled with a resolve that I would never be a part of any presentation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that went forth without His accompanying power. Our God is a God of power and might! Clearly, an accurate prophetic word, aptly delivered, has been insufficient. We are still not saved. Clearly, more is required from us, and God is looking for more. Who will answer the call?

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

You can post a response to this article by subscribing to Watchmen -Prophets-Assembly (WPA). Comments made by others may be read without subscribing, in the public archives of WPA.

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