PROPHECY: Handling The Fire Of God
August 28, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Have you been called by God to handle His fire? How do you know?

For me, that call came on January 12, 1993. What I am about to tell I have not revealed to more than a handful of people, but it's time has come.

In July and August, 1992, God had used me as His prophet to decree a judgement to come in the name of Andrew. August 24 was marked as a dangerous day. These words from the Lord went forth, in writing, to my church and to many others. God also used other prophets, I am told, who went through the churches of Homestead, Cutler Ridge and Kendall, Florida and who warned of impending judgement and the need for swift repentance. We all know that the judgement fell upon that area. Some 200 churches were totally destroyed, by one report I received.

On January 12, 1993, God sent me again into that area. As I drove, the Lord had me to collect the fire from the altars of these destroyed churches. I'll not go into the details, but I was told to praise the Lord, with my left hand uplifted, out of the car window as I drove. What felt like darts, small darts began to hit my hand. As I reached the South area of the zone of destruction of Andrew, invivisble fire from heaven entered my left hand. I thought that I was going to die, right there. I felt as though I was going to literally explode, and I cried out to the Lord.

The Lord instructed me to go to a little church I knew, and worship Him there. There, I would deliver the fire I had collected from those other churches to the lampstand that burns, in the Spirit, at that church. I obeyed, and I'm not kidding or exagerating about any of this: it happened!

And so, the judgement of God necessitated the handling of God's fire, and it was frightening. I was given an acute appreciation of the fear of God that must have filled the high priest, once each year, when he entered the Holy of Holies to make atonement for the sins of the people. When that priest entered, covered with blood, he had a rope tied around his ankle. If he dropped dead in the area of the altar, he could be pulled out, as no one dared to enter this area unless they were called by God to enter there.

I know of one other man who speaks of a call, made by Jesus to him, that he must handle God's fire. My good friend in Jesus Christ, Bob Neumann, who goes by the name of "old dog", received this vision from the Lord earlier this year. I will reprint it now.

This last Tuesday i began to speak again. I did not catch the timing of it all till tonight. On Wednesday i met with my friend and brother TREY. Usually we compare notes and assess the events around us. While we were returning to his home with me at the wheel i had an intense mini-vision where i stood looking down at a field of ''dry bones''. As i heard the same question that Ezekiel heard, "CAN THESE BONES LIVE AGAIN?'', i was not given a chance to respond as THE KING OF GLORY stood before me with a "FLAMING TORCH'' in HIS HAND.

Because of the light from the torch i realized it was dark and shadows flickered with the torch light. So i looked out and down the valley filled with dry and brittle bones. And again HE SPOKE but the question was changed: "SHOULD ALL THE DEAD BONES LIVE AGAIN?"

Now that stumped me. So i looked back to my KING and HE POINTED with the TORCH over my left shoulder and i turned and looked. Behind me were row upon row of mausoleums. The whole top of the hill was covered with them and i felt a cold chill flow over me. I "knew" that what was before me was "wrong"....something evil. Maybe "abomination" fits more, but at the time i did not catch it. Again HE pointed, but this time it was down into the valley. And HE SPOKE a last line...."I HAVE COUNTED ALL MY BONES".

With that i was driving through a green light traveling north on US 1. I still had the cold chills. All i could think of was the scripture about WHITE WASHED SEPULCHERS filled with DEAD MEN'S BONES. And i knew it was the key to what i had seen. As i was about to turn off US1 i again saw THE KING OF GLORY and HE HANDED ME THE TORCH and ORDERED..."BURN THE BONES! ! !".

In the 2-3 minutes left to get to TREY'S HOUSE i heard that phrase/command..."BURN THE BONES!" three more times....four times in all.

Four is the number of structure and foundation and divine order. The fourth letter of the Hebrew ALEPH-BET is "dalet", which means "THE DOOR".

I was just told to "BURN THE BONES".

The only place that jumped out to me was the story of King Josiah. 2 Kings 22 & 23 cover it, as well as 2 Chronicles 34 & 35. But it is 2 Kings 23:16-18 that jumped out at me/us. And the referral to 1 Kings 13:1 brought me back to John Moore's message last year in KREMMLING..... and his prophetic word to me on Sunday.

It is time to tear down the religious monuments and all the "abominations" housed in "the church". Destroy the "idols" and "spoil" the works of the false prophets....THE NICOLAOTINS....the hirelings that feed off HIS FLOCK.

Before i left Trey mentioned it was time to bring forth THE TRUTH. Josiah had set himself to clean and rebuild the TEMPLE. It was during this rebuilding they found THE BOOK OF THE LAW that had been hidden in "THE WALLS". Interesting image isn't it. When Josiah heard that the "MAN OF GOD" that confronted and rebuked Jeroboam had prophesied 300 years before his birth that Josiah would be born and destroy both "the high places'' and their 'priests' on the altar in "BETH EL"....the HOUSE OF GOD.

In both accounts of Josiah, the prophetess Huldah is mentioned. And she confirms the words of the "MAN OF GOD"......and makes a point that "ALL THE WORDS" of the book will come to pass.

It was there i felt a stirring to go once again to Jeremiah 15.....

I wonder who really wants to be confronted by THE WORD....THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.

old dog

You see it there, at the end of Bob's word: WHO REALLY WANTS TO BE CONFRONTED BY THE WORD....THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL. Handling God's fire is a very frightening, sober thing. You cannot and should not do it without great fear of the Lord.

The Lord is saying today that the time for His prophets to be handling His fire, in this way, is almost upon us. There are a few admonitions, and a few cautions, that He wants me to bring you:

1) Do not handle God's fire unless you are specifically and clearly called by God to do so. If you take up the torch of God yourself, and seek to attack or tear down a ministry, you will suffer judgement. You will be handling strange fire. Look at the lesson Israel learned from the death of Nadab and Abihu, as recorded in Leviticus 10. They were called to handle the fire of God, but it was not yet their time. Take heed. You may become ill or die if you disobey in this way.

2) God shows His servant which bones to burn. Note, from the vision, that Bob was shown by God, from the light of the torch, which bones he should burn. We are not to handle God's fire without clear instructions. Can these bones live? Shall these bones live? Only God knows which ones were are to prophesy life to three times in intercessory prayer and which ones we are to set fire to. We are not to tear down ministries or speak against them without clear instruction from God. The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity.

3) God lights the torch. He starts the fire. It is His fire. He places it into our hands...we do not eagerly reach for it or ask for it. In fact, we would rather that He take care of it, but He will not have it so. This is revealed from the vision. The scripture reveals that God keeps the light in the temple burning. It is the miracle of Hanukkah.

4) God illuminates what is to be burned by the light of the fire. Note that the scripture leaves the words of the false prophet Balaam intact. Balaam's bones would certainly qualify for burning, and he is forever branded a false prophet in God's word, but his words, in Numbers chapter 24, were from the Lord. They are left intact and are not burned. Be careful to burn only what the Lord illuminates with the torch He hands you. Separate the wheat from the chaff by the Holy Spirit of God.

Learn the lesson from the high priests of Israel. Do your business before God. Follow your instructions to the letter. Do not make mistakes. Say only what you are instructed to say by the Lord. Say it when and where you are instructed to say it. Then, get out...get out of there. This is not to be enjoyed. This is sober and serious work. Mistakes have consequences.

Do not ever speak against a minister, to tear down his work, unless you have clear and explicit instructions from God to do so, and you are absolutely sure He has called you to do this work, and that He has sent you forth to do it.

Pray with me right now if God has touched your heart:

Oh God, forgive me, for I may have spoken with my tongue and released strange fire from my mouth against a minister, a ministry, a church or your servant Lord. Lord, I cannot remember doing this without your instruction, but if I have Lord, I fear you enough to ask your forgiveness and I thank you for your forbearance and your mercy and your patience with me in this matter. Lord, perhaps you will remind me, in the coming days, of a time when I actually did this. I will say once again Lord, at the time of remembrance, that I am sorry for this, and ask that you forgive me, and that you cancel any curses that bind my life or assignments of the enemy that may have been unleashed by my words. Thank you for the blood of Jesus, that purchased a better covenant for me, and for the cross of Christ, upon which my Lord carried every curse that is against me. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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