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PROPHECY Florida: The Gateway To And The Fulcrum Of America

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Please pray for me. I am in the crucible right now. I don't know whether you can spiritually handle what I am about to say, but God has granted me intercessional authority over Florida and has appointed my church, Harvest Fellowship, to stand in the gate.

I have been making prophetic decrees from the platform in my church. My Pastor, Joseph Cella, stands with me, arm in arm. We are like David and Jonathan: Pastor and Prophet: joined as one.

Whether there are others who have been granted this authority with us. I do not know. I do know that the battle is serious, it is a carnage, and it is very real.

There is war in the heavenlies and I am standing in the gap in prayer. The war has been particularly severe over Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Volusia counties. God has spoken to me that the battle for Broward has been won. The other counties are still in the balance. I need the prayers of other Christians now more than I have ever needed them in my whole life. In every letter I write; in every post I make to my website; I am asking desperately for people to pray for me, for my Church and for Florida.

Florida desperately needs the prayers of the saints. Now, it is visible for all to see that the fulcrum of the United States is Florida. Five years ago, the Lord told me to drive to St. Augustine. I did not know why, but I knew that God was sending me. I went, expecting at any moment to receive from God, but the first several hours of the journey were normal and uneventful. We went and toured the old city by foot, and were having an enjoyable tourist trip.

Then, in the afternoon, we visited the Fort: Castillo de San Marcos. I was standing up on the cannon deck of the Fort, overlooking the bay and the harbor, when I had the overwhelming desire to learn the name of the bay. I knew it was God, carrying me along in the spirit.

I discovered not only the name, but the meaning of it. It is "Matanzas Bay", which in Spanish, means "The Place Of Slaughter".

I did not know what that meant, or why it was important, but God stored it in a place in my heart. Later in the day, we visited the St. Augustine mission. I made a startling discovery: Exactly 430 years earlier, in 1565, the Holy Bible and some Franciscan missionaries sailed into Matanzas bay and established the first mission for Jesus Christ at that very spot. This was the site of the first Holy Communion ever held on American soil. Now, granted, it was Roman Catholicism, but nevertheless, the word of God made it's entrace into America, at this spot and through that harbor.

430 years is significant: it was the exact number of years that Israel remained in Egypt; to the very day, before God brought them out under Moses.

Now, today, I understand. Florida was the gateway to the America's. It was the first place penetrated for the gospel. All the powers of hell were aligned to deny entry of the gospel to North America, but they were pushed back.

Now, there is a war in the heavenlies, at the gate of America. Florida is that gate. Florida is the fulcrum of America: It is the lever by which America is turned.

The principalities and powers are amassed at the gate. They are attempting to take back what they lost 430 years ago. The place is aptly named: The place of slaughter. Carnage! That is what is going on in the invisible realm of the heavenlies right now.

The effects are so dramatic and the battle so heated that the spiritual violence is spilling over into the natural realm. Many normally reasonable people in this state have been driven to near insanity by the battle. Just watch your TV and look at the faces of the people in Palm Beach County: they are driven and tormented.

Can we win this battle? Some have contacted me and told me: it's too late; our doom as a nation has been prophecied and sealed; there is no hope! Prophecy has already gone forth that America is lost.

Moses stood in the gap for Israel, even when God said that he would destroy it, and Moses prevailed with God. It is not too late for America to repent, but the battle must be waged on our knees. I mean that spiritually, as well as physically. We must prevail in prayer, or we die. As Christians in this land, we must prevail or die.

If we lose, well then, we will have done everything to stand. Now, we are just standing, waiting upon the Lord. If we die, we die unto the Lord.

Please pray for every area of my life. The enemy is attacking my finances and the finances of every church, ministry and business that pays me one nickel. He is trying to strip me of my christian support. He shall not triumph, in the name of Jesus.

Please enter into an intercessional agreement with me with great fervor and intensity between now and midnight Friday, November 17. By this, I mean, launch out in prayer in everything you do: on your jobs, driving your cars, cleaning your houses.

Remember, we are not Republicans or Democrats: we are citizens of heaven! We must stand for what God stands for, or we stand for nothing at all.

Stephen L. Bening

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