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PROPHECY Letter To Katherine Harris/Election Commentary

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The letter that I have reprinted in part below was sent to Katherine Harris, Secretary of State of Florida, this morning. The LORD TOLD me to send it. He told me to encourage her, so I sat down and complied. At the end of the letter, the Holy Spirit prayed through me in a way that surprised even me. The letter now follows below.

Dear Ms. Katherine Harris, Secretary of State

I am sure that you are being much villified by the forces who are seeking to steal this election. I want to encourage you. We in our church in Hollywood, Florida have been praying for you for weeks.

There has been much prophecy concerning what is going on in Florida. I do not know what your beliefs are, but you stand for what is right and fair, and therefore, you stand with God, whether you know it or not. God revealed in the Proverbs that he loves fair weights and measures. You have done what was right. You may suffer for it, but you have taken a stand for righteousness, and I admire you.

Whereever you go, you will have my support, and my prayers.

Should you wish to explore one Christian's view of what has been happening, you might want to look at my web site (in your spare time, hah). I have links there to other egroups, where prophets from all over the world gather. One really valuable one is called "Watchman-Seers-USA Group".

There has been much said about Florida. Anyway, you will have the url address for future reference when things calm down for you, and they will calm down.

You will be able to sleep again. Do not fear, for the Lord is with you. He will renew your strength.

Again, blessings. Be encouraged, mighty warrior!

Katherine, if you fear the Lord, and walk with him, you can speak this prayer out loud, and agree with me on your behalf.

Right now, I speak strength to you and encouragement to your spirit and soul, in the name of Jesus. I rebuke the forces of darkness coming against you, in the name of Jesus. May the angels of the LORD GOD encamp around you. May you be kept in physical safety. We decree safety and protection for your family, relatives and all that is called yours. The blood of Jesus covers all that is yours. We pray for your prosperity, and for the protection of your reputation. We also pray for the strengthening of your Christian support. I decree to the princes and principalities at the gate of Florida that you must take your hands off of this woman, Katherine Harris. She is in the cleft of the rock. You may not touch her. Thank you Lord. Amen.

That concludes the letter. I had a great sense of the release of the Lord's power toward this Florida election official as I wrote those words and spoke them out loud to the heavenlies.

Joan Gaura, the widow who helps me care for my five children was standing over my shoulder as I wrote the letter. She remarked, as she read it, that Katherine Harris may receive a million emails today, but Joan thought that I would receive a reply from her. We will see.

I also drafted another election commentary today, which, as a watchman, may help some of you come to a more full understanding of what is transpiring here in Florida with this process of manual recounts. It is my hope that it will help you pray with knowledge and understanding. Here is my election commentary, following below.

The reason we can all laugh through this election tension is that deep down, we still all believe that our Constitutionally based government will survive this test and strain.

Deep down, we don't really believe that a coup d'etat is possible in our nation. This causes us to look at this situation differently than it would be regarded in almost any other nation.

It is reported from around the world that the thing they most admire about us is our ability to keep laughing in the midst of this. We have even displayed that ability here, in the midst of this tension.

Our founders established a system of county by county control of the election process. I think they realized that some people supporting any candidate have a propensity to cheat. At least, no one can cheat at a national level: they have to do it county by county. It makes it very difficult to steal an election when you have to do it county by county. In each county, anyone with a propensity to cheat doesn't know just how much he has to cheat. At least that is true on the day of the election.

In an election this close, the ability to steal an election increases once the initial results are known. Once the result is anounced, anyone who has a propensity to cheat knows just how much he has to cheat.

That is what we face now in Florida. We have the Secretary of State: a Republican, telling two democratic counties, Palm Beach and Broward, that she is going to ignore their manual recounts. They are going ahead with recounts. There are 13 cases pending in the courts, at my last count. More are apparently coming.

Approximately 1% of our national population is in prison, convicted of felony crimes. If 1% of the people who are counting those manual ballots in Broward or Palm Beach have criminal intent, we could have election fraud. Such a person knows that he only needs to add 300 or so votes. 300 votes is a stack of cards about 3 inches thick.

This is a very tense situation here in Florida. I suspect the rest of the nation can feel it too. But we must keep laughing and praying, that our confidence in our Constitutionally based government is not wishful thinking.

Our nation was established with God as the foundation. We need to rest on that firm foundation, and call upon his name, for mercy and help in time of need.

A local democratic politician was caught today, red handed, with a Florida "votamatic" machine in the rear seat of his car. This happened in Palm Beach County, where the most controversial manual recount is starting right now. He declined to voluntarily turn the machine over to election officials, stating that he "wanted to use it". Use it for what?

The police confiscated that one machine, but what of the malicious plans of others. We can only keep praying that our Lord surrounds those ballots with legions of angels. No ballots will leave those counting rooms and no ballots will enter those rooms. No new holes will be punched and no more votes will be manufactured, in the name of Jesus.

We make these decrees over the entire State of Florida, wherever manual recounts are being conducted. Lord, may your will be expressed in our Courts. These Courts must bow their knee to the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus. We lift up the Lord Jesus over the Prince of Florida. We say to you foul prince, you are cast down. Yield to fairness and justice, in the name of Jesus. Amen

Finally, I close by saying that God is not a republican or a democrat, but his ways are higher, majestically presiding over the affairs of men. Let His will be done, on Earth, as it is in the heavens.

Stephen L. Bening

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