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Sandy Twohey wrote first:

Right off the bat there are a number of things I would like to ask you but decided not to. In this group you will find tremendous maturity in things prophetic which means that a lot of research material may well go over your head, but if you are diligent and prayerful you will still find many nuggets that are useful to you now.

Im curious, do you consider that are you standing in the office of prophet now, or simply a prophet in the making?

Some basics: Get people around you who understand you and the giftings of God in your life even if they arent prophetic themselves. That way you can always be free to be yourself to belly ache scream and cry without judgement just because you need to bounce things around. Most of the time you wont be sure if God is speaking or if its just your particular soap box. Always stay accountable.

Begin to build a good open relationship with your pastor/pastors. If you know other seasoned prophetic people ask them to mentor you (easier said than done I know), but you can learn so much just hanging out with others of the same spirit. Dont be too hard on yourself, you will make mistakes.

Constantly check your motives and intent of your heart. Know that it is God who has called you not man, it is God you must be true to but always show the love of the Father for his people. Let your springboard always be to glorify God and extend His kingdom never to be held up by man. if you have identity issues or low self esteem issues or acceptance issues, take them to the cross because they will always taint the way you perceive your role and function.

Accept the fact that you will be misunderstood, not liked, considered too hard, too black and white, it goes with the territory. Stay in the word constantly, worship as much as you can pray without ceasing because this is how your revelations will come. When God shows you something ask questions. Never be in a hurry, the devil will tempt you to speak quickly just so you will fall on your face. Take the time to pray and meditate over things. Most of all develop the heart of the Father for his people because without love we are nothing. And Remember it is God who exalts not man.

With love

Stephen Bening wrote, as a follow up:

Sandy's words to you are about 99% complete. If the anointing that will come forth through you may be predicted by your email name, "lightning prophetess", you may well have an anointing for the tip of the arrow, or the point. You will be out in front many times, like a blitzkrieg or lightning attack.

You will experience everything first and will be out of step with those around you, even more so than other prophets. Do not worry. As a baby prophet, you will make many mistakes. It is expected. It won't be accepted by those who don't understand. Don't let that discourage you. You will learn from your mistakes.

The only other thing I have to add to you is to remember the carburetor! Consider it's function. It lies hidden beneath the hood of your car. It makes little noise. All it does is......carburet. In your car's engine, it is the place where the fuel meets with the air. An explosive mixture is created. It waits only for the spark to hit it.

As a prophet, you are like that. You are an explosion waiting to happen: like a hydrogen bomb of the Lord's power, in his hands, for use when He so desires. Therefore, you must remember to be relatively silent about who you are. Do not seek the limelight...let it seek you. If it seeks you, try to retire and to withdraw from it. Try not to tell too many people you are a prophet. Try not to fellowship with prophets too much. Spend time with people who love Jesus. Do not worry. What you must do is.....prophesy.

Stephen L. Bening

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