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Prophecy: Remember....Remember....Remember
August 4, 2009

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I must speak now with utter frankness and be very direct with you all. For too long, we have spoken too gently with those who drag their feet before the Lord.

For many years, I used to speak softly and with much gentleness to those who would refuse to receive the gift of speaking in tongues. I would just bless them and "let them be" and tell them that they might be filled with the Spirit, even though they never spoke in tongues. In short, I coddled them. In a sense, I became co-dependent with them, enabling them to remain in their present state.

Recently, the Lord opened my eyes to 1 Corinthians 14:5. "I would that ye all spake with tongues.."

Paul very clearly expressed it here: he wanted everyone to speak with tongues. If Paul wanted all to speak in tongues, why was I afraid to be just as direct as he was and to say to those folks: I WANT YOU TO SPEAK IN TONGUES.

Leaving the cities and the coast is, in some ways, very similar. I know that God wants all of His children to leave the coast and to leave the big cities. How about me? I'm going to start agreeing with God.



No finances to leave? With no job, it appears that you have no finances to stay on the coast either. The reality is that either way, you will need a miracle from the Lord. Is that not the harsh truth? Truth is like that. It can slap you in the face and wake you up if you will only allow it to do so.

Resist the urge to get angry with me and let the truth have it's way and perfect work with you. I will continue.

But, you may answer that the miracle to leave the coast will require a bigger miracle. It requires more faith. Ah yes, I would tend to agree. There are hindering forces at work, holding all of you in place in the zone of destruction. It has become almost impossible to escape from Florida. The bridge is out, spiritually. Why?

Let us say that I need a miracle. Where will I be most likely to obtain it? How is the provision of God most likely to overtake me? How can we order our steps?

In the Lord. Obedience to His every word and leading is the quickest way to provision. Bowing to apparent, observable pressures and hindrances will guarantee that you will never accomplish anything for God.

I promise you that you will never go on a foreign missionary journey for the Lord if you wait for all of the money to arrive. You will never experience a miraculous healing unless you believe it is done through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and receive it ahead of the seeing of it. These things require FAITH.

Moving when we SEE the provision coming or when we HAVE the provision in hand is not an expression of faith. That is moving and operating by sight. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

I believe that we need to honestly assess just exactly what we are able to do and how we can accomplish it. We will gain nothing if we wallow in self delusion. We should stop kidding ourselves. I would not be doing you any favors if I just patted you on the head and told you that everying will be alright.

What can I really do? I may not be able to move my whole family right now, but I could take an exploratory prayer trip and pray through a region, asking God to give me more guidance and provision. I could forward position some of my possessions in a safe zone. I could take certain other "steps of faith" toward my final objective.

I personally did all of these things, and God met my faith with provision.

I personally do not regard the "do nothing" option as a viable option for obtaining results from Jesus Christ. We must move forward in faith, believing that the God who is telling us to leave will provide for that which He has commanded and required of us.

The bible tells us in the book of Revelation 7 that John saw "a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tonues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands." Further on, John inquired about their identity. He was told that "these are those which came out of the great tribulation."

They are portrayed as no longer hungering or thirsting and they will have every tear wiped from their eyes. Do you think these entered heaven via a rapture? I think not. I think they were not found worthy to escape that which was coming upon the Earth. And so, these perished in the early days of the great tribulation and entered into heaven, washed by the blood of the Lamb of God.

Why is it they did not escape? Did God design that tribulation to trap His children? Why did they perish in it?

For most, I feel that I need not wonder about the reason. Is it really the problem that they do not know that they are living in a dangerous place? Can believers in Jesus Christ who are residents of coastal areas and residents of large cities really believe they are living in safe places right now? Is that really the problem for the Christian believer? Have they not heard the prophecies? Has God not spoken directly to them and given them dreams? God promises to give dreams to those who cannot hear His voice in any other way! See Job 33.

I know several right now who have been warned, over and over again, to leave the coasts. I have personal relationships with some of them. Some have even been visited by angels and one very probably was visited by the Lord Himself in a disguise. But all of these are still living on the coast. Why?

When I speak with them, they have various reasons. One says she is not sure WHEN the Lord wants her to leave. Another left and came back when a tempting job offer came. One family reached a safe area, but then went back when the country area was too "desolate". Some say they have no money to leave. Some cannot figure out where to go. Some think the country life is too slow and they long for the life of a shopping mall for every month of the year, and so they return. Some cannot work for the low wages offered in the country. Some think they are in a "safe zone" for a little while longer.


Remember Lot's wife!

Remember what that homeless man said to you in the parking garage, and then your eyes were opened to his true identity!

Remember what that man with the beer said to you at the rock concert, and then you saw him disappear into thin air!

Remember that dream you had where you saw flood waters rapidly rising all around your house and you felt sudden peril!

Remember that dream where you were trapped in Miami and all the roads where plugged up tight in a massive traffic jam as everyone sought to leave at the same time! You saw your children running outside the car, and they were grabbed by soldiers and taken to some sort of detention camp.

Remember that dream of driving your car on A1A as a tsunami came in to shore!

Remember that vision you had, standing in church and looking east, as you saw a tsunami coming it at the height of three housetops!

Remember that vision you had while you were driving on the Florida turnpike and all of a sudden, you saw checkpoints and soldiers, refusing to allow anyone to leave South Florida!

Remember that vision where you saw foreign soldiers, at a North Florida checkpoint, stopping the cars and taking whatever they wanted, including the girls with the blond hair!

Remember the vision you had where you saw a nuclear mushroom cloud forming over Miami and you thought it was so real that you were looking for a hole to crawl into!

Remember the dream vision you had where you were in a South Florida restaurant and several tornadoes were approaching. As they neared, they were pulling out the windows of the plac and then one of your children was being sucked out into the storm. But at the last minute, you grabbed the leg of your child and saved her from the clutches of the wind.

Remember that dream you had where you saw all of Florida up to Orlando, covered in water!

Remember the vision where you saw a fiery object roar overhead and crash into the ocean to the East of Florida!

Remember that vision you had where you saw all of the nation as if it were a big scab, and you saw some of the areas that were as oozing, gangrenous sores. One of these oozing sores was South Florida. And you realized that the only cure for gangrenous tissue is to cut it off.

Remember the dream God gave directly to you. It was your very own, personal warning from God. He warned you and you alone. You know it and He knows it. You have been warned.

Remember! Remember! Remember! And ACT!


Stephen L. Bening

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