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Prophecy: Remember....And Hear
August 5, 2009

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Throughout the scripture, God is very clear in presenting the fact that we are His children if we walk in such a way as is pleasing to Him.

Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.

Abraham's children must behave as Abraham behaved.

Furthermore, very few would dispute with me that all who are truly born again of God are born again of the Spirit of God, and these receive the indwelling Holy Spirit, living on the inside of them.

This indwelling Holy Spirit is described in the book of John as a counselor. It is difficult to imagine a counselor who never speaks to us. Would we hire or even visit an earthly counselor who never spoke a word to us?

Jesus further informs us that "my sheep hear my voice". They also know His voice, and will not follow another.

But receiving wise counsel goes much farther than just hearing a voice and being able to distinguish that, yes, this is the Master speaking. A family pet may always recognize the voice of the master, but may not know the meaning of every word the master speaks.

My Master has children. Nowhere is He portrayed as having grandchildren. My master, through His Holy Spirit, living in me, is the giver of wise counsel. Such is the case with everyone who is born again of the Spirit.

How can anyone receive wise counsel and never hear from God? Impossible! The believer must hear from Jesus and must hear His voice.

How then is it that some do not hear?

These have a verbal confession that "I do not hear God speak to me". If this is your belief and your confession, then you very definitely WILL NOT hear the voice of God. You are in sin. God cannot override your faith confession, spoken forth from your mouth. Your confession calls God a liar, because God has prophesied about Jesus that He will be called "wonderful counselor".

God will lead even the new believer in a right path as the Lord will fill him or her with joy as they go out. As they proceed, the way of peace will open up before him or her. When that peace is suddenly withdrawn, the child of God knows it and should HALT.

We do as the proverb says when we trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and we lean not upon our own understanding. Then, we acknowledge His with all of our ways, and He will keep our path straight.

Then, as we read God's word, we realize that God is at work, making those printed words on the page come to life. God speaks.

Further on, as we grow, and go deeper into God through prayer, fasting, worship and time spent in the presence of God, we will be led through a process where we become ones who are gifted with "voice recognition". We begin to be able to distinguish between "my thought" and "God's thought". Satan will implant a few "devil thoughts" in to try to foul up the process, but the lover of truth will be led into a place where he or she will know the truth of the doctrine or the teaching.

These are the reasons why I never tell anyone where to go or when to go. God must lead each and every individual believer by His Spirit.

Where then is the place for the prophet? Clearly, Jesus has built His Church upon a foundation of apostles and prophets. The Church of Jesus Christ is comprised of living stones and not dead ones, so each apostle and prophet who is part of the foundation is a living stone.

God will do nothing unless He tells His servants the prophets.

When God's prophets are warning you to leave the coasts and the large cities, they are doing their job.

Now, the rest will fall to you. You must receive a word from God. Most of you have been warned already by God. You just need a reminder, and you need to know when and where you are to go. Get that from God.

Some of you may not have heard God speak about these things yet, but you are not despisers of prophecy. You take a prophetic word seriously by bringing it before God in prayer. So, you should begin to pray. God will reveal His will for you.

Some of you may have quenched God's Spirit to such an extent that you cannot hear His voice regarding ANYTHING, let alone your imminent demise. You have backslid to such an extent that you will even ignore a warning given to you by God in a dream. You need to repent and turn back to God. You need to seek His face and listen for His voice.

Others of you have grieved the Holy Spirit of God. Your repeated sinfulness has silenced the Spirit of God within you. Psalm 66:18 has become your normative experience. "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me."

He speaks! Will you hear His voice, or is it just the thunder outside that you are hearing?


Stephen L. Bening

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