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Prophecy: Remember....The Future
August 12, 2009

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Remember……The Future

I can remember a song from the early seventies by that name: Remember The Future.. I’ve been singing the refrain, off and on for the last few weeks. Due to the nature of God and the Spirit of prophecy, you have to remember the future and not allow it to slip away from you, for some prophecy can take a long time for it to occur. As brother Matthew says, prophecy is not a quarter pounder with cheese: it needs time to season. Be careful that when God is ready to fulfill a particular item, you have not forgotten the revealed particulars of it.

Such is the case with the events portrayed in this writing. They are principally a reminder of some things that might slip if they are not often brought before us. And oh how tragic an end awaits if they have slipped!

The impact of prophecy upon the recipient is so much affected by the life experiences of the recipient. God gives revelation to His servants over many decades and the names and places that relate to just where and how that revelation came into being give personal flavor to the revelation. It is sometimes difficult to relate just how powerfully these revelations have impacted me when I describe them to a total stranger because that stranger is not aware nor familiar with the life experiences that affected the revelation.

May God help me to write in such a way as to communicate the power of a revelation that left me trembling on the inside last Saturday night.

Let us begin with my journey back from a week-long trip to Florida. The Lord had said “go now” last Sunday morning, and so, I obeyed. Now, it was Saturday morning, August 8, 2009, and I was on the Florida Turnpike, driving alone and heading in the direction of Tennessee.

The phone rang with the familiar “Rachel” ring-tone. My daughter has had a “strange dream”, as she called it. She found herself sitting in the back row of Harvest Fellowship (where I served from 1994 to 2005). Suddenly, she noticed behind her that the solid wall had been replaced by a full length window to the outside. She saw a tsumami of water coming it at the height of the roof of the one story shopping plaza, seven miles West of the Atlantic Ocean in Hollywood, Florida. (Harvest Fellowship had no windows in the meeting hall).

Rachel then noted that the wave passed, and the water subsided to a depth of about five feet. Then, the scene changed, and she found herself in a house she did not recognize. She and others were aware of imminent danger. They were hiding behind a couch, when a strong wind blew and the house topped over three times.

I pondered the dream after the phone call ended, and I went to breakfast. While I was waiting for my meal, the Lord said, “The dream was from Me, and the interpretation of it is this: Harvest Fellowship had no windows, but I gave it a window to the future, and you were that window. But, they lightly esteemed the window I gave them. And so, I will bring a tsunami to their city, just as I showed you and I will overturn my house three times.”

I continued my drive north toward the Florida line. I knew that Matthew Stephen wanted me to stop at the I75/I10 junction and to cast some winter wheat on that highway. Matthew wanted to prophesy and he wanted me to strike I10 with my staff, and I was set to comply. But Matthew had also said that I should pray about my trip North and the rivers that I was to pass over. The Lord had stayed up with Matthew all night on Friday night and had told him that it was now time for the angel to strike the waters of the Earth and to turn them to blood.

So, I was driving North, praying and pondering if I would be required to stop at a river. I was nearing Lake City when the Lord said: “stop at the Santa Fe”. I remembered then, by the Holy Spirit, that the Lord had said in 2008 that I would go to Santa Fe. I had thought, at that time, that the Lord was directing me to the city in New Mexico, but now I realized that the river in Northern Florida was what He had been describing.

I reached the Santa Fe, and prophesied there, with Matthew on the telephone line. As we prayed and decreed, I commanded forth by the voice of the Lord that it was now time for the angel to strike that river and to turn it, along with the waters of the Suwanee River, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to blood. I then continued on to I10, completed my mission there, and continued northward toward Tennessee.

As I drove through Georgia, I reflected on the events so far included in the day and I did a lot of remembering. I remembered that yesterday, when Matthew and I were speaking by telephone, the Lord had directed me to leave Florida and to complete the Judgement At The Door program for this week at a location North of Atlanta. I had a brief vision of speaking for that program on the bank of the Tennessee River.

But now, I realized that I was not going to reach that far North by the program start time. So, I continued remembering and thinking about Rachel’s dream. I also stopped at Macon, GA, where I discovered during a break from driving that already, the waters of the Hudson River had turned to blood with the crash of a helicopter with a small plane, with nine dead from the tragedy.

Harvest Fellowship was a church where I was asked to give prophetic updates three times in the 90’s. During one of those, I discussed the strike of the planet Jupiter by Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 during July, 1994. Jupiter was struck 24 times between July 16 and July 23, 1994. I prophesied that since Jupiter has a diameter of 88,000 miles, God had shown me that Revelation 8:8 would be literally fulfilled by an asteroid strike on our planet.

Many expect literal fulfillments of the book of Revelation, but I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, and by the language of Revelation 1, that most of that book will be fulfilled in symbol and in type. However, the Holy Spirit has revealed that the prophecies about the great mountain, falling into the sea, will be literal in their fulfillment.

From 1994 onward, God began giving me more details about the asteroid and comet impacts to come and that several tsunamis would be caused by them. Then, in 2002, God revealed to me that Florida would be damaged at least once, and possibly twice or more, by tsunamis.

Harvest Fellowship never received these later warnings because the pastor lost interest in prophetic things and asked for no further prophetic updates after 1997. And so, these things are recorded on my website, but the window to the future that God had given to that church was now being ignored.

I filled the car up with gas in the Atlanta area and headed North to do the “Judgement At The Door” program at Dalton, GA. When I reached Dalton, I opened my bible to Revelation 8:8 and I began to tremble at what I read:

“And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood.”

When I read that last part, I realized that God had just confirmed what I had just prophesied and decreed at the Santa Fe River in Northern Florida when I struck it with my staff and commanded it to turn to blood. I had not been thinking at all about Revelation 8:8 or the tsunami/asteroid revelation when I struck the Santa Fe with my staff, but now I was thinking about it, and trembling. I had just called this judgement in and I still have relatives living there. Recent events suggest to me a time period of one year or less in which to expect the event to occur. God had just confirmed that He was going to bring it quickly. So, I began to intercede for my relatives. Then, we began the program, and I led off with what the Lord had just revealed. When I finished my part, Matthew took over, and I began to drive North.

All of this: Rachel’s tsunami dream, the striking of the Santa Fe, the decree that the waters would now turn to blood and the linking of all of that to Revelation 8:8 and the tsunami revelation had an even greater impact on me when I realized that God had caused all of this to happen on 8/8. August 8, 2009. When you consider that just last month, Jupiter was once again struck by a heavenly object, an asteroid, you will realize that God has been bringing events to pass that draw our attention to these things.

Matthew continued speaking until my car was passing over the bridge over the Tennessee River, and then he turned the program back to me. So, the vision I had where I saw myself speaking on the program while looking at the Tennessee River was now also being fulfilled, and I was trembling again. I took up my staff and blessed the Tennessee River northward from Chattanooga in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, finished the program, and drove home.

Before reaching home, I stopped at the local food store on top of the mountain and noted, upon leaving that store, that my car’s trip meter since my last gasoline fill-up now read 200.0 miles, and I took note of it by the Holy Spirit, but had no idea what it meant.

The next day, Sunday, August 9, passed without much of note. Monday, Rachel and I were on the road, doing some shopping off the mountain, and I filled the car up with gas again and headed home. When I reached the mountain top, we stopped at a CVS, and I noted again, by the quickening of the Holy Spirit, that my trip meter now read 20.0 miles, and again, I had no idea what it meant, but I set my heart to search the Lord regarding the matter.

I took a look at the 200th bible chapter, Joshua 13, before bedtime, but nothing particularly drew my attention by the Holy Spirit.

I awoke at 1:58 AM, and I was immediately thinking about the two numbers: 200.0 and 20.0. As I was pondering these things, I looked at the clock and it was now 2:00 AM, and I suddenly knew what it all meant.

20.0 refers to 2:00AM. God is going to give dream warnings to his people at 2:00 AM on the day of the tsunami that will strike Florida and threaten the lives of His people.

200.0 refers to 20:00 or twenty hours. God will give the dream warnings TWENTY HOURS prior to the strike of the asteroid/comet and the resulting tsunami.

This is not a new revelation, but it was the method that God used to cause me to “Remember The Future”. This revelation of the dream warning was given to Bob Neumann in 2002 and can be found on my website on the web page that I have reserved for revelation on the asteroid/comet tsunami. God confirmed to me in 2002 by also giving me a revelation that he would warn His people at 2:00 AM. WPA Asteroid/Tsunami Prophecies

And so, you are alerted, once again, that God will give a final warning dream to all whom He has called to receive it. It will come at 2:00 AM, Eastern Time, United States. Do not ignore it, and do not delay your response when you receive it. You will have TWENTY hours to reach higher ground: until 10 PM the following night. From the Neumann revelation, authorities will know about the incoming objects FIFTEEN hours after the dream warning and the public will know about it SIXTEEN HOURS after the dream warnings.

This is no joke! Bob saw three objects incoming: two struck the Atlantic and one struck the Gulf. The resultant tsunami brought water almost 200 miles inland into North Carolina to an altitude of 1,160 feet. So, do not ignore the dream on the day you receive it! For those whom God has chosen will receive it. You will awake and it will be exactly 2:00 AM.

Remember The Future!


Stephen L. Bening

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