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July 29, 2009

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It is July 29, 2009 and the people in Florida who read this website are getting pretty cocky. After all, they say, didn’t you write that “If you wait until June 9, 2009, I DO NOT THINK you will be able to get out of Florida. I THINK the road will be blocked. I THINK that the bridges will be out. I THINK that about fifty more inches of rain will fall in Northern Florida.”

Well, you see, the operative word there was “I THINK”. I had seen a brief vision of two road signs and a road block that showed June 9, 2009, and I interpreted it as best as I could at the time. What did it mean? It obviously didn’t mean that a 75 inch flood of rain would block highways out of Florida after June 9 because that did not happen. So, what did it mean?

One couple I know of has gotten out of Florida since June 9. They had to leave everything they had and had to abandon their home. They reported to me that it was as if there was an invisible force holding on to them. Their home was broken into and they had to stay a few days longer than they wanted to in order to file a police report. Other than that, no one has gotten out to my knowledge.

You see, as far as anyone can see, you can still drive out of Florida. But, can you really get out now? Have the spider webs and octopus arms of Babylon Florida wrapped those folks up to such an extent that they cannot escape her grip? Are they locked in by an invisible force? That was the report I received from the recently escaping couple.

I’ll just give you the word of the Lord as I have received it. I moved out of Florida on April 17, 2009 and arrived in TN on April 18. The following day, I received a word from the Lord. The Lord said:

“I am not going to pass you by. I am coming at you like a bulldozer, so you had better get ready.”

I called the other elders here and we decided to meet together every night to pray for what turned out to be 21 straight nights. 3 days after that, on the 24th day, we all left the church that we were going to and started our own work up here on the mountain. We were, more or less, given the left foot of fellowship out of that church. So, 24 people departed, leaving 7 people behind in that church on the Hill.

I had considered the “Bulldozer” prophecy to be fulfilled at that point. But a few weeks later, an odd day came around on June 18, 2009 when Continental Airlines Flight 61 experienced the death of it’s pilot. Co-Pilot Titus took over the helm of the airplane. On the same day, Hilary Clinton, age 61, fell and broke her elbow.

Prophet Matthew and I started talking about these strange occurrences involving the number 61. Sister Carolyn emailed to tell me that 2 Peter was the 61st bible book and it has 61 verses and that the events of June 18 had happened on the 61st day since I received the bulldozer revelation. Carolyn and I talked about “Highway 61” and all the strange circumstances surrounding that highway, as it was the place where Martin Luther King met his demise in 1968. Robert Johnson purportedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of Highway 61. That highway runs right through New Madrid, MO and right alongside the whole New Madrid Fault Zone.

I was more intrigued on day 68 when both Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett died on June 25, 2009. Matthew and I talked about the day 68 implications as God has already spoken about double assassinations, as signified by the number 68 and 1968.

Well, that is enough about that. There are a lot of other details I am watching that have to do with appearances of 222 and the double judgements. Also, 4/17 and judgement that has begun in the house of God have been in view. (1 Peter 4:17) I have no idea how God will fulfill what He is showing me.

What is really interesting though is that God gave me the bulldozer revelation AGAIN a second time. He let me know that a QUICKIE SUPER BULL DOZER is coming now. He did that on June 20, 2009 and I was led of the Lord at that time to re-start my reckoning of the 61 and 68 day cycles from the strange day of June 18, 2009. A second set of cycles is indicated that will terminate in a day 61 on August 17, 2009 and a day 68 on August 24, 2009.

A BULL DOZER is the implement of choice when you are doing demolition. It is useful in scraping a slab down to the foundation.

The day after my daughter left Florida as she was led of the Lord to move to TN, she was looking at a license plate. It said “625JTB”. As she looked, she wondered out loud to the Lord: “Are you saying that something is going to happen on 6/25 on the JTB Highway in Jacksonville?” Well, nothing significant happened on that highway on that date in Jacksonville, FL, but Michael Jackson did pass away that day under questionable circumstances. But, we are in another set of cycles right now, and it all makes me wonder if something is being indicated for Jacksonville on August 24, 2009. (Michael Jackson-Day 68-cycle 1)(Jacksonville-Day 68-cycle 2?)

Waiting is difficult, but we must wait upon the Lord to renew our strength. Many times with prophecy, God shows us a symbol and we recognize what He was saying AFTER the event happens.

God assured me last year in May that He would begin to fulfill all that He has revealed to me on the 17th anniversary of the going forth of those revelations. So, that began to happen on November 21, 2008 when rioting began to sweep the globe on the heels of economic collapse that had begun in September, 2008.

Seventeen years earlier, God had shown me that those things would begin and then would be followed by great earthquakes and great floods. And we have seen those things all over the globe. We still wait for the worst of them in the USA. Wait for the vision. Though it tarry, wait for it. It will not tarry.

Last year in July, I was in Wilmington, NC with prophet Matthew Stephen and the Lord spoke to me, telling me to stretch forth my hand to the North and to call forth the cold into the mountains of Tennessee and the mountains of North Carolina in the month of July. Others witnessed those words on July 7, 2008. This July, the Lord has fulfilled those words by bringing more than 3,000 record low temperatures in the month of July. Some places in the USA may never experience summer this year. We had a low temperature of 48 degrees one July morning here on my Tennessee mountain.

Two days ago, CBS evening news aired a ten minute report documenting the tremendous improvements in the South American nation of Colombia. Prosperity is breaking out there as the more than 40 year stretch of terrible violence has been broken. Order has been restored.

Five years ago, I prophesied throughout the churches of Colombia that the Colombians must give up their dreams of moving to America, for Colombia is to improve and America will worsen to the point that it will be much better to live in Colombia than to live in the USA. I was laughed at and mocked to scorn.

Those prophecies are now being fulfilled by the Lord. Now, Colombia has begun to greatly improve and the United States will now go into a time of famine and water shortages. Terrorism will ravage the land and nuclear detonations will destroy some cities. Terrible rioting will break out and that will not be all. Terrible earthquakes will happen in conjunction with these events: in America.

Americans will live like Africans. Americans will live in homes with no heat, no air conditioning and no electricity. Many will have poor screening in their homes and the mosquitoes will invade. Americans will walk without shoes and socks when their present shoes wear out, for they have stored none up and will not be able to buy any. Americans will have no running water in their homes and will have to heat what water they have over fires. Americans will grow hungry as the stores run empty. Americans will die from malaria and will kill each other along ethnic lines, just as the Africans have done. Finally, Americans will have no toilet paper, just as the Africans have none.

God has vindicated His prophets in this month of July, 2009. The late spring with the cold weather in July, along with the great light and prosperity arising in Colombia, are the proof and authentication that all that I have prophesied will now quickly come to pass. For God has said that we in America are in the time of reaping and there will be no delay.

The earthquakes and the terror attacks will come suddenly, with no warning. Americans will be working one minute and their cities will lay in ruins the next.

Just three days ago, God spoke to me a word from Isaiah 46 and it was confirmed by another brother: “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.”

And yes, there will be tsunamis. Just this week, waves higher than 40 feet injured more than 500 people on the West Coast. Had those waves come ashore in Florida, great damage would have been done. It is the hour of the tsunami.

The only remedy? Turn your life over to Jesus. Repent now of your sins. You must be led forth by the Spirit of God to survive from this time forth.

The bible says that women will be saved through child bearing, but that is not talking about the bringing forth of human babies. That which is born of God is that which overcomes the world. Your plans and purposes must be born of God. This will bring forth the salvation of your soul, which according to Psalm 34, is female.

David cried out twice in Psalm 144 with his earnest desire to be delivered from strange children. These strange children: ideas and purposes not born from the Spirit of God, must be put to death. Those who are led forth by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. You are going to have to ACT! You have no time to delay. Fall upon the prevailing mercies of God.

There may yet be time for you to escape your appointment with the multitude that will be swept out of the great tribulation and into the proximity of the throne of God in heaven. These will die in the sudden judgements. They will have tears in their eyes and God will dry them, but how much better will it be to have been found worthy to escape that which is coming upon the Earth and to stand before the son of man?

So, watch and pray always, and do not fall into the mocking of prophecy, for prophecy is easy to despise if we give our souls the job of dealing with it alone. If it were not so, there would never have been any need for Paul to write down the words of 1 Thessalonians 5:20.

Worry about nothing and pray about everything. With His help, you may yet be able to flee from the wrath of the Lord.


Stephen L. Bening

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