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My daily writings are for those who love Jesus. For us, God works all things together for good. I added some words to this in something I wrote to a friend today. I told her that "God works all things together for good for us, especially those things that go bust after we have obeyed God."

I have recently been greatly encouraged in the Lord my God. He has healed me of some things that I have carried for quite some time. Some of it, I have previously shared in my writings concerning bitter roots. It is tough to suffer...it is tougher to suffer because the Lord has led you into it, especially when it seems to make no sense.

Now, I'm going to talk about my life again. Some people don't like that. It gets too graphic, but it's the only way I know to minister and it's the only calling I have that brings comfort, because I have received much comfort from the Lord. I pray the Lord enables me to tell the story fully but briefly.

I accepted Jesus in 1987 and my wife did not. She divorced me in 1992 after putting me through hell on earth for five years. At that time, I thought that the divorce would end my ministry. I wondered how God could use me after that. Then, in 1993, I married again at what I had thought was the Lord's leading, and that ended badly as well.

I simply could not understand why the Lord was putting me through this. I was the only one who thought this path I was on could possibly be directed by the Lord. Most thought that I was crazy to say that God had told me to marry her in the first place.

I remember reading a John Sandford book about prophets many years ago. I remember one line from the book. It concerned the life of the prophet...how the prophet, many times, has a totally messed up life from outward appearances.

When I read that book, I had one wife and three children, a great worldly job and status as a CPA...a professional skeptic. I had reputation. Now, years later, things don't look quite so tidy. But, oh what comfort I've received from the Lord. I can assure you of this: ANY PART OF YOUR LIFE THAT HAS BEEN BUSTED UP BECAUSE YOU OBEYED GOD WILL BE PUT BACK TOGETHER BY GOD AS HE SEES FIT AND HE WILL WORK IT ALL TOGETHER FOR GOOD.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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