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PROPHECY: Readiness Windows-Tell Them What You See For 1/11 And 11/1
November 13, 2003

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Randy McKee calls them “windows”. I added the term “readiness”, to create “readiness windows”. In any event, that is my name for the periods of time the Lord takes me through, where the revelation becomes so near and so real. It spurs us on to greater spiritual heights. We have just come through one of those readiness periods. I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, whispering to me: “Tell Them What You See About 1/11 and 11/1”.

Most people, when they have just been in a period of heightened readiness, tend to slump and slouch at the thought of entering another period very soon. I suppose it is human nature. Here in Florida, we are called to hurricane warnings at least once or twice in most years. Most always, they pass us by. Some people become weary with preparedness and readiness.

Still, the Holy Spirit keeps speaking to me to “Tell Them What You See”. When I was young, I would sometimes see things from my position on the spiritual wall, and be reluctant to shout again so soon. But as I grow older, I have less and less of a need to please people and to seek validation, so I’m just going to obey the Holy Spirit. If I, as the watchman on the wall, stay silent, perhaps no one below will prepare. Perhaps something is really coming in fast on the horizon. Here goes:

On the morning of November 6, 2003, I was involved in prayer and expectation regarding Marheshvan 17 and 11/11. I began to reflect back upon a vision and prophetic experience I had on January 9, 1993, regarding the prophesied attack on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, in the Persian Gulf. In that vision and prophetic experience, the number 109 was emphasized by God, to me, four times. I had no idea why.

Suddenly, on November 6, 2003, I wondered what date that had been on the Hebrew calendar. I received the vision more than ten years ago, and I had never checked that information. Actually, I sat there stunned. I could not believe that I had never checked that out before. That is just not like me at all to be so negligent about a Hebrew date, especially where God had emphasized the number of the date four times in the vision/prophecy.

It turns out that January 9, 1993 was Tebeth 17. Now, I recognized immediately that as being the 4th month, 17th day of the Hebrew civil calendar. At that point, I had that very special feeling that prophets have, when they know that God has His hand upon you. It is the fear of the Lord, and it is excitement, and it is attentiveness, all rolled into one.

I have previously had a dream about the numbers 417, where I had no visual, but only audio in the dream, repeating that number over and over again, all night long, on July 4, 1991. Some of you may remember it. For whatever His reasons, God had just connected the vision of the attack on the Kitty Hawk, with 417, more than ten years after my initial receipt of the vision. He kept me from seeing it until right now. Why?

Then, I was filled with curiosity, to know when Tebeth 17 falls during 2004. It is January 11: 111. More curiosity followed. Marheshvan 17 in 2004 falls on November 1: 111

Now, I associated that number 111 with an event I remembered from some reading I did years ago concerning the size of an asteroid impact crater in the Yucatan Peninsula: 111 miles.

The Holy Spirit has brought this number 111 before me a few more times in the last few days. I was seeing and receiving alerts and a countdown for 11/11, but also these little prodding’s for 111, and I couldn’t place or make sense of any of it, so I just waited, and kept quiet about 111.

Now, I have reported what I have seen with respect to the calendar in 2004.

I note that Kitty Hawk, NC is in the news next month, as they celebrate 100 years of flight on December 17, 2003. The January 11/Tebeth 17 date is something I am watching. Watching for what: Asteroids; Kitty Hawk attack; something else? I have no idea. I am praying about it.

We were in a “readiness window”, in prayer for our nation that was pointing at 11/11. Today, our news outlets are reporting that they are seeing an Iraqi insurgency, with 50,000 involved. The situation is reported to be worsening. The CIA is reporting that “we could lose this situation”. One commander calls it “Saddam’s counterattack” and says it has begun, and shows signs of planning. Perhaps that is what commenced in the time around 11/11.

What will 1/11 hold? Let us enter into another “readiness window”, and a time of prophetic alert, watchfulness and prayer, to see what the Lord will say to us.

For those of you who grow tired and weary of dealing with all these numbers, please talk to the Lord about it. He has commissioned a bible where every verse has a numerical address. Every day on the calendar can be represented with numbers. He does so many things with numbers in the word of god that it is absolutely dizzying to discover and track it all. He speaks very simply to me with numbers.

Thanks be to God that He uses words with me too.

Stephen L. Bening

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