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Report From The Tower

Prophecy: Report From The Tower (A Macro-Prophetic Overview)
November 30, 2003

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Bening Prophetic Archive

This report is issued monthly.

  • Nuclear/Biological Terrorism Prophecies/Los Angeles/Miami/Phoenix/New York
    Background: Dumitru Duduman said these events would happen first.
    New: News site rumors abound. Al Quaida is boasting of a near term, major WMD operation. General Tommy Franks says the US Constitution probably will not survive one WMD attack.
    Terrorism Prophecies(
    Expected Occurrence: Imminent-25 years

  • Persian Gulf/Aircraft Carrier/Mideast War Prophecies/Tebeth 17
    Background: This event may be the very first dramatic and terrible judgement to fall upon America. Recent prophetic revelation ties this event, the prophesied attack on the USS Kitty Hawk, to Tebeth 17, which falls this year on January 11, 2004.
    New: Israel issues warning concerning Iranian "Bushehr" Nuclear plant-to be completed in 2004. Israel considers this to be the greatest threat against her.
    Aircraft Carrier Prophecies (
    Expected occurrence: Imminent-25 years

  • Asteroid/Great Flood/Great Calamity/USA Prophecies/Marheshvan 17
    Background: I am currently involved in watching and prayer concerning the period of Marheshvan 17/November 1, 2004. This prophecy will be one of the very first dramatic, terrible events of a greater scale that will strike America. Recently received prophetic revelation ties this event to Marhesvan 17 in some future year.
    New: No new developments.
    Asteroid Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 1-25 years.

  • New Madrid Earthquake/Central USA Flood Prophecies
    Background: Several prophets have prophesied of numerous 9.0 earthquakes to strike the midwest, creating a great water channel or lake where the Mississippi River now flows, dividing our nation in half.
    New: No new developments.
    New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • California Earthquake/West Coast Flood Prophecies
    Background: Probably hundreds of prophets have seen visions, had dreams, and received words since the 1970's concerning "The Big One".
    New: No new developments.
    California Earthquake Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • US Nuclear Attack/Russia/China/Invasion/Occupation Prophecies
    Background: Dumitru Duduman and a host of others have seen a guerrilla style invasion, followed by missile attack, then land based attack and occupation of America.
    New: Strong alliances between Russia, China, Iran and Syria are out in the open in recent political dialogue.
    USA Invasion Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • USA Volcano Prophecies
    Background: Great bulging of the land, fish kills and pungent air is reported by many observers in Yellowstone Park. Mt. Rainier, as well as other Cascade Range peaks, are prophesied to erupt.
    New: No new developments
    USA Volcano Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Europe Prophecies/Fatal Head Wound Healed/Roman Catholic Church/Apostate Protestantism/European Union/Revived Roman Empire Prophecies/Javier Solana
    Background: This is the major remaining focus of unfulfilled biblical prophecy. The healing of the Roman Catholic fatal head wound through the efforts of apostate Protestantism, as forseen in Revelation 13 is in progress.
    New: As of November 18, 2003, word has leaked that the US is planning to transfer control of their Iraqi forces to NATO control. I am currently watching the status of the treaty between Israel and the EU. Solana takes stance pro-Iran, anti-US on reactor issue. We always watch Javier Solana. Prophecy by Samuel Doctorian received here in the last week.
    European Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Pacific Rim/Asia/India/China/Russia Prophecies
    Background: Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes are prophesied.
    New: No new developments.
    Pacific Rim-Asia-China-India Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Australia/New Zealand Prophecies
    Background: Tsumanis, earthquakes, volcanoes and economic troubles and invasion are prophesied.
    New: No new developments.
    Australia-New ZealandProphecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Central/South America Prophecies
    Background: God has begun the process of healing in Colombia (given to me as I ministered there during July/August, 2003. Haiti will be healed as well by the Lord.
    New: No new developments.
    Central-South America-Caribbean Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Africa Prophecies
    Background: Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes.
    New: No new developments.
    Africa Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Canada Prophecies
    Background: Internal troubles, Split between English and French provinces, Economic troubles, invasion, earthquakes, volcanoes.
    New: No new developments.
    Canada Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Israel-Middle East Prophecies
    Background: Most expect the Damascus prophecy of Isaiah 17 to occur soon.
    New: November 12/Marheshvan 17-PLO forms new 24 member cabinet. November 19-UN passes resolution endorsing "Roadmap".
    Israel-Middle East Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: 2-25 years

  • Return Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Prophecies
    Background: As many as 24 signs of the return of Jesus Christ are identified in the gospels.
    New: Seven major signs in the heavens have occurred in 2003: 1) Close approach of Comet Neat V1 to the Sun, with solar flare reaching out to touch it, 2) Explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas, 3) Mars at closest approach in manís history during late Summer, 4) Aurora Borealis sighted in Central Florida in late October, 5) Largest Solar Flare explosion in history on November 4, 6) Blood Red lunar eclipse on November 8, 7) Leonid meteors-I saw my first meteor of the season on the night of November 13. An eighth sign is expected in November-a full solar eclipse.
    Signs Of Christ's Return (
    Expected Occurrence: No one knows the day or the hour.

    Stephen L. Bening

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