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PROPHECY: Mission Plans For Colombia And Africa
June 27, 2005

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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. Our Lord gave us a commission to go forth to every nation, tribe and tongue, preaching and publishing the gospel of the kingdom.

A gospel has gone forth, but is it the gospel of the kingdom? I believe, in many cases, that the work is still needful of performance. I am working diligently, with a team that consists of 14 Kenyans, 3 Ugandans, 4 Rwandans and 4 Burundians to carry the gospel of the kingdom to those places where God has called us to go.

The word of God tells us that night is coming when no man can work. Recently, the Lord revealed to me that it is very near to sundown. I do not believe that we will be able to do this work forever, but as of today, we can still do it. So, we are making plans to go to new places where we feel called to go, and the work is expanding.

I feel led of the Lord today to talk about our plans and desires for this work. The schedule for future work consists of these trips that we have planned. Of course, all of our travel plans are subject to the Lordís will. We have sought Him in prayer, and we believe He has led us by His Spirit into these fields of work:

Sudan-July 2005-This is one of the most dangerous places in the world, particularly for the Christian. My Kenyan team coordinator, David Walukhu, plans to go to Sudan within a week from today. He will minister first in the South, and then he will discretely travel to the dangerous North. He will be carrying clothing with him, as many are naked in those areas, and not by their choice. I will not be going with David to Sudan, as the Lord has directed that it is for him, and not for me, who is to go to this place at this time. David is a committed and anointed servant of God, and he will be a good steward over any money that anyone commits into his hands for the work.

Illinois, USA-June 28 to July 7, 2005-This is a personal trip of mine, to see family and friends. There will, of course, be ministry involved, as everywhere I go, I minister.

Colombia-July 11 to August 8, 2005-We will minister together in and around Medellin Colombia, and in the state of Antioquia, for four weeks. As is our custom, we will meet almost exclusively in homes, ministering to small groups, for almost every day of our stay there. We will bless orphans and the poor as we are financially able. My airline ticket has been purchased, but I have no other funds available for this trip at this time.

Africa-August 29 to September 20, 2005-Our Kenyan team will travel for one week of ministry in each of these places: Uganda, Congo and Tanzania. Our Burundian team will accompany us to Congo. I feel led of the Lord to take four people with me from the USA, and I have invited them and three have expressed their desire to come: Randy McKee, Joseph Cook, Larry Olsen and Jay Carerro. I have not yet purchased any airline tickets for this trip for myself or any of the others.

Africa-November, December 2005-I feel called of the Lord to go, but I do not yet have direction from the Lord on the places of ministry to be reached.

I believe this work is Godís work, so I rest in the knowledge that God pays for things that are His. Thus far, God has helped me to reach Africa three times in the last year. In His strength and by His will, I will reach there two more times in 2005.

Please, pray for me, my family and my team. We are constantly battling against spiritual forces and principalities and powers. Your prayer may be the one that makes the difference. Thank you also for all of you who have helped me in the past with prayers or through sacrificially giving. The Lord has seen, and He will reward you.

God bless you all,

Stephen L. Bening

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