September 5, 2007 (Ellul 22)
Prophetic ministry of Stephen L. Bening, a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ
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Issue 2007-02
Report From The Tower
September 5, 2007 (Ellul 22)
By Stephen L. Bening
Ezekiel 27:11--The Gammadims were in thy towers: they hanged their shields upon thy walls round about; they have made thy beauty perfect

This report is issued as prompted by the Holy Spirit, to give a macroprophetic view of events that watchmen see coming on the world horizon. I have written this with the reader in mind who is not familiar with the daily flow of the prophetic that is available to users of the internet. Links are provided to subject area web pages that can "bring you up to speed" with some key prophecies with just a few web page visits.

September 5, 2007 UPDATE (Ellul 22)
I have begun to recognize that recent events indicate that the next wave of troubles that have been prophesied to come to America have reached our shores. We are no longer waiting for it: it has arrived.

God has made it quite clear to me and to many other prophetic ministers that we as a nation are now on a fast track to a war we are not prepared to fight. That we have fallen into the war trap is the way another prophet (Youngbrandt) has seen it. The nation is weak in the soul, and lacks the fortitude to endure a tough fight. But, the thing that sets this time apart from all other times is that trouble is looming on a myriad of fronts: and all hitting us at the same time.

Late in 2005, God revealed to me and to two of my contemporaries (Neumann and McKee) that we had about another year until we entered into the season of commencement for major events in America. We are now in that time, and we now see the major events unfolding.

The biggest area of domestic shaking that has commenced is in the financial markets, and this threatens to roil the other markets as well. One prophetic minister (Wiles) has been speaking and warning about financial derivatives since 1999. This situation is on the upswing, and the resetting of adjustable rate mortages continues to rise each month from now through March, 2008. Since the doubling of mortgage foreclosures from a year ago has already staggered the financial markets, this situation only promises to worsen during the next year. Another prophetess has seen a coming market crash before October, and still another has great concerns about such an event for September 24. Forewarned is forearmed. Have some available cash on hand, and keep the gasoline tank at least 3/4 full at all times.

Yes, we have entered a general economic slide, but I expect now that God will make a distinction between the righteous and the wicked. Those who have not chased prosperity, but who have chased God, will now experience financial prosperity.

The situation with Iran is building and will not dissipate. This week, Iran confirmed that they are enriching uranium in 3,000 centrifuges. At this pace, they can produce enough fissionable material to create a nuclear device in just a few months by most estimates. At some point, Arabs will strike the US Navy with nuclear tipped cruise missiles. This I have seen in vision.

A city in Kansas was recently obliterated by an F5 tornado that was estimated to be 1.75 miles wide. Drought and fire plague large areas of the nation. Fears of bird flu loom.

This week marked the formation of the second category five hurricane in 2007. One prophet I know has whispered to me that there will be two more this year. There have been seven of them now in the last five years. For the 120 years prior to that, the average was one category five hurricane every five years. This week also marked the first time that two category five hurricanes have hit land as category fives in the same season. Clearly, "the times they are a changin".

The US House of Representatives recently passed hate crime legislation that would outlaw the preaching of certain bible passages. This President has pledged to veto that bill. What will the next one do?

The Lord has repeatedly reminded me that May and November are always times to watch and to be prayerfully alert. May marked the birth of the Church at Pentecost. November marked the time of the Great Flood. God remembers anniversaries. The High Holy days, commencing September 12, are the big anniversary times for the Hebrews. Marheshvan 17, the anniversary of Noah's flood, falls on October 29 this year. That date is important in stock market history for Americans. And the Lord says there is something coming on a 17th of a month, and also on a 24th. Be prayerfully alert.

I have seen a number of other things coming, and I feel led to continually bring them before my readers:

1) Sudden calamity, which will necessitate sudden relocation/evacuation, will bring about sudden empowerment in the remnant.
2) The sudden empowerment of the remnant will be like Acts 2 on steroids.
3) Watch and pray about thermonuclear war. There is real danger of it in the near term, particularly in the Middle East, and there is danger that it could involve the Continental United States and Russia. Those SS18 Satan missiles are still a danger to the USA. Russia has built some new Topol-M missiles as well that are becoming operational. I also believe it will be preceded by some terrible natural disasters. Chiefly on my mind are the earthquake zones of California and the New Madrid.
4) Pray about your continued involvement in your church. Has your church become the harlot? How many of the warnings of Jesus to the seven churches of Revelelation 2 and 3 does your local church fall guilty of? Are you putting lipstick on the harlot? The Lord is with you, and His presence goes with you. His presence is not with the harlot, but she will use His presence, upon you, to imprison the rest of the undiscerning sheep. Are you assisting in the calming of the sheep in the slaughter pen?
5) In December 2005, The Lord shook me for the first time since June 2005 when I was in Amsterdam. He shook me for a full five minutes: 10:58 to 11:03, and then again, for another 30 seconds, when I was with Rick Wiles and just prior to the taping of the three radio broadcasts that we did with Rick. The five minutes of shaking is the most the Lord has ever poured out on me. I expect an unprecedented shaking in the earth: very soon. This could be literal earthquakes, as many prophets have foreseen, or it could be shakings of other orders, such as financial ones.
6) I have never been more concerned that the prophecies and visions that I have seen will begin in masse between now and December, 2006 and that passing, look to the high holy days in the fall of 2007. This time through October 29, 2007, or Marheshvan 17, is a high alert time. Please see this web page for details on anniversary dates to watch:
WPA Calendar Watch
7) I urge each of you: DO NOT GO OUT! a) Shut yourselves in with God in prayer; b) Keep your lamps full of the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit; c) Do not go out to war in unauthorized conflicts that will distract you from your prophetic and intercessory purposes; d) Be very careful what you hear and who you listen to. Stay away from anything that has a demonic source. Take heed to what you hear. Be on the alert for deception and e) Beware: this is the time of incredible false signs, wonders and miracles.
We must plead for mercy from Almighty God, who is rich in mercy and abundant in grace, beyond what we could ever ask or hope for.

I have issued a word of prophecy, dated December 6, 2004, (FOR DISTRIBUTION) where I have clearly stated that God has sealed and is in the process of sealing his remnant. Soon, the space of time provided for this process will come to an end. Concurrent with this sealing, the angels of God are moving through the house of God, and have begun at the ancient ones in the house. Judgement has begun. When the angels have finished their work in the House of the Lord, the events that are listed below will shortly follow. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Stephen L. Bening

1) God revealed at Monteagle, TN in October, 2004 at our meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly that he had begun to seal his servants, in accordance with Ezekiel 9:4. Sealed for what? Just prior to the outpouring of the wrath of God, God says that His servants must be sealed. This is confirmed, and a certainty, and it has happened to me and others. (Revelation 7:3)

2) God had timed our meetings at Monteagle to coincide with the public revelation of the fall of the ministry of prophet Paul Cain. Therefore, God plainly marked his actions and intentions that judgement had already begun with the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17)

3) God had revealed at our WPA meeting in Monteagle that we were now going to minister in the fulness of the seven spirits of God. This was confirmed by multiple witnesses while we were there. (Isaiah 11:2)

4) On October 31, 2004, God revealed to me that He was about to pour out his wrath upon the Earth. On December 6, 2004, God gave me a vision where this was announced. PROPHECY: FOR DISTRIBUTION

5) I was crying out to the Lord during early December 2004, saying that I could not see how it was possibly late enough in the end times chronology for Him to be pouring out his bowls of wrath in Revelation 15 and 16. God answered me: "Stephen, you do not understand very much." So, I began to humbly seek the Lord for understanding, because I knew that God had promised to work through us now in all of the seven spirits of God, and the spirit of understanding is one of those.

6) On December 26, 2004, the Asian tsunami occurred. This was most certainly a beginning of the wrath of God upon the Earth, and a judgement upon God's house at the same time. The tsunami occurred during church time on Sunday morning. It had elements of the judgement of the flood of Noah: Elephants survived and heeded warnings: people did not. I saw very quickly that regardless of whether I understood it all or not, God had commenced pouring out His wrath.

7) On February 6, 2005, God called me out of the churches of America. He revealed to me that the hour of separation is at hand, and that we must separate ourselves from all uncleanness. The time for Matthew 13:24-30 and 37-43 is at hand. Furthermore, He showed me that the hour is also at hand for the mature sons of God to be brought forth, as found in Isaiah 66:7-9

8) From May 26, 2005 to June 13, 2005, God awakened me 13 times in my bed with private "shakings". In several of these, Randy McKee was also awakened at the same time, with the same shakings, while we were in Africa together. The overall message from God was that the hour of great shakings, as prophesied by the prophet Haggai, is at hand. On May 27th, I saw a flaming torch, in a vision, as it appeared in my hand while I was preaching in Kenya. It signified that the authority to lead the church was passing from the United States to Africa. Simultaneously, Randy McKee saw a document on a desk. The heading read "Death Warrant For America".

9) On June 7, 2005, I preached my 44th and final meeting in a mud hut near the Kipkaren River, in Western Kenya. While I was preaching, God revealed that several things have already occurred:
a) The fifth vial or bowl of Revelation 16:10-11 has been poured.
b) The throne of the beast has been struck. (Revelation 16:10)
c) The judgement of Daniel 7:26, where it is said that "judgement shall sit", has occurred.
d) The time has come for the saints to possess the kingdom forever. (Daniel 7:18)
Of course, these things have all occurred in heaven thus far, and have not been visible on the Earth except through the eye of the spirit. There remain some fifth vial components that will be visible on the Earth.

10) Several things are ready to occur very soon:
a) The sixth vial or bowl of Revelation 16:12-16 is about to be poured. That vial will be accompanied by the greatest outpouring of counterfeit signs and wonders that the world has ever seen: performed by false prophets and ministers. Evil angels have just travelled from Africa to America, masquerading as angels of light. These were bound in Africa until 2005 by the curses issued by Moses, and recorded in Psalm 78:49. These demonic "vultures" are being gathered to the "carcases", in fulfillment of Matthew 24:28. The most recently deceased church bodies in the world are in America.
b) It is time for the saints who possess the kingdom; who have sought first the kingdom of God, to receive the "all things" that Jesus promised to add to them. (Matthew 6:33) Great leadership change will now become visible in the church. This will be accompanied by financial prosperity that will chase down those who have not sought after it. They chased after the Lord, and money chased after them. In this time, it catches them. God will yet make a distinction between the righteous and the wicked.
c) During and after all of this, the visible signs of the outpouring of the wrath of God upon the Earth will be ever increasing.

11. Micah 7 is being fulfilled. It is a mysterious chapter, and I understand certain verses, while others remained shrouded. Verse 11 speaks of the removal of a decree, which by revelation, we have seen that it refers to the removal of the eleven curses that were placed by Moses upon Egypt/Africa/The Nile. This leads us in timing to verse 4, which tells us that NOW is "the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation". The prophecies of the watchmen have lingered for years, but now, they will delay no longer.

God has sent hundreds of people to America, perhaps even thousands, and has given them various prophecies about things to come. These prophets have seen events that may be grouped in seven broad categories: presented below. I have tagged these with the label: TIER ONE EVENTS. We have not had one yet in America that is of the level of the Asian Tsunami but we have been expecting the first occurrence since 2006 and we feel we most likely see the occurence of it in or prior to 2008. By comparison, I would classify Hurricane Katrina, and 911 as TIER TWO EVENTS. So, you can see that these will be terrible events indeed. We are not sure which of these events will come first. It is therefore impossible for any reader who lives in Florida, for example, to adopt a "wait and see" attitude, that would trigger a response on their part when they see an event happen in another place that is designated in their mind, to be first to suffer. There has been no such clear designation from the Lord. Where there are hints, I will speak about them. God wants all of His people to be awake, and seeking Him right now.

  • TYPE I-Nuclear/Biological Terrorism Prophecies/Los Angeles/Miami/Phoenix/New York/Las Vegas and Others
    There are no precursor events, or warnings, that we have been told to expect prior to these events. Individuals who live in areas that two or three prophets have written about, or where visions of disaster have been seen, would be wise to seek the Lord. You will need to have your own warning from the Lord to escape such an event if it happens in your city.
    Terrorism Prophecies(
    Expected Occurrence: Imminent-25 years
    New Revelations and Developments: Recent concern over illegal immigration by Al Quaida operatives has led to a crackdown on immigration. This has sparked increased ethnic tension and demonstrations by Hispanics who live in the United States. This must be watched.

  • TYPE II-Persian Gulf/Aircraft Carrier/Mideast War Prophecies/Tebeth 17
    Background: This event may be the very first dramatic and terrible judgement to fall upon American military might. There is no precursor event which would herald this attack. God may use it as a precursor event, to be quickly followed by other TYPE I events. Recent prophetic revelation ties this event, the prophesied attack on the USS Kitty Hawk, to Tebeth 17, but does not mean that the event will happen on that date. The USS Abraham Lincoln has also been indicated in prophecy as a target. Al Quaida has threatened the Kitty Hawk, and this prophecy has been published in Arabic throughout the Arab world.
    Aircraft Carrier Prophecies (
    Expected occurrence: Imminent-25 years
    New Revelations and Developments: Iran has become very belligerent toward the United States, and has the Sunburn missile in its arsenal, which is lethal to our carriers. Iran's President has been making insane statements, almost baiting America to attack. Russia is supplying Iran with 29 advanced Anti-Aircraft weapons to defend the reactors and other nuclear sites. It is reported that Russian soldiers will man these anti-aircraft weapons. The first of two Russian nuclear reactors is complete in Iran, and it awaits delivery of the fuel rods. Israel has openly stated that they will not allow the Bushehr reactor to achieve "critical status". There is real danger for this whole area to reach a flash point that will trigger war, which might even start tonight, and escalate to thermonuclear war in the Middle East, or perhaps, beyond.

  • TYPE III-Asteroid/Great Flood/Great Calamity/Storm/USA Prophecies/Marheshvan 17
    Background: Virginia Boldea has prophesied that this will be the very first terrible judgement to come upon the Earth. She appears to have seen the land impact of three comet fragments. This prophecy, when it is fulfilled, will be one of the very first dramatic, terrible events of a greater scale that will strike America. There are prophetic indications that there will be a progression of occurrences, increasing in severity from fireballs, to small meteor impacts on land and finally leading to the catastrophic tsunami causing ocean impacts. Recently received prophetic revelation ties this event in some way to a Marhesvan 17 fulfillment in some future year. These prophecies may be fulfilled in various ways: asteroid strike, tsunami, hurricane, earthquake or other SEIZMOS events. David Haase saw seven major objects, heading to Earth, in a vision.
    Asteroid Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years.
    New Revelation and Developments: Noting noted.

  • TYPE IV-New Madrid Earthquake/Central USA Flood Prophecies
    Background: Several prophets have prophesied of numerous 9.0 earthquakes to strike the midwest, creating a great water channel or lake where the Mississippi River now flows, dividing our nation in half. Some of us suspect that the TYPE III Asteroid event is a precursor event for this prophecy and may even trigger it.
    New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New Revelation And Developments: Dan Bohler has prophesied that we are going to see some serious earthquakes in this region before the end of 2007.

  • TYPE V-California Earthquake/West Coast Flood Prophecies
    Background: Probably hundreds of prophets have seen visions, had dreams, and received words since the 1970's concerning "The Big One". Some of us suspect that the TYPE III Asteroid event will be a precursor event to this prophecy. Scientists are expecting a major California Quake this year. Stephen Hanson has prophesied about the loss of the entire State of California. The vision I saw revealed that part of California will slip 100 feet beneath the ocean.
    California Earthquake Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New Revelations and Developments: Michael Boldea has reported in April, 2006 that he was contacted by unnamed "seismic experts" who questioned him regarding "leaks". They wanted to know how he obtained information regarding the extremely dangerous and highly stressed fault situation along the San Andreas that has been kept from the public.

  • TYPE VI-US Nuclear Attack/Russia/China/Invasion/Occupation Prophecies
    Background: Dumitru Duduman, the Romanian bible smuggler, whom God sent to America to prophesy, and a host of others have seen a guerrilla style invasion, followed by missile attack, then land based attack and occupation of America. The precursor event for this prophecy, according to Duduman, and Henry Gruver, is domestic unrest. The angel told Dumitru that certain people will begin to fight against the government, from the middle of the country. Then, America will burn. Demonstrations will be held in many American cities just prior to the invasion attack. The attack will be accompanied by many nuclear detonations on American soil. The Russian bear is now awake. North Korea is growing belligerent, speaking of a Red line for war. China continues to increase its cooperation with Iran. Iran continues to enrich uranium. The Lord has been quickening to my remembrance the prophecies that he gave me regarding thermonuclear war, with danger to many cities in the United States.
    USA Invasion Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New Revelations and Developments: Watch and pray about the developing situation regarding illegal immigration in America. br>
  • TYPE VII-USA Volcano Prophecies
    Background: Great bulging of the land, fish kills and pungent air is reported by many observers in Yellowstone Park. Mt. Rainier, as well as other Cascade Range peaks, are prophesied to erupt. Some of us consider the TYPE III Asteroid event to be a precursor event to this prophecy and may even trigger it.
    USA Volcano Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New Revelations and Developments:

  • Europe Prophecies/Fatal Head Wound Healed/Roman Catholic Church/Apostate Protestantism/European Union/Revived Roman Empire Prophecies/Javier Solana
    Background: This is the major remaining focus of unfulfilled biblical prophecy. The healing of the Roman Catholic fatal head wound through the efforts of apostate Protestantism, as forseen in Revelation 13 is in progress.
    European Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: The Roman Catholics appear to be making their move for a position in Jerusalem.

  • Pacific Rim/Asia/India/China/Russia Prophecies
    Background: Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes are prophesied.
    Pacific Rim-Asia-China-India Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: Seismic experts are saying that they expect more terrible earthquakes and tsunamis in this area. Russia has just tested the new Topol M intercontinental ballistic missiles and is bringing them online.

  • Australia/New Zealand Prophecies
    Background: Tsumanis, earthquakes, volcanoes and economic troubles and invasion are prophesied.
    Australia-New ZealandProphecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: No new developments.

  • Central/South America Prophecies
    Background: God has begun the process of healing in Colombia (given to me as I ministered there during July/August, 2003. Haiti will be healed as well by the Lord.
    Central-South America-Caribbean Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: Volcanic eruptions in Guatemala have required evacuations. Severe flooding in Colombia has killed many.

  • Africa Prophecies
    Background: Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes.
    Africa Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: A giant chasm opens in the ground in Ethiopia. There are reports of an explosion of revival in Uganda, with many people coming to Christ in fulfillment of the prophecy, given to me, of a "Cane Ridge" type revival to occur there. Africa, the heart of Africa, around Lake Victoria, has been given the scepter to lead the world in the gospel. This has been taken away from the United States. Evil angels have departed Africa, and have headed to the United States. The curses of Moses and Aaron, against Africa, are at an end.

  • Canada Prophecies
    Background: Internal troubles, Split between English and French provinces, Economic troubles, invasion, earthquakes, volcanoes.
    Canada Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: No new developments.

  • Israel-Middle East Prophecies
    Background: Most expect the Damascus prophecy of Isaiah 17 to occur soon.
    Israel-Middle East Prophecies (
    Expected Occurrence: imminent-25 years
    New: Iran's President is said to be glowing with a type of green colored aura. He appears to believe that he may be the Islamic "Mahdi". Israel and the USA appear to be preparing to invade Iran over nuclear missile development. Hamas has declared an end to the truce with Israel, and may attack with new missiles that Syria has supplied. Israel has threatened to retalliate against Syria. Iran has pledged to defend Syria if they are attacked, as has Russia and Pakistan.

  • Return Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Prophecies
    Background: As many as 24 signs of the return of Jesus Christ are identified in the gospels.
    Signs Of Christ's Return (
    Expected Occurrence: No one knows the day or the hour.
    New: No new developments.

    Stephen L. Bening
    A servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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