JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: Blowing The Trumpet With A Certain Sound
August 31, 2002

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Dear Reader:

1 Corinthians 14:8
For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle.

Yesterday, I wrote that there is safety in government, when it is instituted by God.

I am issuing a roll call to the Watchmen Prophets Assembly apostolic/prophetic company. Where do you stand, as a company of seven, on the nearness of the storm and the troubling of America?

So far, Stephen L. Bening and Bob Neumann are the only ones really heard from with clarity from among the seven with respect to prophecies concerning the storm and troubling of America in the near term.

I know that each of you has heard the Lord speak to you concerning aspects of what is happening, and how you see things changing in terms of bringing forth the sons of God, bringing down the Nicolaitan church structure and casting down the religious spirit. Now, I would like for you to focus on the trumpet blast at hand.

I would like to hear from Alex Puyol, David Skelly, Joe Cook, Ron Williams and Laura Kula.

The questions are these:

1. Bob Neumann and Stephen L. Bening are blowing the trumpet. Trouble is at hand. Are you in agreement with us? Are you hearing the heavenly trumpets of warning blowing louder than ever before?

2. Bob Neumann has said that the storm is very near, and that the storm will be followed by missile attacks and military invasion. Bob and Stephen have also discussed that when the Lord shows a prophet a storm, an earthquake is also indicated due to the duality of meaning in the Greek word ?Seismos?. Do you agree?

3. Stephen L. Bening has prophesied that we are at "ZERO HOUR". This means that the time for these events to begin is AT HAND. Do you agree?

4. Stephen L. Bening has advised preparations in the natural for all residents in the United States. I have advised people to prepare as if they were preparing for a category five hurricane. Be prepared, nationwide, for interruptions of power, lack of access to cash, failure of the economy and banking system, no access to gasoline, failure of paper money, collapse of the stock market, food shortages and the like. Be prepared for these to be endured for an indeterminate amount of time. I have advised that these preparations should be made ready prior to September 7, 2002. Furthermore, I have marked October 23/24 as a dangerous day, and believe that all of late 2002 and early 2003 is very dangerous, although I have also cautioned that God may bring some delay, as I am still seeing the dates very darkly. Do you agree?

5. Other prophetic people, some whom are members of Watchmen Prophets Assembly, have issued various prophetic warnings that agree and augment what Bob Neumann and Stephen L. Bening have been hearing. I, Stephen L. Bening, agree with and receive each of these. Some of these are as follows:

a. John Lallier has said that what is coming is very big, it is set, and it can't be turned by prayer. Stephen L. Bening adds that only Ninevah style repentance will turn it, not spiritual warfare. Do you agree?

b. Kristine Carson has seen and had the Lord speak to her about the locations of the two coming earthquakes. Do you agree?

6. Other prophetic people who are not members of Watchmen Prophets Assembly have issued various warnings as well. Some of these are as follows:

a. Timothy Snodgrass has set a date for the California earthquake at prior to 2003. Stephen L. Bening has withheld endorsement of the dates, but has received the earthquake prophecies otherwise. Do you agree?

b. Hollie Moody has reported that an angel has told her that the hedge of protection around America has been lifted slightly. Do you agree?

c. Chad Taylor has said that persecution is arising against the saints. Do you agree?

d. Linda Conner and Joe Sink are seeing a military attack against the USA very soon. Do you agree?

God has raised us up for such a time as this. It is my prayer that we might sound an alarm with one voice: seven trumpets blowing in unity and harmony.

What is God saying to the apostolic prophetic company?

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Stephen L. Bening

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