PROPHECY: Pressing In And Getting Desperate-Roll Call
September 2, 2002

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Dear Readers:

As of 12:50 PM on Monday, all of the WPA a/p company have been heard from, with the exception of David Skelly.

I have just reposted the replies that came in over the weekend, so that readers may find them on the site, grouped together.

Saturday afternoon, I asked the members to seek the Lord with respect to the events that several of us have been seeing. I resolved to seek the Lord as well.

Saturday night, I asked the Lord, one more time, for wisdom with respect to coming events. I was seeking to know the timing of the worst events.

The Lord had little to say to me that He had not already said. I felt that He was communicating to me that I was to "go my way", and that was confirmed this morning when I read what brother Alex Puyol had written.. The warnings that have come forth are quite sufficient. All those who have ears to hear, will take heed.

Proverbs 22:3 AND Proverbs 27:12
"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished."

Those who do not see, or cannot see, or refuse to see, will continue on without preparation.


Sunday morning, at about 5 AM, I was awakened by the Lord, and I went out to a solitary place to pray. The subject matter of the previous night had already passed from me.

This morning, my mind was centered on Acts 4:23-32.

This is the response of the Acts church to persecution. They, who had previously been baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, prayed for more boldness, more power to heal and that signs and wonders might be done in the name of Jesus.

God answered by filling them with the Holy Spirit AGAIN. This time, there were no tongues of fire, but A SHAKING of the place where they were assembled together: A SEISMOS.

Now, the apostles, as verse 33 attests, went forth as God "with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ: and great grace was upon them all."

I attended my church meeting, and found most of the people happily flowing in disorder in the meeting. Apparently, most of them are oblivious to the times and the many warnings that I have given.

I attended two church meetings this day. My own, at Harvest Fellowship, was marked by disorder, people talking to one another during worship, people coming in late, people not showing up for church at all. I saw a marked disrespect for the Lord, and a lack of the fear of Him. Through it all, God did not allow me to say one word of rebuke to these people as I have done in the last few weeks.

Then, I attended the second church. There, the religious spirit strangles free expression, yet the people are such passionate lovers of God that the anointing of God was present in power, to heal and to deliver. I pondered on the differences of the workings of the enemy, and how God moves in and through and around his hindrances.

And through it all, it seems most are oblivious, and are unable or unwilling to hear and to heed.

How should they heed?

I have been trying, since August 26, to warn those close to me: to gather my oldest daughters into the basement as I am hearing the spiritual tornado siren sounding.

I have been exhorting them to come back to Jesus. I have been exhorting others to press into Jesus now, before the trouble hits. I have been begging them to build their relationship with Jesus now. Learn to hear his voice now. Develop a two way communication system of prayer between you and God now, before the trouble hits. When it hits, almost everyone in the churches will be in abject panic and terror will rule.

The most valuable man or woman on earth in that hour will be the one who can pray and hear from God.

I believe that I see a few, very few, who have been taking heed, and preparing. A few have been fasting. A few have been repenting. A few have that certain, resolute look in their eyes that they have finally forsaken the things of this world, sold all, and have decided to follow Jesus. They have taken up their cross, and have begun to walk.

I have been talking to people about the religious spirit. Today, if the Holy Spirit instructs the church members to cancel the Sunday morning meeting, and hold it on Sunday night, how many will obey? The cost of this disobedience has been spiritual, thus far. The Holy Spirit is grieved, but the church goes on, week to week, month to month, year to year.

In the days to come, failure to move that meeting to Sunday night may result in the murder of a church assembly. Men with machine guns may spray the room with gunfire at 11 AM on Sunday morning. If only the elders in that assembly had obeyed God, they would not have been there at 11 AM on Sunday morning, and the church would continue to meet together on the earth, rather than in a suddenly convened meeting in paradise.

The cost of disobedience to the Holy Spirit is going to RISE DRAMATICALLY in the natural realm, very soon now.

And so, once again, I exhort all who read this page to build and develop your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ today. Do not delay even one day. Begin now! Develop your two way communication system with heaven.

If your prayers are individual oratories towards heaven, you should cry out to God RIGHT NOW. "My sheep HEAR MY VOICE". If you don?t hear His voice, CRY OUT TO HIM. Tell Him that you are desperate to hear from HIM now! Ask him what is blocking you? Ask him to show you what idols you have in your life that need to be smashed so that He can come nearer.

You should be able, right now, to lift your hands to heaven in your room, with the doors closed, and have the recognizable presence of God descend upon you when you lift your hands to heaven, and call upon Him. You should be able to instantly know that He is with you. If you cannot, SOMETHING IS WRONG. FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!

If you can?t find out by yourself, gather some stronger brothers and sisters around you and have them travail with you and intercede for you. Ask them to help you. Let the servants of God begin to beg for intimacy from Him. Run to Him, you prodigal sons and daughters. DO NOT DELAY!

Seek the Lord while He may be found. He may be found today. You do not know about tomorrow. Develop intimacy with your Lord Jesus while He is near?while it is available.

You will never regret it!

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