PROPHECY: The Mousetraps
September 6, 2002

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Dear Readers:

It began, innocently enough, last Saturday night.

During that time, I was diligently seeking the Lord for more information on the judgements of God against the United States that many of us are seeing as being ready to begin at any time now. I had been in prayer in the evening, and had spent substantial time in God's word.

A movie was playing on a broadcast TV channel. I watched for about thirty seconds before I turned it off. There was an old house, and two protagonists, who were scared half out of their wits. The object that scared them turned out to be a toy. While they were investigating this scary toy, they inadvertently discovered that the house was designed by a famous architect.

I thought nothing of it, and did not know the movie plot line, nor did I recognize the movie.

The next day, I had been out for awhile, and I came home. It was Labor day, and my children were watching a movie video. I looked at the TV, and beheld the same scene, on video, that had come across my TV screen the previous night. I sensed in my spirit that the Lord was speaking, as it was my son, John Mark, the young prophet, who had engineered the choice of movies. I sat and watched the movie with the kids.

The movie scene changed. Now, the two protagonists were trying to catch and kill a mouse that lived in the house, and this mouse was smart. My son said the name of the movie was "Mousetrap", and the children were obviously delighted with this movie.

I watched as these fellows went to varyingly extravagant lengths to capture that cunning mouse, only to be outsmarted by the little devil each and every time.

Then, a scene came on the screen, and I knew the Lord was speaking to me.

In the scene, the two protagonists filled a large room with about a thousand mousetraps, all rigged with cheese. The theory, as the one man explained it, was that if one went off, they were all going to go off, and hence, the mouse would most certainly be trapped.

Now, the first surprise happened. Our two heroes tried to open the door to get out of the mousetrap filled room, but they could not get the door to budge. Divine providence had shut them in. They were trapped with the mousetraps in that room, and time began to pass slowly for them.

Well, as it turned out, the mouse did appear after a few hours, and successfully navigated the traps to reach a shelf, where he promptly located a bowl of cherries. He rather nonchalantly flipped one of the cherries onto the floor, where the falling and spinning cherry amazingly avoided triggering the traps. The two protagonists thought they had gotten away unscathed, until…..at the last second, the stem of the spinning cherry just lightly touched the cheese on one trap, and all those traps sprang into motion like falling dominos.

As I watched this, I recognized what the Lord was saying to me.

The terrorists we are chasing are like that cunning mouse. Saddam Hussein is like that mouse.

The situation we find ourselves with here in America is that we are hell bent on getting that mouse. We are going to find ourselves locked in a room filled with traps.

When one goes off, they will all go off.

Previously, the Lord had shown it to me as a room full of dominoes, set up in figure eights. Bob Neumann has seen the same thing. Wherever the first domino topples, the rest are surely to follow very quickly.

This is our present situation.

I prepared to go visit a brother several states away on Tuesday afternoon, and as I left my house, my children had that same movie playing, and the scene that was on the screen was that one of the thousand mousetraps.

Now, I have been sitting on this set of images for a few days now. In my mind, they do not seem terribly important as we have had the American situation and the coming tragedy painted vividly in words of prophecy, visions, warnings and all types of things that I could not have imagined.

Some people have left the Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly because they say that we are just no fun anymore around here. They have dark clouds around their computers because of me, they say. They want to gather in the chat room for truffles. They would probably be surprised to find that I still have enough humor left in me to watch a funny movie with my kids. And, well, I even spoil the movie, don't I?

In my mind, I cannot see how this little set of images of the thousand flying mousetraps will add to the clarity of the images that God has been showing us. It seems to me that my little encounter with the mousetraps won't add very much, so I have not shared it till now.

The Lord just kept pressing it out of me, so it must be important.

Now I have shared it. God thought it was important enough to show me, so I should treat it with the importance that God gave to it. It is a rather simple image, is it not.

These men became so angry at that little mouse that they rather blindly set up a situation to trap it with that later became a trap for themselves. They were so self-assured that their superior brains would give them the advantage over the little mouse. They underestimated their opponent, who used their arrogance against them. In fact, the mouse in the movie seemed to have divine providence on his side.

When the United States goes against Iraq, which side will divine providence favor?

You see, I really do have a sense of humor, and I am walking right now with an inexpressible joy that comes from my intimate relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. But right now, the Lord is talking about some very serious, sobering stuff. Rose petals are not falling from heaven right now. The time for truffles has passed. Others can speak of gold teeth. We are taking this very seriously here at Watchmen Prophets Assembly, and I hope that most of you understand that.

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