August 31, 2002

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Dear Reader:

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to write something that is flowing out of the sick and nauseated feeling that I have down in my gut.

My initial attempt at writing this was done in a Bryan Hupperts, tongue in cheek style. The Lord was not amused. His presence would not fall upon me, He would not give me peace, and I was moved to delete my work. The prospect of the death of 25 million people is not a laughing matter before the Lord.

I asked His forgiveness, and went about the business at hand.

I awoke this morning, and this sick, nauseated feeling is still with me, and I find that I must write about it. I have already voiced my suspicions with a couple of you privately.

Here goes:


Scenario #1-Nothing happens between now and January 1, 2003 of any major prophetic significance

Likely results:

1) Scott Hofstee, Brett Hofstee, John McGuire and Kenny Green would be discredited even further.

2) The Church revival fires in America could continue to spread.

3) The true apostolic/prophetic movement can continue to grow alongside the false one.

4) America continues along in prosperity, and the covetousness teachers will continue to sway the masses.

5) America can go to war when it chooses in Iraq, and capture more oil money and security.

Scenario #2-Much of California falls into the sea on September 7 or prior to 12/31/2002, just like some have predicted.

Likely results:

1) 25 million dead

2) Collapse of the banking and financial system. Paper money may be worthless.

3) Collapse of the ATM system and the Cellular telephone system

4) Significant disabling of the internet system. WPA would cease to exist. (Yahoo is based in California)

5) No access to gasoline

6) Food distribution problems and shortages

7) Collapse of the national electric power grid.

8) Collapse of the stock market

9) False prophets are regarded as true because they set the exact date.

10) True prophets are regarded as false because we held back on the exact date prediction, and biblically marked wicked men.

11) Collapse of the covetousness teachers and the prosperity doctrine

12) Collapse of the Nicolaitan church structure

13) Many denominational Christians become confused, believing that they must have missed the rapture

14) Many Christians fall away, some turn toward God and repent

15) Many American Christians wrongly believe they are in the day of the Lord, and that Jesus will return within 4 years, or 7

16) When Jesus does not return within four years, many other American Christians become discouraged and fall away.

17) This could become the "strong delusion", sent by God, as told us in 2 Thessalonians 2:11

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Stephen L. Bening

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