JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: Endorsement Withdrawn of The "Before The End of 2002" Date Set By Timothy Snodgrass For Occurence Of The California Earthquake-Pastor Joseph Cella
August 30, 2002

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Dear Readers:

I received the Kenny Green earthquake prophecy Wednesday afternoon, 8/28/2002.

After I prayed, I copied all the pertinent earthquake prophecies and submitted them to my pastor, Joseph Cella of Harvest Fellowship Church, for his judgement of them.

Now, I know this is one thing that Satan and his demons absolutely hate. It drives them crazy when I submit to my pastor. But, that is just what I'm going to do. There is safety in the government of God.

I told the Lord Wednesday night that I was going listen to what Pastor Joe had to say about these earthquake prophecies, so I asked the Lord…I begged the Lord to speak through him. I told the Lord that I would post whatever Pastor Joseph had to say about them as soon as I spoke with him.

This is what he said this morning, Friday, August, 30, 2002 as I met with him:

Joe said that he followed the flow of all the prophecies, and thought they were all from the Lord: except for the two where dates were set.

He felt nothing when he read the Kenny Green prophecy.

Now here was the shocker to me….but not really:

He felt nothing from the Lord when he asked the Lord about the angel visit to Timothy Snodgrass and the date he set for their occurrence as being prior to the end of 2002.

I sat, and thought for a minute, and then I remembered some things that I have suppressed; where I have quenched the Holy Spirit; things that I noticed in the ministry of Snodgrass over the last three months that made me somewhat uncomfortable, but I did not want to see them. I did not want to doubt. I refused to heed some checks in my spirit.

I believe his earlier prophecies about the location of the quakes and the severity and the reasons why they will occur. Those I receive because the Lord spoke to me personally about these things, and they have the anointing and presence of God accompanying them.

We talked about the angelic visitation to Snodgrass. We believe it is possible that Timothy Snodgrass was visited by angels from the other side, masquerading themselves as angels of light.

I told Joseph that I was going to write this up, and submit to his authority in the matter.

I am withdrawing my endorsement of the dates that he has set for their occurrence. It is my belief that we still only know the dates "in part", and that there may be more delay before both earthquakes occur.

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Stephen L. Bening

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