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Prophecy: The Double Judgement Decree And The Doomsday Clock
June 4, 2009

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God awakened me at 2:13 am on June 2, 2009 and directed me, Stephen L. Bening, to travel North to the home of Matthew Stephen, where I was to stay for four days. During that time, we were to bring about the final decrees regarding the double judgements of God.

I arrived on June 3 and today, June 4th, the Lord has led us to take these actions, as we have enumerated below.

We make no use at all of the weapons of this world. Our weapons are spiritual weapons. We use these powerful weapons of the word of God by the making and speaking forth of prophetic decrees. The angels of God receive these commands from our lips as they come forth from the throne of God, and these angels bring about the implementation of the judgements of God into the natural realm.

Hereby this day, June 4, 2009, at 4:40 pm, Stephen Bening and Matthew Stephen and his wife Kathy, performed the work of the Lord God to bring in the double judgements of God upon American Babylon and to bring about the fall thereof under His mighty hand.

Stephen and Matthew took up the staffs of God and Kathy took up the shofar. Altogether, Kathy blew the shofar with 18 short blasts and 1 long blast.

During this time, the four corners of the land of the United States were symbolically struck, and the keys were spiritually inserted to ignite the four spiritual timebombs of the “Doomsday Clock”.

The running of the first time segment of the “Doomsday Clock” will stretch from May 31, 2009 to July 31, 2009. The entire “Doomsday Clock” will stretch through June, 2012.

Stephen Bening and Matthew Stephen, as led by the Holy Spirit, placed a Macanudo Churchill 1968 cigar on each of the four propane tanks that are resting in the Eastern yard of Matthew’s home. The Spirit Of God revealed that these propane tanks are symbolic of spiritual “missiles”.

These four missiles are now released against the four corners of America and throughout the four corners of the Earth. Just as these four “missiles” were linked together, so also the four corners of the nation were linked together as Matthew and Stephen traveled by car to the four corners of the United States and struck 24 different places with the two staffs that were placed into their hands.

By direct command of the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ, we were placed into the office of the keys to carry out this commission: The Keys Of The Kingdom, as our Lord Jesus Christ explained it in His Holy Word.

This commission was given to us, as prophets of the Lord, in the carrying out of the mission of the two witness Moses-Elijah company that has been released into the Earth to bring an end to Satan’s kingdom and to bring release to the people of God: the bridal company. These are to rejoice with all the heavens and with the holy apostles and prophets at the fall of Babylon.

Written, according to this direct command, to order the Kings of the Earth, and it’s people: that they must now drink the wine cup of the wrath of God, the cup of His judgements and the bread of affliction.

Signed, on this day, of June 4th, a new day of independence,

Matthew Stephen

Stephen L. Bening

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