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Prophecy: Seasons
March 19, 2010

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I have been in prayer all week concerning the future direction of the ministry that God has given me to perform here on this Earth. I have reached the following decisions:

1) I am ending my almost two year long ministry collaboration with Matthew Stephen, effective immediately.

2) The USAPROPHET24TV channel on the "Livestream Mogulus" website will be replaying our old video programs for the foreseeable future, as I will be taking a ministerial Sabbath to seek the Lord regarding future direction from God for this area of my ministry life. I reserve the right to reactivate that channel at some future time if the Lord so leads.

3) The "hisgathering" web-group is a site that I formed primarily for my ministry collaboration with Matthew Stephen. He has done almost all moderation of that group up until now. I will be turning ownership of that site over to Matthew and I will be withdrawing from membership in that group.

4) I will be available for internet ministry and discussion on the WPA website group "Watchmen Prophets Assembly" after I conclude my time of ministerial Sabbath.

5) Any new prophetic word that I issue will be put forth on and on WPA.

6) I will continue to prepare in Tennessee for what I believe is the soon coming arrival of more serious tribulation in the United States. I continue to urge each of you who presently live on the coasts and in the large US cities to be about your Father's business, and to actively seek the Lord concerning your future and the need for you to find a place of safety from the deluge to come. This deluge may even reach us this year. Be warned and be prepared in Him!

7) The reasons for my actions are personal. I will not be publicly answering any questions regarding my decision. No one should draw or form any conclusion that I have re-canted any prophetic word that I have issued or that I greatly disagree with any word, vision or dream that Matthew Stephen has received from the Lord. These continue on in their gravity and relevance, and each saint must seek the Lord so that their individual actions and decisions will be governed by the leading and providential hand of Almighty God through the ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

8) No one can take the place of God in your life. No man can direct you fully or tell you what to do or when to do it. The best that any prophet can do in this age is to tell you what we have seen and to lead you to Jesus. You must obtain guidance from Him, now! In the same way, I must respond and obey when He guides and I must do as He directs. God bless you all.

Stephen L. Bening

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