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The City of Tyre, located hard against Northern Israel, on the Mediterranean, has a history which apparently stretches back to 2700 BC. Deuteronomy 33:24-27 tells us that Asher was given this city by God, but history teaches us that it was never taken by Asher.

My dictionary of proper names lists the meaning of this city name as "tire". Indeed, "tire", as in "to make weary, to weaken". It appears that the word "tire" came into use in various tongues because it so aptly described the battle tactics of Tyre. The Tyrians would simply stall until they eventually tired you out.

Take the case of Nebuchadnezzar, for example. This man went forth with the anointing of God to act as God's judge against various wicked peoples. He established a great empire. History records that he laid siege to Tyre in 598 BC. He stayed at that siege for 13 years, 14 years according to some sources. There is no record that Tyre ever surrendured, but Tyre did apparently come to terms with Nebuchadnezzar. I suspect that Nebuchadnezzar tired of Tyre.

It becomes clear that the people of Tyre never tired of resisting attack. They occupied a dual city: part of it on an island with two harbors and part of it on the mainland. In times of trouble, the battle strategy was to retreat to the island city, in a way similar to the defense mechanism of the turtle. The high wall of 150 feet, facing the mainland, was considered impregnable by ancient armies.

Alexander the Great was the first to clearly conquer Tyre. In doing so, he had to resist the urge to quit when he failed at first. He connected Tyre to the mainland by building a bridge of rubble, then built siege ramps and battering rams and breached that formidable wall. History records that it was his most difficult battle.

The three great prophets of the bible: Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, all give prominent place to Tyre and to the King of Tyre. It is given the place of a "stronghold of strongholds". Isaiah describes it's fall in language that evokes that of John in Revelation 18 as he spoke of Babylon. Indeed, Isaiah moves into his "burden of Tyre" as he finishes his "burden of the valley of vision". There is a connection here between the coming forth of the third day prophet and the defeat of Tyre. Indeed, the fourth burden brings forth the true prophet, Eliakim, whom God establishes. This prophet must come forth, in the anointing of Asher, before, Tyre can be successfully thrown down.

Why such biblical importance attached to Tyre? It was a town of approximately 40,000 at it's zenith. As such, there were many cities in pre-christian Mediterranean life that boasted more people or prosperity. The OT is silent concerning many of them.

Jeremiah addressed Tyre by it's latin name, "Tyrus". It is so translated in the KJV. Could that latin connection be pointing at a religious kingdom? Jeremiah 25:22 is the reference.

Ezekiel went even farther concerning Tyre. He devoted several chapters, 26, 27 and 28 to this subject. After spending some time discussing this city and meditating upon it, he looked behind the city and saw Satan himself, personified by the King of Tyre. Some of our most detailed descriptions of Lucifer before his fall are found here in 28:12-19.

It is interesting to me that we have another word today, derived from Tyre. It is "tire". Those of us in America own cars. These cars move on tires. Hence, the old hub of civilization, Tyre, gives way to the vehicles that move the hub of modern civilization on tires. We have more tires in America than in any other nation on earth....probably more than are in all of the other nations combined. Could we not say that they are our pride?

I'll close with repeating something very simple. The fourth burden of Isaiah, the valley of vision, is being fulfilled. The true prophet, Eliakim, whom God establishes, is coming forth. This is happening today, in the anointing of Asher, as prophesied by Moses. As these true, third day prophets are coming fourth, The King of Tyre is aware that his day is coming.... his burden is next on the list of Isaiah. Tyre and the King of Tyre must fall. We cast them down in the name of the Lord. This world system and all that is against and opposed to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ must fall. It must bow it's knee, but it will not surrender. It must therefore be cast down. Yes, the strongholds of the enemy are old, and they are fortified. But we will overcome them in the name of Jesus Christ.

We will not be silent. We will not be tyred out in the attack. We are aware that we will need to persist in the attack. We are forewarned not to give up if at first we encounter stiff resistance. We know that this will be a difficult battle in the realm of the spirit, but God has prepared us for difficulty and anointed us to stand in the face of pressure. We will not tyre, but we will press on, making declarations, tearing down strongholds, attacking principalities, preparing the way for the Lord. Amen.

Stephen L. Bening

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