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JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY A Declaration To The Nations

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The prophecy, by Gloria Shepherd, was posted to Watchman Seers Network USA. Comments were solicited. My comments in judgement of the prophecy, reprinted below, were posted to WSNUSA earlier today, 11/02/2000.

Initially, I wanted just to leave this word alone. I therefore deleted it to my trash file. I notice that the rest of the group decided to leave it alone as well. However, God will simply not allow me to leave it alone. He seems to be pressing this response out of me, almost against my will.

Yesterday, I was speaking with my pastor, concerning what God is going to do between now and the end of December, in the church. There is a wave of His spirit coming to the church and many of us want to paddle on out to catch that wave. It is going to be a very BIG wave! The word I received yesterday was that during this time, there will be many who will come forth who will prophecy that we will now have to pray more, fast more, do more, witness more, study more, bind more, declare more, shout more, preach more. NO! That is not it. The Lord is saying, do whatever it takes to improve your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, so that you can have a pure, clear channel of communication with him, that is what you are to do for the next 60 days.

So, regarding this word from Gloria Shepherd, I do not bear witness with it, as being a word from the Lord, for right now. It does not direct us to do anything sinful or wrong. It tells us to make some perfectly good declarations and speak some beautiful scriptures, but it just is not what God is telling us to do, right now. Right now, works are not the order from the throne room...RELATIONSHIP is.

Please, those of you who are anti-judgement freaks. Please realize that one prophet is called upon to judge when another speaks. If every prophet always spoke what God was saying all the time, there would be no need for the command that all of us who listen are to judge. Please! The church has been paralyzed by this OT notion that prophets can never be wrong. Most of them in the schools of the prophets were wrong a lot. I think we carry the idea that if a prophet is wrong, he should be stoned to death. Well again, do you think that Jesus wanted the other prophets in the church to judge the prophet who was speaking to determine if that prophet should be stoned or not? I don't think so. So, it must be OK to judge prophecy. And we can expect that, now and then, someone will prophesy something that is just not what God is saying.

Please also realize that I have read many of Pieter Pepler's comments in the past and have been edified. I am not familiar with Gloria Shepherd, but she probably loves her Lord Jesus very much. Nothing I say is in any way meant to attack her personally.

Early on in my Christian walk, I sat still in church many times when prophecies were being delivered that I knew with certainty were not what God was saying. Most of the time, nobody said a word. A couple of years ago, the Lord dealt with me on it. He confronted me with my attitude: namely that I would rather prophesy than judge the prophecy of others. He revealed to me that he had called me as a prophet, and he expected me to do both, whether I liked the judging and confronting or not.

So, brothers and sisters, my advice to you is this: if you were planning to fast for a week and make these declarations, as instructed to by this prophecy, you had better seek the Lord for individual instruction from him, and do what He says.

Stephen L. Bening

soteria wrote:

I bear strong witness with this word and instruction.Anyone else?... please let me know

Pieter Pepler-----Original Message-----

From: Gloria Shepherd To: nitehawkdw@earthlink.net Date: 30 October, 2000 1:37 PM Subject: Declarations For The Nations from the Father's Heart

Dearest Beloved of the Lord; This has been the most difficult of all the messages to send forth to the nations of the earth because all hell has tried to stop it from being released. I speak it forth with the triumphant voice of one of his messengers from the kingdom chosen to speak this forth. . I ask that you send it forth to all those in your emails as a declaration from God to be spoken forth from the saints of his earth. God asks that we do these simple declarations of our love for Him, not to bring forth the kingdom on earth, but because we love Him with all our hearts and want only to obey Him, and do what pleases Him. I bring this word from the Throne Room of God to you beause He has asked me to do this work. I humbly bring you his words to be spoken forth by his faithful saints in this hour, according to His Will to be done on earth.In His Love;Gloria


A Declaration to the Nations of the World from the Father's Heart

I speak forth this declaration to the nations of the earth from the Father's heart. Under the authority that has been given to me by the Holy Spirit to herald forth this message from the Throne Room of God. I am one of the five messengers which God given these words to be spoken out from. He has told me to herald forth this message to the nations. so I speak it forth as a heralding message from the Throne Room of God to the saints. This decree has been given to this apostle of God to deliver to me to send forth to the nations. I am one of the five messengers chosen by Him to speak it forth to the nations. This is the second decree that has been given to this apostle to be send forth. This is very powerful decree from the Throne Room of the Father's heart.

The Father has shown me that it is to begin to release the wealth into his kingdom for his purposes in this last day. Fasting and prayer for one week is required to break and release what God wants done for this hour. Declare these Psalms and the binding and loosing of those spirits with all the authority which we have in Christ Jesus to speak this forth. It is given unto us to speak it forth. Then He said speak this things that are below, Psalms and the binding and loosing with a victorious triumphant voice. Let all the kingdoms of darkness hear these words spoken from every nation of the Earth, as God has spoken it forth.

The Father told me that the words of heaven will be declared on earth as we obey the Father's heart in speaking forth with the authority which we have been given to speak. His will and purposes will be done on earth as it is in heaven as we obey his words. He has declared it this day to be done, so let us obey his simple requests to us with the joy of being used by Him in these last days. He then reminded me of Esther. He said there will be at least on Esther per nation declaring the word of the Lord in prayer and fasting to her nation. Many Esters will be born as this goes forth, also, He said to me. A warning given by the Holy Spirit- The flesh will try to stop this from being spoken into being as God has decreed it to be done. I bessech you my brethren to remember what fight we are in. It is always the battle of flesh v. spirit. To stop that which is to be birthed for the kingdom in this hour. Flesh will always try to stop the true work of the spirit from being accomplished. Flesh will try to have you do this on your time, instead of God's time. I am sent to warn you to beware of the enemy's devices that will be used against you to stop this from moving forth. It will always come down to obedience v. disobedience. Will we obey the Father's words or will we walk in rebellion against the Father.

The Decree from the Throne Room of GodPass this on to all that you know, so it reaches every nation on earth. God has asked that if we will obey him in doing this simple work for one week, beginning this day. He has asked that it be done from every nation on this earth, at least once a day for one week. Prayer and fasting is required for it to be accomplished. The Father asks that this decree be done for one week, at least once a day, each part of it. It is to be shouted, spoken forth into the air with authority of the one who gives it to us to speak. It is to be a triumphant cry forth from the nations of God from his saints of what God has declared to come forth this day for the kingdom.

1. Speak it forth, shout it, or how ever you are led to do by the Holy Spirit. Speak forth at least once a day for one week: Psalms 49, Psalms 50, Psalms 55 2. After the declaration of those psalms each day, He says to speak this forth with the authority of the King. WE ARE TO BIND THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY EACH DAY, AND THEN TO LOOSE THE SPIRIT OF PROSPERITY OVER OUR LIFE AND THEN OVER THE BODY OF CHRIST. 3. Prayer and Fasting is required for this to be broken, and then for the release to come forth.

Hoping that you are edified in Christ by the judgement of this prophecy, I bless you all in His holy name.

Stephen L. Bening

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