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The first vision came to me about a week ago. I was driving in my car on October 25 when, suddenly, I had a vision, very detailed, just like a pop up window. In the vision, I saw the people in my church. As I watched, they were being baptized in the Holy Spirit, all of them at the same time. As I watched this beautiful scene and the passion for worshiping their Lord that was displayed on their faces, the Lord spoke these words to me: 60 DAYS.

The second vision came last Friday night, 10/27/2000, at Harvest Fellowship, in Hollywood, Florida. During worship, which was particularly anointed and a beautifully flowing river of God on that night, I walked over to my pastor and said, "Psalm 133". The unity is here and the Lord is commanding the blessing. As I spoke, I had a vision of Aaron, as I picture him to have looked, wearing his priestly garments. Oil had been poured on his head and it was beginning to drip from his beard and from his hair. The garments he was wearing were only beginning to be touched by the oil.

The next event I wish to report occurred on Tuesday, 10/31/2000. I was sitting in my pastors office, discussing recent prophetic words and visions. At once, images came flooding into my mind from a church outing that we had both participated in some five years ago.

The outing was a canoe trip: a two day journey down the Peace River in South Florida. 24 men participated, two per canoe. My pastor and I occupied the same canoe. My pastor took the front seat in the canoe and I took the rear one. From the start, it was clear that the 12 canoes were involved in a contest: a race. The lead canoe would choose the campsite for the night.

My pastor and I worked seemingly, without much effort, and developed about a 1 hour lead on the other canoes over the course of about 7 hours on the water. Later, the Lord revealed to me that he was speaking prophetically, to his church, by what we had experienced. This is the interpretation.

My pastor was in front of the canoe and supplied most of the power and brute force to drive it. He is a powerfully built man, well suited for that role. From his position, he could not steer the canoe very well, but he just rowed as hard as he could. He relied on me to provide the course corrections. My job was to keep the canoe straight and to provide what power I could, so long as I was doing my primary job of keeping it moving straight.

As applied to the church, this speaks to the relative role of a Pastor/Teacher and how he/she should relate to a prophet. The Pastor/Teacher is out front: he/she is visible and very active in teaching the congregation. Jesus supplies the power to the congregation through the pastor/teacher. For the prophet however, he is placed in a position more to the rear: less visible. He controls the rudder. He must receive course corrections from Jesus for the church. Yes, he can be used to supply power also, but this is not his primary role. For him, less may be more. When others are leading worship or preaching, he may be meditating on what is being said or reflecting on past words or visions. In short, he may be called upon to do nothing at all if the church is moving toward the objective Jesus has set for it. His role may be less visibly prominent than that of the pastor/teacher, but it is every bit as important to the overall accomplishment of Jesus' objectives for the church.

In order for this design to work, the pastor/teacher and the prophet have to occupy the same "canoe". They must work together as a team. They must respect one another's ability to perform the God given function that has been given to each of them. They must each be able and willing to submit to the power and course corrections that Jesus wishes to implement through each of them. If they are not in the "canoe" together, working together, the church will continually run aground, or the prophet will be issuing course corrections from the river bank, but he himself will be going nowhere fast.

God has designed his church so that without unity, we all go nowhere fast. Brothers and sisters, the time is now to pull together and to work together. Submit to one another through the grace provided by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophets of the Lord: pray for your pastors. Allow them to provide the power. Do not envy them their place of prominence. Remain teachable. Remember that if the watchman in the ships conning tower spots an iceberg, he may only need to inform the captain.

Pastor/Teachers: pray for the prophet the Lord has sent into your midst. Listen to him or her. Receive corrections of course from Jesus himself through those prophets.

Apostles of Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ: Come forth! Set the church in order. In the name of Jesus!

Stephen L. Bening

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