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For years, Joan Gaura has told me a story about a dream she had when she was 17: 60 years ago, when she accepted the Lord. She had the same dream 3 times.

In the dream, Joan was being chased around the church by two snakes. The rattlesnake and the coral snake. As she ran down one side of the snake, the little snake disappeared. As she ran around second and third sides, she was outrunning the big rattlesnake. The coral snake slid down the side of the church, climbing up over the church and down the other side.

The first dream ended. Joan was on a treadmill when it ended. The coral snake was at her heels.

The second dream ended, with just the same particulars repeated. But, when it ended, Joan was in the church and the coral snake was in the church with her.

The third dream was just the same. Joan was in the front pew, and there was no snake.

The dream was both teaching and prophetic. Joan was quite sure of that. Because Joan's life followed that kind of a pattern. Joan went through a period of big sin (the rattlesnake). As she came out of that, when she accepted the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Lord showed her that she was in the church, but the coral snake was in the church with her. The teaching part of it is that there are sins that are represented by the rattlesnake: they are big and ugly and everybody recognizes them as sins. Then, there are sins that are represented by a coral snake. We wear them around our necks like a string of beads: like pride, independence, dependence upon self. These are major ones.

But the "coral snake" sins are seven times more deadly than the "rattlesnake" sins. Because we don't recognize them as sins.

Years later, Joan had a vision. She was walking down a broad sidewalk. Two men were walking toward her. As they passed each other, one man said to the other: "the venom of the coral snake is seven times more deadly than the venom of the rattlesnake." This is just something that God gave her as a reminder.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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