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Prophecy: Celestial Confusion And Coastal Inundation
June 11, 2011

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I have taken about three years away from dealing directly with prophecies about the future North America coastal inundation and the causes thereof. My web page on the subject, I had thought, was rather complete so I went on to other work, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and commanding, in the name of Jesus, as Jeremiah did before me regarding Judah, that this nation must now drink forth from the wine cup of the wrath of the Lord God.

Three years later, we still are waiting for all of these catastrophic prophetic things to occur. How much longer will we wait? Everyone wants to know and many are growing impatient. Some who relocated to mountainous regions have returned to the lowlands. The web page, "WPA ASTEROID PROPHECIES" (search for that on google, and you'll find it) had grown stale and was in need of being updated, so I began to work on it by taking a look at what has been going on with regard to these issues in the world at large. You will see that I have begun the process of updating it.

True, there has not been hardly any new godly prophetic on the subject. There have been a few new witnesses added to the old ones, but they have brought no really useful or new information that I am aware of. We still are looking for at least three apparently separate impacts of asteroids/comets or inundation events that will affect North America. The most severe of these will involve the ocean impacts of three asteroid/comets and will be unbelievably catastrophic. Admitedly, a coastal inundation event might also be caused by an earthquake, a landslide or glacier slide or even a polar magnetic flip. Most of the godly prophetic sources have grown rather silent. Still others have been grossly discredited by incorrect predicting of dates for events that have never happened.

This combination of errant prophesying and godly silence has created a void, which has been filled with a whole host of confusing, conflicting and ungodly material and this has now necessitated a re-entry by me into this area, for I am not a newcomer to this subject. I have been an amateur astronomer for my whole life, and I first began to receive prophetic information regarding a future impact of asteroids/comets upon our planet in 1993.

The 2011 sensation surrounds all of the discussion and speculation regarding Comet 2010 Elenin X1. This comet is expected for close Earth approach in September, 2011, and the speculation about what it is, how big it is and how close it will come to Earth is sensational and mostly reckless. It is, however, admitted by NASA to be a close Earth approaching comet that bears watching, in that it will have a tail that will likely dust the Earth. You can look at the NASA ephemeris for Comet Elenin here, at this link: Comet Elenin NASA Ephemeris

With respect to Comet Elenin, there is, at this time, no objectively verifiable evidence that it is anything other than a comet with a long period, elliptical orbit. There is also no prophetic revelation that I am aware of that would conclusively establish that it will have any dramatic catastrophic affect upon Earth or that it will be an Earth impactor. For those of you who are new to prophecy and comets, I have been through this before: the rampant speculation about one comet or asteroid after another arises. Much speculation ensues, and then the object passes, nothing has occurred, and we wait for the next one. One of these days, the real danger will be approaching. Will anyone watch or pay attention if we are reckless? Please watch, but be careful!

Some see "Extinction Level Event" in the first three letters of the name ELEnin. Others say that it must be Planet X because the comet is named Elenin 2010 X1. Some say it is a psychological operation by NASA, and that Elenin is really a dwarf star. Others say it is a dupe, designed to play rope a dope with the conspiracy theorists in an effort to wear them out. Be awake, be aware and do not let anyone play you for a fool. I have heard one person say that comet Elenin will be so big that when it passes between the Earth and the Sun that it will cause three days of darkness on the Earth. Really? And you have astronomical proof or prophetic revelation to this effect? Can we calm down enough to examine some evidence about Elenin, other comets and celestial bodies that may very well be true? It is, at least, scientifically observable and verifiable to such an extent that it is now being considered and debated scientifically. We will look at it now.

All celestial bodies are held together by gravitational wells. I will leave advanced science to the scientists, and will merely point out what we all know. Gravity profoundly affects the Earth! The moon, as it travels around Earth, affects our tides. Water visibly moves upon the Earth based upon lunar positioning. Furthermore, human mood may also be proven to be affected in various ways. We certainly all know the word origin of the word "lunatic".

I will present another elementary picture from the playtime of young boys. Many of us raced each other with sets of small cars with electric engines around indoor tracks, operating these small cars with handheld controls. When these cars would break, we took them apart to fix them. When we did, we found a small motor, wound with copper wire, surrounded by magnets on two ends. The car sat upon an electrified track and electricity powered the car motors as the car sped around the plastic formed embankments of the track. I present this to illustrate that where you have magnetic or gravitational force created by centrifugal force motion, you also find electricity. Celestial bodies are like this: there are electrical fields of an inter-operative nature between these celestial bodies, wherever you find one celestial body orbiting around another.

There is a compelling theory about comets in particular, as expounded by James McCanney, that comets are primarly electrical objects, rather than dirty ice balls only. Comets, as McCanney theorizes, may have small total mass but demonstrate tremendous apparent electrical influence upon the Sun and other objects in the solar system. You may have previously anecdotaly observed, as I have, that the Sun becomes more active with coronal mass ejections as comets reach their nearest approach to it. This happens very frequently, and the McCanney theory offers an explanation for it: that the Sun is also greatly affected by electrical discharge. No wonder, as any owner of a solar panel may attest.

I would merely state that we do not need to recklessly ascribe anything mythic to Comet Elenin 2010 X1. It is enough that is is a comet and it is approaching our Sun later this summer. This summer marks the beginning of a predicted and expected solar max for Solar Cycle 24. Sunspot activity is already increasing, and a tremendous coronal mass ejection occurred on June 7, 2011, which may have been affected by Comet Elenin.

Furthermore, a very interesting scientific paper was prepared earlier this year, putting forth the proposition that Comet Elenin, working in conjunction with other celestial objects in the solar system, as they align with Earth and the Sun, seem to be causing an increase in seismic activity. I have studied this article in detail, and I believe that while it is not proof of that premise, I cannot disregard it out of hand as I tend to believe the premise that alignments of celestial objects should have an affect on seismicity on the Earth. Planetary alignments seem to have been present in every major earthquake during the last eleven years. Perhaps there have been other times of planetary alignment when no seismic event occurred. Nevertheless, there appears to be a connection here. Elenin seems to be a contributing factor. That is enough said on the subject. You can study the article at this link: Planetary Alignments And Seismicity

To summarize, we have a comet heading in, toward the Sun this summer. Prophetic expectation is running rather high that following after the floods, drought and tornadoes of this spring, that our summer may be filled with coronal mass ejections severe enough to damage the electrical grid, serious earthquakes and terrible hurricanes. We should certainly be on the alert for these types of things and I expect some or all of them to occur, along with further economic worsening, accompanied by a citizenry in riot. Others are expecting even more and are even saying it will happen. People are being herded to the Ozarks, based upon supposedly leaked military maps and evacuation information. What about all of this?

The last several years have seen the rise of supposed former government and illuminati insiders who choose now to reveal information over the so called "conspiracy network" of websites and internet radio purveyors. Most recently, a supposedly leaked Naval Inundation map has shown us a picture that the government supposedly accepts as future fact and has been preparing for. During the last year, our government has ordered millions of MRE's meals ready to eat. The Russian government is busy building bombshelters and our military is at work on many underground installations. Now, with the nearing of Comet Elenin, some are gathering together to dive into caves in the Ozarks.

Just recently, I was in Southern Illinois, dealing with the death of my mother, and I discovered, through contacts my children made with some of their unsaved Mormon relatives, that even the Mormons are all excited and animated about this recently leaked Naval inundation map. Now it seems that even the unsaved are all worked up about an imminent New Madrid quake and the need to relocate. Something big is going on. Today, the Lord quickened a word to me that John the Baptist spoke when he saw the religious Pharisees at his place of baptizing:

"O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" Luke 3:7

I am reminded by the Lord, however, that in the revelation prophets have received, the military has been caught quite by surprise by the events at hand. There is only twenty hours notice given to the people of God, prior to the impact of the three comet/asteroids in one revelation, and the military only finds out about the incoming objects five hours prior to impact. Only those people who have been led to evacuate earlier will escape and do well in this confirmed prophetic scenario.

Quite troubling also is the recent touting of the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks as a supposed safe zone, where one former green beret, who comes across as very sincere, leaks information that military and elite personnel have been moving to these areas for years in expectation of the fulfillment of their expectations that will match the US Navy inundation map. This troubles me because every single prophet I know, who has not sold their revelations for money and who has received a map of safe zones or areas of future destruction has shown the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks as a zone of utter destruction. The Ozarks ARE NOT SAFE. The military thinks it knows something, but in the time of inundation, they will be caught with five hours notice.

There is something very disturbing going on here. God's people, who should be living by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God, are following after the every utterance of a number of X military men and former government insiders. It seems that God's people have left off seeking the word of the Lord, and now run from place to place, seeking the next utterance of supposed insider information and government leak. God's people seem to have forgotten that as God finishes His judgement upon His house in America, God is going to utterly break and take down this nation, its' government and its' military. While all of this is happening, and it has already begun, God is releasing, at the same time, an anointing for refreshing of the saints, and is calling those who belong to Him back to His service.

God is demanding that His people must 1) Walk clean before Me and 2) Walk valiantly in proclaiming the truth. We look pretty silly right now, telling people they must believe in Jesus, and then move according to the latest available ex military leaked information. We must obtain prophetic vision, or we will perish. It is that simple.

Stephen L. Bening

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