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Prophecy: Revelation 21 Materializes (Isaiah 21)
December 12, 2006

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There are one or two of you who may read this page who may remember when I began to warn those around me in January, 1993 that the Arabs would one day attack American ships with nuclear weapons.

Those of you who have come to know me since that time have probably read about it at this page: Persian Gulf Prophecies

The Lord gave me that vision before the first attempt by Arabs to blow up the World Trade Center. That came later in 1993. Most Americans laughed at those bungling Arabs. By 2001, no one was laughing any more. But still, the notion of Arabs, attacking American interests with nukes seemed far-fetched. Pakistan conducted her first nuclear test in 1998, but that country was somewhat aligned with US political interests and did not seem likely to turn against the USA.

This morning, the Lord gave me a revelation, and it is a startling one to me, because many streams of prophetic revelation that God has given me since 1993 are now flowing together, and I can see more clearly now what God has been saying all along. Furthermore, I can see how certain recent events seem to fit into the scripture.

Prophecies of last things, or of the end times, have taken on a bad name, and anyone who has any connection with the word "prophet" is now regarded in the same way as a charlatan, or carnival barker. And, rightly so, I might conclude. Those who have gained the widest shortwave audience, like "Brother Stair", have been arrested for sexual misconduct, and sexual affairs have been confessed. Others, who proclaim themselves as the last days prophet of God build communes like Stair, and draw devoted followers to themselves. Money and their demands for it are always centrally involved. Many of these "prophets" have been exposed publicly now. There is much disgrace. They have predicted dates many, many times for the "day of the Lord", and these dates have come and gone. And so, any real prophet of the Lord Jesus who has refrained from setting dates, who has kept his zipper up and who refuses to manipulate or pull for money is certainly tarred with the same brush as the charlatans who have gone on before.

Jesus said it would be so in Matthew 24. There would be false prophets and false ministers. They would proclaim, in my name, that I am Christ. You can take that two ways. Some will say that Jesus is Christ, and then go on to deceive. Others will proclaim that they themselves are the Christ. Three times, Jesus warns about these deceivers here. He says they will show great signs and wonders and that they will deceive many people. This is all going to be very deceptive according to Jesus.

This means that the world, and the church has identified only a small fragment of the false prophets. I have mentioned a few whose prophecies have failed, or who have been unable to keep their zippers up. Jesus said that "by their fruit, you shall know them", and that fruit is the character displayed in their lives. Jesus spoke only the truth, and that means many other deceptive false prophets must still be extant, and undiscovered at this time, so beware and test every spirit.

So, I bring this long article forward today in a time when prophecy is largely despised. It matters not to most pastors that 1 Thessalonians 5:20 gives a short and direct commandment to the contrary. It is in this context that God has now brought forth some much needed clarity to me in terms of revelation, and I will share it now. Those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches will hear, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.

I arose a few hours early this morning to seek the Lord. I was pondering on the day: 12/12. This has been an eventful calendar day for me, in the past. I was also pondering that it is Kislev 21. There is much revelation concerning that number 21.

I write all of my dealings with the Lord in a daily ministry journal, so I began to look back to check the details of some of those revelations. I began to make a timetable of events in my journal. Then, I began to add other events. I suddenly began to see something much more clearly. It was as though I was now beholding with open eyes something that heretofore had been hidden from me. So, without further delay, I present the timetable.

6/24/2005....Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is elected President of Iran with 61% of the vote
6/26/2005....Newly elected President Ahmadinejad declares that his country will continue to develop nuclear technology
8/02/2005....Mahmoud Ahmadinejad takes office as President of Iran
8/28/2005....Hurricane Katrina reaches a wind velocity of 175 mph
9/17/2005....The new President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, spoke before the United Nations. He was later quoted as saying that he, and members of his staff had noted a green aura, enveloping him, as he addressed the UN
9/21/2005....Hurricane Rita reaches a wind velocity of 175 mph
10/03/2005....Rosh Hashanah and the start of Ramadan. A solar eclipse occurred
10/05/2005....I purchased a 21 inch wrecking bar and received a revelation from the Lord. Watchman, What Do You See?
10/08/2005....7.6 Earthquake strikes Pakistan, killing many tens of thousands
10/09/2005....My daughter Rachel blew the shofar 21 times at a church meeting, celebrating Rosh Hashanah. I later realized she had sounded in the 21st hour of the day
10/17/2005....A blood red lunar eclipse occurs, also during Ramadan
10/21/2005....I evacuated my Florida home in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Wilma. Wilma had become the third hurricane to reach a wind velcity of 175 mph
10/24/2005....Hurricane Wilma hits Florida. It is the 21st named storm of the year, and it hits Florida on Tishri 21
10/26/2005....Iranian President Ahmadinejad is quoted in his first of many statements of his belief and desire that Israel will be wiped off the map and that a new series of attacks will destroy the Jewish state
11/21/2005....My daughter Rachel is awakened at 5:21 with a dream, where she and four others were dancing around a bible, chanting "Watchmen 21, Watchmen 21" repeatedly. When she awoke, the Holy Spirit spoke the words "Isaiah 21" to her. The Year of the Watchman
12/08/2005....Iranian President Ahmadinejad is first quoted as saying that the WW2 Holocaust is a myth and that Israel should be moved to Europe
2/4/2006....Iran halts outside nuclear inspections
5/10/2006....Ahmadinejad continues to maintain that his country's nuclear program is peaceful
11/14/2006....Ahmadinejad announces that Iran will soon celebrate completion of its nuclear fuel program

On December 2, 2006, Marc Deveny and I recorded a radio program where we discussed the Islamic Mahdi: the messianic type character that Muslims expect to arise. We built the case that a significant portion of Islam is expecting the "Mahdi" to arise within two years from the Ramadan 2005 eclipses of the sun and the moon, for they have prophecy to that effect, and they are expecting the fulfillment of it. During this two year period, the coming Mahdi is expected to communicate with leaders, but to be hidden away from public view, and then, he will announce himself to the world.

Furthermore, it is quite clear from quoted statements that President Ahmadinejad of Iran sees himself as a forerunner of the Mahdi. He has even said that he has secretly met with the Mahdi. Sources in Iran say that he has written and signed a pact with the hidden Mahdi and has asked all of his officials to do so. He also claims that the Mahdi told him, in a dream, to destroy Israel and to make plans to attack America. Those closest to the President say they expect the Mahdi to appear within the next two years.

NEW TODAY: 1) Isaiah 21 has been pointed to by a Holy Spirit who could not have emphasized it more strongly since late 2005. Verse 1:
"The burden of the desert of the sea"...please note that our attention is directed to the sea by the Spirit of prophecy.
"As whirlwinds in the south pass through"...please note that three great whirlwinds with an unprecedented sustained velocity of 175mph passed through and into the South United States in late 2005. The last storm, Wilma, was the 21st named storm, and hit South Florida on Tishri 21.
"so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land" we are informed that the real danger is coming from the desert; from a land that is terrible (Heb aw-reets-violent, mighty, powerful, oppressive)

I have already drawn attention at a prior time to something the Lord revealed to me in Isaiah 21, verse 2. In that verse, Media is directed to go up and besiege. The Hebrew pronunciation of that word is "Mah-da-e", which is very close to the Arab "Mah-di" that we are now looking into.

I also noticed, anew today, that the terrible earthquake in Pakistan on 10/08/2005 fell right into the midst of the occurrences of the hurricanes. It fell directly in between the eclipse of the sun and the blood red eclipse of the moon.

All of these things occurred in the Earth as the Holy Spirit was literally jumping up and down and pointed to prophecies concerning Isaiah 21 and the rise of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the self proclaimed forerunner of the Mahdi. According to ancient Islamic tradition, the Mahdi will arise after the two eclipses occur in Ramadan, and after a great earthquake will shake the land so much that it will almost be swallowed up. I take note of the fact that Pakistan is the most populous Islamic nation.

Today, Iran is hosting an international symposium where they are presenting a central theme that the WW2 Jewish Holocaust was a myth and a hoax. Many nations of the world are expressing their outrage. Truly, this nation of Iran is taking on the same "terrible" characteristics that were displayed by Nazi Germany, and also that the prophet Isaiah foresaw when he described the land of his vision as a "terrible land" (21:1).

I am inclined to blow the trumpet right now: LOUDLY!

I am a watchman on the wall; placed there by the Lord God to sound the alarm when I see something that merits a warning blast; when I see danger approaching. I am inclined to believe; to begin to suspect that these events that we have beheld since June, 2005 that I have listed in my timeline, may very likely be a current day fulfillment of Isaiah 21 as it materializes before our very eyes. Come up here to a place on the wall and tell me what you see?

Watch ye therefore and pray always, that you might be counted worthy to escape all of these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke, chapter Twenty One, verse Thirty Six.

Stephen L. Bening

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