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Prophecy: Rachel's Day and The Elisha Anointing
January 18, 2012

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The Coming Elisha Aninting
  • (Added December 14, 2011) The Lord gave me a revelation on December 10, 2011. I recommend that you listen to my one hour radio program of December 11, 2011 (WWCR) SUN, 12-11-2011 "The Kingdom"-1 HR and the fifteen minute programs that were recorded on December 12 (AM-WHR) MON, 12-12-2011 "Captivity"-14 Min 30 Sec (Rec 12/12/11) and December 13, 2011 (AM-WHR) TUE, 12-13-2011 "Great Expectations"-14 Min 30 Sec (Rec 12/13/11) for the messages regarding the captivity and the coming kingdom of God. It is a long revelation to write all of it out in detail, because it pulls together so many things that are presented in the entirety of this "newcomer's tour". The Lord revealed that His people are to prepare, right now, to take possession of the kingdom of God. We are going to receive incredible power and dominion that will no longer come and go as it has during the last two thousand years, but it will abide upon us when it arrives. That which we will receive has not resided in man since the garden of Eden. This infusion of power and dominion will come suddenly to individuals as they meet the qualifications of God and will begin to fall upon men as the kingdoms of this world begin to crash and burn. Once again, please listen to the three radio programs to get the most details in one place about these things. We have been living, since the garden of Eden, in a state of diminished human capacity. We have been living in captivity as aliens and strangers in this present world since the temple of the Lord was burned in 586 BC. Get ready! We are about to arise, be empowered and do great exploits for the Lord our God.

    Rachel's Day
  • (Added January 17, 2012) The coming of this kingdom to a very small gentile christian remnant will be accomplished by God in the waning moments of the "times of the gentiles". It is now Rachel's day, as God will move to recover His first, forsaken wife Israel, so that the words of Paul will be fulfilled that "all Israel shall be saved" and the promise shall also be fulfilled as given to Micah in chapter seven of God's barren arm in the sight of wicked nations being once again seen in defense of Israel. These radio programs deal with these matters in depth. God has promised Israel in Hosea 3:3 that He will not take another wife until He has returned to gather His first forsaken one. This must transpire before the rapture and the marriage supper of the Lamb can take place and this can only happen after the times of the Gentiles have ended and the kingdoms of this world are in a state of utter collapse. This one hour program from December 25, 2011 deals with these issues in an in depth manner: (WWCR) SUN, 12-25-2011 "Abide For Me"-1 HR and the fifteen minute programs that were recorded on December 23 and 22 deal with Rachels Day and other issues of the revelation: (AM-WHR) FRI, 12-23-2011 "Rachels Day"-14 Min 30 Sec and (AM-WHR) THU, 12-22-2011 "Consolation Of Israel"-14 Min 30 Sec

    Stephen L. Bening

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    Bening Prophetic Archive

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