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MISSIONS: Medellin Mission Days 33-43
August 9, 2004

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WRAP IT UP! That is what God just said to call this piece. I typed the name, saved the file and then watched as the next events unfolded.

Hmmm! My two youngest children are at home with me today. I'm back in the states, and the youngest child did not want to go to camp today. She said she was sick and apparently, she meant it.

I just began to write, and now the remnants of her breakfast are plainly seen all over the bed and floor. Yes, a very graphic picture, I know, that is accompanied by an equally graphic smell.

Now, I am sitting, pondering everything that God has been saying, in conjunction with this rather powerful image of purging. Time is running short, and we are in need of a great purging of preparation.

The final 11 days in Colombia were a great struggle for me. They were extremely tough on my flesh, and on my soul. My remaining soulish emotions were laid bare. My vulnerability to demonic attack was made plain. How much I need Jesus, and strength from Him, every day, in order to do His will.

We love the bible because our heroes are presented, warts and all. Their weaknesses are frankly discussed. How easy it would be for me to write missions reports that talk about the angel visitations, miracles, demons fleeing and the like. Yes, the first 32 days were the glory days, with miracles. Now, the time of difficulty began.

These 11 days had their victories yes, but they were dominated and characterized by struggle. Shall I not write about them? Perhaps if I do not, some of you will not carry an accurate picture of what it is to minister in another land.

Day 33 began as a Day 32 that would not come to an end. I could not attain to sleep. Several mosquitoes kept buzzing into my ear, just as I was drifting off to sleep. So, finally, at about 2, I gave up the struggle, and arose to do some bible reading. After awhile, my tormentors were dealt with, and I was able to get some sleep. But this was certainly a foretaste of things to come.

I began receiving distasteful emails, filled with lies and false accusations, from a few sources: some strangers, some familiar, and some from relations.

Initially, I became irritated, and wanted to reply hotly back in return. The Holy Spirit reigned me in, and sent me back to the gospels, where my recommended reactions to attack are clearly spelled out by my master.

Day 34 was a day of confrontation. The Holy Spirit was taking me to the woodshed over my conduct last year. I preached ten times in a church last year, I knew that church was pulling hard for money, and I did not say one word of warning about it. Now, that church is REALLY pulling for money, and telling people they can put the needs of the poor and hungry on the back burner, as of a lesser priority, than feeding the church beast they are building. Would I have the guts to speak the truth if I am asked to speak in another church here? The Holy Spirit kept after me.

On Day 35, we made plans to go to another church, and I reluctantly agreed to trudge along. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Yes, they receive tithes and offerings, which is, on its' face, a problem, but they emphasize helping the poor too, and the pull for money was not strong. We met the pastor, and he asked me to speak the following Wednesday. I agreed, knowing that I was going to have to say some things that might not be easily or well received.

Day 36 began in much the same way. A relative has been trapped in the devil's snare of sin for years, and will not repent. She has many demons. She was staying with us, and began to manifest. We want to show her the utmost in compassion, but what can you do when someone is not willing to repent of fornication? She even denied God, declaring herself to be an atheist. Thus began a difficult time, until the end of our trip, of manifesting demonic activity, attack against me and the need for constant spiritual defense and warfare. None of it was fun.

Day 37, a Tuesday, provided some great victory to alleviate the drain of all the attack. I had spent a lot of time in the word, and in prayer. We had a meeting high up in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, with 20 in attendance, all Catholic, and all pledging to follow Christ, turn from idols and obey the Lord. These miracles came forth, even though the demonized relative kept interrupting the meeting with manifestations of various types. I began tying all the spirits up today, so she is not quite so bad, but her human spirit is also a problem, and she has some mental damage, that makes it necessary for her to medicate. She had been ignoring that remedy as well.

I awoke on Day 38 early, and under attack again. It seemed that I could not hear from the Lord. I was going to speak in the church tonight, and I simply had no idea which of about 10 topics the Lord might have me speak on, or if He had something else for me to say. Truthfully, I did not perceive that I was under attack at the time. I simply thought I was having a bad morning.

Later in the day, the demonized relative spoke these words: "I am having a fight with Stephen". Everyone in the room laughed, but I did not. I knew it was the demon talking, and not her. War ensued. I anointed the house with enough oil that only lettuce was required to make salad anywhere in the house. The blood of Jesus was pled everywhere. Ah, now I understood why I could not hear the Lord. I was in a battle for revelation from the Lord. Within 1 hour, the Lord spoke clearly to me, and I had my marching instructions for the church that night.

At the church, I spoke clearly, firmly and prophetically. My translator was scared, and did not want to translate some of it, but she did anyway...particularly the parts about the tradition of tithing. She was certain those things would make the people angry, but later events indicated that most of what I said was received, and will be taken to heart, and acted upon.

Days 39 and 40 were mostly a struggle until the meeting in our home on the night of Day 40. Several committed to follow Christ.

Day 41 began much the same. I knew I was at war in the spirit from the first opening of my eyes. I was wondering what this day would hold, because this was tough, and it only lifted after about two hours of praising God. What happened later cleared things up.

Eight people arrived, and we began a home meeting. One was a young girl of 14, who had attempted suicide a few times. Just after their arrival, two more people came, but I discerned they were probably sent by the enemy, to distract us. We were forced to choose between the ones who wanted spiritual help, and the two others who just wanted to chat. We retreated to a bedroom, closed the door, and began to minister to our spiritual seekers.

Three of them were baptized as a result, and we had much prayer with them. We were able, with the Lord's help, to snatch great victory out of the jaws of Satan.

Then, we turned to the other two visitors, to see if there was any ministry there to do. The wife, however, declared her firm intention to continue praying to and worshiping the Virgin Mary. Our initial choice to deal with the others first was validated.

Day 42, our last day prior to departure, began as the other recent days: attack and more attack, which required me to praise and praise. We attended the little church where I spoke on Wednesday. I was not very successful in overcoming on this day: I could not get in the spirit until around 4 P.M. My emotional attitude was terrible. I just stayed quiet, thanks be to God. But inside, there was much grumbling and complaining.

In the midst of these days of attack, there were many images coming prophetically to me, and to Bob Neumann. The Lord is communicating to His people that a full stop, and evaluation and a purging is REQUIRED, right now, for the next two months.

These next two months are a serious time. It is time, as I last wrote, to REDIG THE WELLS. We had better self evaluate. It is time to BIVOUAC. Time for a FULL STOP. We had better make spiritual preparations. The wind is going to blow very hard, very soon. How many of those who camp with me are ready? Am I ready?

Based upon my performance over the last eleven days, I believe I still have some DIGGING to do to clean out my wells. I had thought that I was further along in the way. Stress came, my cup was shaken, and I do not see any "A" marks on my report card. What shall I do: hide my weaknesses? No, I will report them, lest anyone worship me, or place any undue confidence in me.

Trust in the Lord, and in Him alone!

Finally, before I left for Colombia, I purchased my air tickets for my mission to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. I will be going for 33 days, from September 3, to October 7. The cost of the air tickets was more than $2,500, and I am simply moving by faith that the Lord will take care of it for me. It is time for me, and other remnant servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, to rise up, and sit enthroned as the kings and princes that we have been made unto God, and His Father.

The people I am working with would like me to send a little money, as soon as possible, for the printing of handbills to announce our outdoor crusades, and to prepay for four hours of radio time in Kenya. I believe $1,000 would cover it all.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped us thus far in finances and prayers.

Stephen L. Bening

I will be giving a report on the mission at our October meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly at Monteagle, TN.

Registration forms are available at: Meeting WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company, at Monteagle, TN-October 22-24, 2004---

Stephen L. Bening

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