PROPHECY: Teshuvah and Examining Everything
August 9, 2002

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Dear WPA and other readers:

For me, Teshuvah began in mid July. I began seeking the Lord, to see if He still might be found.

I sought him with fasting one day last week, and He spoke, concerning my present assignments, my church, WPA, websites….

He said…”stay at your post”.

Then, a few days later, He sent a pastor from Brazil to me, telling me that I had to get busy, preaching the gospel, or I was going to be in trouble with the Lord. I prayed about it, and God put it in my heart to start two house fellowships.

I have six nights available, but on three of them, I already had church meetings. Friday is a wonderful praise and worship night at our church.

Now, originally, I had three of those six nights occupied with other church stuff. How easy it is to get busy with the affairs of church.

One night, Monday…was a prayer night at church. Prayer is a good thing…right? Wednesday was a bible study night at church. Bible study…good thing, right? I had been going to the church on Thursday mornings and then, breakfast with the elders on Saturday morning. All in all, seven times a week at the church. With all that time being invested, what was being accomplished?

I had to look at those nights, and I realized that not much was being accomplished in those meetings. I was simply on autopilot, and my car was driving to the church on these nights. It did not matter whether the Lord was leading me there or not…that was where I was going.

The Monday night prayer night is not attended. People in our church just will not turn out to pray. Now, we can cry and lament that people won’t gather to pray, but that is the current state of things.

So, I took Monday night off of sacred cow status. It is available to the Lord again. So far, we have helped a blind widow with her laundry and grocery shopping. We have also taught a young lady in our home. I sense the leading of the Lord again in my comings and goings on Monday night.

The Wednesday meeting, also lightly attended, had been bothering me too. I felt that God spoke to me that if I didn’t get off my toucas and go touch someone with the gospel, and stop sitting there at the bible buffet, continuing to rake it in without giving any out, I was going to be in trouble with him. So, we have made a beginning, and I taught a home study at a young family’s home. They are not in church presently. The head of the house needs healing, and the Lord is drawing him. Again, Wednesday is available to the Lord. Perhaps, it will turn into a weekly fellowship.

One thing that has been recently on my heart is this aspect of informal, home fellowships. They were the backbone of the early church. It is written that the apostles met in the temple courts, and house to house. How easy it is to neglect the birthing of new works, particularly in new homes of unbelievers and recent converts.

In any event, I just wanted to share with you all what Teshuvah is meaning for me. Yes, it begins on August 10, but for me, it came one month early.

As I read Bob Neuman’s article on Teshuvah (posted at Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly), and listened to the two songs he attached with it, I was moved by the words of the confederate anthem. How convinced they were in the right of their cause. How assured they were that God was with them in their battle with the North. It’s awfully easy to begin to do something, and be fully convinced of your rightness. Sometimes, the light of history casts doubt on that rightness. Perhaps, if we draw closer to the Lord, and seek Him concerning all of our ways, our comings and goings, we can have a real time glimpse of the rightness of these things, and avoid a future disappointment.

It is good to do as Bob and Laura (a prophetess at WPA) have talked about. Renew everything about your covenant with the Lord. Lay everything before Him. Let Him speak to your heart. Break out of ruts and bad habits, and be refreshed and renewed in Him

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