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Prophecy: Baptist Pastor Sidney Rigdon Timeline
May 2, 2008

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I am thinking about the name "Sidney Rigdon". Most of you have probably never heard of him.

Sidney was a Baptist pastor of a congregation of about a hundred when revival broke out in his sleepy Ohio community. So, he got involved, and read some of the things that were coming out of the move. It all seemed good to him.

There were stories of the visitations of angels, and other visits by saints long dead to verify that this move of God was real and exciting.

Well, Sidney was so convinced as to the truth of what was being preached that he led his congregation to join the meetings, and they wound up getting involved in a building project to build a home for the move.

At the dedication of the new "Temple" as they called it, tongues of fire came in to the building and rested on the heads of the believers, as they spoke in other tongues. For those Baptists, I am quite sure, it was a moment of extreme exhilaration.

I am sure that for almost all of them, it was a defining moment: a time when they felt justified that they had done the right thing in the sight of God. After all, they had been severely criticised by their relatives for abandoning their Baptist roots for the new move.

Three years later, the leader of the move proclaimed himself to be a prophet, and put out a revelation that every man who desired to have more than one wife must have multiple wives in order to gain entry into the highest heaven.

So now, you know fully what it was that Sidney Rigdon and his 100 followers were caught up in the middle of in Kirtland, Ohio in 1832.

You are quite sure you would not have followed along, aren't you? Surely, you and I would not have been deceived, right?

I can read the warnings, and I can listen to other positive reports coming out of Lakeland, and still, I think about Sidney Rigdon. I urge you all to wait upon the Lord, and proceed carefully in all that you do and say with regard to all of this. You do not want to follow in Sidney Rigdons' footsteps.


Stephen L. Bening

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