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Prophecy: Angels In Female Form
May 3, 2008

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I will feel much better about what is going on in Lakeland when I hear that Todd Bentley has repented of this female angel deceptive heresy from his past, has burned his teaching DVD's and CD's and has turned the preaching of the gospel and teaching of the word over to other broken servants of the Lord so that the focus and the limelight can come off of Todd Bentley and onto Jesus.

This would encourage me, as he could then focus 100% on leading the Holy Ghost meeting.

If he does these three things, and gives instructions every night about how to test the angels, it would be a good start. A 90 degree hard right turn is required to keep this thing on the road and out of the ditch.

We desperately need a real revival in this land that will cut the people of God to the quick of their hearts and convict them of their sins. Without it, we will become a byword of history, and every prophecy from God will quickly fall upon us.

I am told that Wednesday night, April 30th, some brokenness and repentance began to break forth upon that meeting. Apparently, Todd Bentley expressed his desire to follow God into that greater move. May that be so Lord, and may the fruit of repentance begin to be seen with him.

Lord, if he is able, by your grace, to remove the precious from the vile, perhaps you will be able to use him as your mouthpiece. (Jeremiah 15:19)

Let us pray that it becomes a tsunami of repentance for only then can true refreshing come forth from the Lord. (Acts 3:19).

Once again, I am advising that all of you should stay away from this meeting unless the Lord our God expressly sends you to it, and you are sure about that. Fools rush in! A man who is hasty with his words is worse than a fool. We do not need to be the spiritual market innovators, and bring the lemon home to sit in our driveway, or worse, bring an evil angel home to camp out in our bedroom. Wait upon the Lord!


Stephen L. Bening

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