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Prophecy: Lakeland Outpouring Follow-Up Report
May 5, 2008

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We have had two prophetic ministers at most of the Lakeland Outpouring meetings to observe and report about what has been happening. One of those is in the midst of a 40 day fast right now.

I attended the meeting on Friday, April 25, and since that time, I have watched more than an hour of video as well.

I notice that most of those who are commenting: Andrew Strom, Matthew Stephen, Rich Keltner, Michael Boldea and others, have not attended any of the meetings. They are basing their judgements on what they know about past actions and teachings that have been made by Todd Bentley. This is valid, to an extent, in so far as commenting on the quality of the "root" of the ministry, and we have presented these things here. I do not agree with them where they have, in some cases, refused to pray that Todd Bentley will repent.

But, I also want to report on the present status of the meetings and about what has actually transpired so far, so that those who are attending will realize that we are attempting to report and judge these things in as objective manner as possible. A thing may be evil, but simply not fully manifested yet. Contrariwise, ministers who have made glaring errors in the past may repent of those errors and decide not to repeat them.

So, I will, once again, give you an eyewitness account, as it was delivered to me through Sunday, May 4th.

To The Good:

So far,

1) No feathers have been reported to have appeared.

2) No one is barking like a dog, squawking like a chicken or mooing like a cow.

3) No gold dust has appeared.

4) There have been no reports given to me of any angel visits attested to by anyone other than by Todd Bentley.

5) There have been no reports of visits by dead saints.

6) There has been no discernment of any power used other than the power of the Holy Spirit.

7) There have been many extravagant miracles that Todd Bentley has been working to gather supporting evidence in proof of the miraculous claims.

(Comment From Jim) Just 30 minutes ago, a lady said that her daughter was healed of leukemia and had two different doctor follow-up visits to confirm. The doctors called it a "spontaneous recovery". Todd Bentley asked if she wouldn't mind supplying the information for the media/press. He hinted that the media was going to cover this revival with a story soon.

Also, last night (or the night before; they were in the baseball stadium) Todd Bentley claimed that 2 people so far have been raised from the dead. One person, clinically dead for 15 minutes recovered. Another unrelated person was clinically dead for 30 minutes.

8) The real presence and glory of the Lord have been discerned as present throughout the meetings.

9) There have been some reports of brokenness and repentance breaking forth, with people prostrate, weeping for their sins.

To the bad:

So far,

1) Todd Bentley has mentioned the appearance of Emma, the female angel, in one of the meetings, and he has not yet repented of that encounter.

2) There is still teaching going out that angels will follow you home, and there has only been limited teaching, in a few of the morning sessions, to tell you how to test these angels to see if they are from the Lord.

3) There are many meetings where Todd Bentley says that he simply is not able to preach, and only the miraculous occurs, along with the working of the word of knowledge gift.

4) Observable brokenness, accompanied by the fruit of repentance, is still not evidently present in most of the meetings.

5) The preaching of the gospel is still, by all accounts, very weak, and sometimes almost non-existent.

6) There was the event that occurred just a few days ago, in the large, outdoor stadium, where Todd Bentley expressed a desire to lay his hands upon every single person in the stadium. This was done prior to any preaching of the gospel or altar call. In short, unsaved people were invited to come forth for some type of impartation. This greatly grieved the spirit of our observer when he witnessed it.

I watched the May 5, one hour interview on Todd's website, which included Patricia King. The interview was very Christ centered, and Todd emphasized the power of Jesus Christ to deliver the one who comes to him from drugs, alcohol and every other demonic stronghold.

So, that is my my latest attempt at an honest report about these proceedings, which has, as of my last report, angered just about everyone. Those who are against these meetings do not want me to say anything good about them or about Todd Bentley. Those who support the meetings want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend there are no problems or no open doorways to the enemy of our souls.

There are glaring problems in these meetings, and big, wide open doorways are still there for the enemy to exploit. I, for one, pray that Todd Bentley would close all those open doorways, and repent of anything that is not pleasing to Jesus Christ, so that God may do a mighty work. I pray that he might bring in powerful preachers to work along side of him so that the gospel might be preached, that brokenness might break forth, repentance manifest and so, that refreshing might come forth from the Lord. (Acts 3:18-19)


Stephen L. Bening

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