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Prophecy: Opinions, The Lakeland Outpouring And The Month Of May
May 6, 2008

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Opinions: everyone has them. Right now, many people are willing to fight to defend their own personal opinion on just about everything. They will punch you in the nose if you disagree. They will rip you up. I know, cause I've been recently ripped.

When you stand up on your soapbox to defend your own opinion, please try to entertain the possibility that you might be wrong. I certainly have! Have you ever been wrong before? Well, please consider that it just might happen again, to you, and yes, to me.

So, try to be considerate, and try to bear with and put up with believers in Jesus who have a view that is different from yours.

Those of you who feel compelled by Jesus to go and camp out in Lakeland should just go. Open yourselves up to everything there. Drink it all in. Many of you will not test any spirit no matter how many times the bible tells you to do so, and you won't listen to any warnings about anything, so just go already. If you become filled up with demons, Jesus will probably have someone willing to pray you back to health.

Then, there are those of you who will never go, and who will insist that everything going on there is the work of the devil. So, don't go!

You would go if your child was deaf. I'll just bet you would go if that were the case. But since your child is healthy, you won't go. You might miss seeing someone get raised from the dead, but you will miss all the mess and strangeness too, and that is probably good. Probably!

That is one wonderful aspect of this situation. You are free to go and you are free to stay home. If you go, you are free to get up in the middle of a meeting and leave if something bothers you too much or grieves your spirit. No one is chaining anyone to a seat. If you decided to stay home, and change your mind, then go. No one is going to keep you out unless they run out of room.

I have told you all to be careful up there, if you go.

Please do not criticize me that I have only been to one meeting at Lakeland. That is the only one the Lord sent me to. I work for a living! I pay for much of the ministry I do. I have tried to keep an eye on things that are happening there by encouraging people, whom I trust, attend those meetings. I'll go back there when the Lord sends me...if He sends me.

I happen to believe that the hour of calamity is upon us. I just purchased an additional four month food supply for four people in my household, and now I have to pay for it. I hope that as you run to Lakeland, you have not forgotten your responsibility to provide for your own households, less you be worse than an infidel. Great calamity is at the door. Have you prepared for it? A goosebump of glory is great, but being hungry is still a great problem. Have you made any provision for the day when they close the Publix, Winn Dixie and the Kroger?

We are in the month of May. The church was born in May, and it is likely that the manchild company will be born in May. The Pleiades, of seven stars, are pulling up close to the Sun right now, as the Sun is directly overhead in this month. It is therefore likely that great calamity will come in some future month of May. Perhaps this May.


The Lord gave me a sure word some years back: Sudden great calamity will result in sudden relocations of the remnant which will bring sudden empowerment (the manchild). That is the REAL POWERFUL REVIVAL that I am waiting for. This is not that. That is my opinion, because I have not seen the sudden great calamity, just yet.

Is this present move true or false? Is it a wheat or a tare? Time will tell! Men will make their choices.

I have written a great deal about these "May Things" in past months of May on my website at So, if you are interested, just go to my prophetic archive and peruse the articles about "The Pleiades", "High Alert" and such that I have written in previous months of May.

This year, just a few days ago, the USS Abraham Lincoln entered the Persian Gulf. Prophet Bob Neumann sent me an email, and said "time is growing very short." You can find Bob's prophecy about the Lincoln on my website.

So, you might be thirsty and decide to go to Lakeland for a drink. We had better be like Gideon's men if we go to Lakeland: taking a drink with our hand as we stand and continue to watch but not jumping in to the water. If you go to Lakeland, please continue to be on the watch.

The TWENTY FIRST week of the year marks the occultion of the Pleiades with the Sun. This year, that period is May 18 through May 24th. Please be very watchful spiritually during this period. It is a period every year of high spiritual activity. Be alert! Be aware!

The Mayans were not sacrificing humans every year at this time for no reason.


Stephen L. Bening

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