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PROPHECY: Understanding What Is Happening-The Bitter Spirit and Falling Away
May 25, 2003

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Many people have shared warnings concerning impending judgment. Most of these recent warnings concern that judgment that first begins with the church.

God has communicated this to us in so many ways and images, yet we have been left, wondering just how this is going to be implemented. Do we understand? Or, are we clueless? Has the trumpet sounded a clear warning.

Sunday afternoon, I sat at my table, feeling alone, isolated, vexed, easily irritated, angry, unhappy, discontented and discouraged. I did not want to read my bible, or pray. I had this yearning to run away from everything. Then, I called upon the Lord. What is happening Lord?

The Lord brought back all the images to me: The Pleiades (Seven Churches) going into the Sun (The Fire). Being out of time: it begins now; zero hour; countdown. But what Lord? Then, the whole May 24th saga, culminating with the mysterious word I was given on May 24th about Purity, The Bride and the Bitter Water.

As I rolled all of these over in my mind, and considered that it all has to do with his church, I considered this aspect of the bitter water. The word used in Numbers 5:24 is “marah” , which is Strongs #4751, from #4843 “marar”, meaning vexed, grieved, angered, provoked, chafed, discontented, great, heavy. Then, I considered the related word in the greek, which is “apsinthos”, and it’s relative, “wormwood, which is a type of calamity, and can mean bitterness of spirit.


What has happened is that the entire Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, symbolized by the seven churches, has gone into the refining fire.

But, we had no understanding of how this would be implemented. Nobody did. People had hints, but the men of Isachar either were being silent, or they had not seen it yet.

Now, I understood the element of it that had eluded me. I saw it very clearly.

Everyone in the church had been emotionally enveloped and smothered; We have been overcome by feelings of hopelessness and discontent. Everyone was feeling vexed and easily irritated. Everyone wanted to escape; to run away. People in Christ are unhappy, and no one even knows why. Some people can’t even find a reason why they are feeling this way. Everywhere I looked, people were giving up and falling away. Great heaviness was resting on everyone, including me.

Some people have natural situations that are tough that they are facing: inadequate money, pain, sickness, relationship troubles and loneliness. These are giving up. Others have everything going right, and they are bitter too, and expressing an attitude of “what’s the use”.

Yes, the bride has been made to drink the bitter water, and it has manifested in our emotions: in our souls. I had not seen this ahead of time. I have not understood. We have not expected this, but it is so, and it is global in scope. The test is in progress. The cursed water is now within us. How will we respond?

You say it has not reached you just yet? Wait!

Last night (Sunday A.M), I suddenly awoke and the clock read 1:11. That caught my attention: Alpha, Alpha, Alpha is what I heard in my spirit. Then, about thirty seconds later, I heard an alarm go off. I could not tell initially whether the alarm was in my head, or if there was really an alarm sounding with it’s beep, beep, beep, beep. I got up, and put my ear next to our alarm in our room, but it was functioning properly and was silent. Still, this incessant alarm sound was continuing on. I lay back down, hoping it would fade, but it did not. Surely, this must be an imaginary beeping going off in my head. What did it mean?

I finally decided after about fifteen minutes to search the house. Perhaps, another alarm was sounding. Sure enough, the alarm was coming from Richard’s room. My young son Johnny was sleeping in there, and he was soundly snoozing through the alarm. I entered and shut it off.

Now, Richard is 21, and is in Colombia this week. The reports I have been getting is that he has been enjoying himself in a worldly way. He is handsome, and women simply must have him. He has no desire to resist. Before He left, he had clearly been considering repentance. He had attended our house church meetings for the last two weeks. God was clearly calling him to repent. On his way to the airport, I prophesied to him and told him that if he would choose the good, and minister salvation to those he met in Colombia, that God would use him, but that if he returned to the vile, and to fornication and sin on this trip, that it would go very badly for him.

I pondered that the “Richard Alarm” had sounded, I prayed, particularly for him, and returned to sleep.

The word alpha occurs four times in scripture, all in Revelation. I awoke at 1:11, and Alpha is the very first word used in the New Testament in terms of alphabetical order. It’s Strongs # is “1”. Once, it appears in Revelation 1:11, where Jesus, as Alpha and Omega, begins to speak to the SEVEN CHURCHES.

There I am again, back to the original picture. SEVEN CHURCHES GOING INTO THE FIRE. Golden tablets are being melted down for holy purposes.

The alarm is sounding now for all who, like Richard, have decided to stay in their sins. People are beginning to fall away in droves.

In conclusion, I believe the warning now is that if you do not repent of your sins immediately, you will be hardened in your sins. You will have this bitter spirit, from this bitter water of the spirit, and you won’t want to follow God any more. You are going to fall away, and you won’t be renewed to repentance. I have confirmed this with a youth pastor: it is happening. Everywhere, people are being defeated: they are giving up. There is no desire in them to follow God any more. Pastors are reporting that their churches are thinning out. People are falling away.

SOLUTION: Once I recognized this bitterness of spirit, and called upon the Lord, it departed from me. You are going to have to call upon the Lord. Then, I prayed for my family, my church and for the believers in all the other churches. That is the test. If, in the midst of this bitterness, you fall away, it seems likely to me that no way will be made for you to return to the Lord at a later time. You will be hardened in your sins. If, in your emotional misery, you diligently seek the Lord and call on Him, you will be delivered.

If I have described you, and you are experiencing run away, out of control emotions of hopelessness, discouragement and discontent with your life, and particularly your life in the Lord, call upon the Lord right now, and diligently seek Him even if you don’t feel like it. Seek forgiveness and His presence right now. DO NOT GIVE UP. Fight your way through this heaviness. You must reach out to the Lord now.

There may very well be no way back if you fall away now. Why? You won’t want to return. Don’t fall away now, please……don’t give up. Don’t give in to this. It is judgment from the Lord. It is the test of jealousy.

Once you overcome, pray for your brothers and sisters. They are in a crucible right now.

Stephen L. Bening

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