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Prophecy: Where Is The Hope?
July 25, 2013

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I still get an email or two: those little electronic attempts at communication. Usually, one or two of them contain a certain line, for you see that most of the prophetic words, visions and dreams that I receive have to do with the judgements to come. This website is where I present those revelations to the rest of the world and so, I will get that comment periodically: "Where is the hope?"

I do radio programs where I speak almost exclusively about the judgements to come. I go out on tour and hold prophetic meetings with prophetic folk. Some of these folks have been chugging down prophecy since the time when prophecy became a club and they just keep on collecting prophecies. Many of these folks grew sick and tired of regular church so they quit serving or praying. All they do now is collect prophecies. These people need to get busy serving God in some capacity by serving their fellow men. They need to use the gifts they have and love on somebody, but these prophecy junkies just want another quarter pounder with cheese at the drive up window. They want you to set a date and hit it on the dot. Some of them will then pray against the visions I get, obtain delays, and then they want to call me a false prophet. Many of these types have now grown bored with prophecy and they sit as in a catatonic stare. It would be better for them to go back to Hope Church and learn how to serve God again than to remain as they are now.

So here I am, the man in the middle. I am the apostle of prayer who always has a prophetic word of encouragement (because that is what I am always asked to speak). To the prophetic junkies, I am just not exciting enough because I do not predict hardly any dates for the things I see. To the prophetic burnouts, I am just more of the same old, same old that they have been reading for thirty years. To the church-ettes who get curious and stumble out into the wild, wild west of the internet of prophecy, I am just one they inquire of, saying, "where is the hope?"

Where is the hope? You will find it in serving God. Your service to God must go further than private devotions, bible reading and singing songs. Prophecy collecting is not serving God. Service to God will only be pleasing to God and effective for you if it reaches people. Hurting people need hope.

Our last tour to the West Coast of the US included two unusual meetings. One meeting at Liberty Lake, WA lasted for more than eight hours. Another meeting at La Center, WA lasted nine hours. Those two meetings had everything. We worshiped God; prayed for healing; gave individual prophecies and yes, we discussed prophecies of the judgements to come and how people might get better prepared for what is coming. It really takes that long for two men who are in the office of prophet to minister to people and to present the complete picture of where we are. Shorten our time that we have to minister in and we are forced to shorten the program. We tend to jettison the hope and tell you about the judgements to come, because we know that you are not hearing very much about those judgements over at Hope Church. So if we seem to not speak of hopeful things to you, perhaps you should have shown more interest in us and given us more time to minister to you.

I received an astounding word this morning that has to do with hope. You will have hope if your life changes. I question whether one is born again if they have experienced no change in their life. If you have been born again, your life will have changed. You will have been sealed by the Holy Spirit in your spirit, but what then of your soul? Where is the hope? Why are you so cast down, oh my soul? You have need of being transformed by the renewing of your mind, but just how will that transformation occur? How can you renew your mind?

I have been told for years that in order to be transformed, you must renew your mind and they take this text from Romans 12:2. It seems simple enough. They have told me: read your bible, study, read, study, go to church, listen to sermons on the radio and tv, memorize scripture and keep on doing it. They say this will renew your mind. Hogwash! This will not renew your mind. This will not transform you even in the slightest. It is all well and good to read and study your bible until you have it memorized, but I know Mormons who have it memorized. Surely, there is more to it than that.

Study and memorization of the word of God may make one an expert, but it will not change your life. It will not transform you. Such people are privately miserable and many of them wind up getting on drugs and committing suicide. They lay hold of the word of the Lord but they never lay hold of the Lord of the word! This explains why so many I have gone to church with over a thirty year period now have nothing to do with God. They have totally fallen away.

The revelation the Lord gave me today is that Romans 12:2 follows after 12:1, where we are told that it is our reasonable "SERVICE" to become a living sacrifice. You see, we must SERVE God. We must take the words off the pages of the bible and we must begin to work them out in our lives; to serve; to pray; to sacrifice ourselves for others. Jesus had said that the greatest among you will be the servant of all, and truly Jesus served all men who have ever lived before and all who will ever live by using His body as the greatest of sacrifices. Only when we serve others at the leading of the Holy Spirit will the words (logos) that we have read be turned into living words that will begin to flow as a river of living water, bubbling up from the inside of us.

Many of you have swallowed into a lie, hook, line and sinker. You have come to believe that if you continue to go to churches and listen to Christian TV where the preacher always smiles, tells funny stories and always makes you FEEL BLESSED, then you will have hope. He tells you that you can have your best life now and you can prosper and have everything you want and no one is ever told that they need to repent, let alone change. This is not real hope! It is the iron pyrite of hope! It is fools gold. That is why you feel great when you are at church but then you are depressed when you get home. This is why you cannot even listen to a prophecy about the vengeance of the Lord our God for thirty seconds without getting scared and depressed? You have been eating cotton candy for food. You need a real transformation!

So, do you want some REAL HOPE? You will have to serve others just like Jesus served when He was here. He continues to serve by interceding for us daily. Those who serve in this way will be transformed by the renewing of their minds and will have their lives changed. They will no longer be depressed. They will no longer be praying only for their own selves and wallowing in their own vats of self pity. God will really become the lifter of their heads. Only then will they be able to look up and to take notice that the day of their redemption is drawing nigh.

The Lord is coming and the day of vengeance of the Lord our God is at hand. Jesus left off quoting from Isaiah 61 right at that point almost 2,000 years ago. Then, He came to the Synagogue in Capernaum and read from that scroll. He said that the words that He spoke at Capernaum were fulfilled in their hearing, but He left off reading just prior to verse 2b ("And the day of vengeance of our God"). Today is the time when He is ready to come back as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and He will be about the business of fulfilling the rest of the story. He will watch over His word to perform it: you can count on it.

When you are fully engaged in serving the Lord, you will be able to look into the eyes of Jesus. You will be able to hold His gaze without hiding or averting your eyes. Jesus will see a friend before Him and He will not be able to hide from His friend the things which He is about to do in the world. Yes, the prophetic vision of it all is horrific to behold, but if you continue serving others and praying for their well being, you will be able to handle it and declare to your own soul and to others, "bless the Lord, oh my soul" and "why so downcast, oh my soul, put your hope in God". You will be able then to bear with all the words of Jesus. In that day, you will be mature, complete and entire. You will be ready for His appearing!

Stephen L. Bening

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