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Prophecy: The Corpse Flower Sign
July 23, 2013

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Corpse Flower Blooms in DC

The corpse flower (Titan Arum) began to bloom in DC on Sunday, July 21, 2013. As I read this story, I was lead to research everything about this incident. It is interesting that, so far, no one has smelled its' characteristic odor which smells just like rotting flesh. Another article reveals that workers smelled the foul odor on Sunday night.

So far, it is a prophetic sign to me. This blooming plant physically looks like a volcano to me. We see the bloom now, prophetically, but we are waiting for a little space of time yet for the actual smelling of the rotting flesh to occur when the events of violence actually break forth like a volcanic eruption or the blooming of this huge flower, which is nearly ten years old and nearly ten feet tall.

This double "ten" sign speaks of the outbreak of many plagues upon this land: the double judgements.

Two prophetic servants have received dreams in the last two days where they were smelling rotting flesh. One was received by a prophetess in Florida named Mary on Sunday night. The other was given to a woman who has supported me and my ministry financially.

The address of the Washington DC Botanical Gardens where this corpse flower is blooming is 100 Maryland Avenue. As I read that, I heard the Lord say that:

"the blooming of the eruption of violence will begin in Maryland".

So, I am looking for an event to occur very soon now, in Maryland, that will spark the reenactment of the events that really began to escalate in 1963 and escalated in 1968 with the assassination of Dr. King and then led to further violence across the land.

This corpse flower is blooming in one of the two buildings which are closest to the US Capitol. There is only one other closer building to the capitol: The Russell Senate office building (just visited by prophet Matthew and I in April, 2013. So, I perceive spiritually that the the rotting flesh began spiritually when we two prophets set foot in that office building and were turned away from all Senate offices except for one: Senator Enzi of Wyoming.

I looked back historically and the events of 1963 seem to be occurring again in a rough parallel. June of 1963 saw an acquittal in the trial regarding the murder of Medgar Evers. The blacks did not respond with rioting at that time. In the same way, the Zimmerman acquittal has not sparked nationwide rioting in 2013 so far, fifty years later. But it was the September, 1963 bomb blast at the 16th street Baptist Church in Birmingham that really marked the beginning of significant bloodshed, where four little girls were killed and two more were killed in the riots that followed.

Will there be a terrible September, 2013 event? Others are receiving warnings about the September/October 2013 time frame.

So, according to the faith that I have to prophesy, I believe that the Lord is saying that an event will happen in Maryland very soon now that will cause violence to erupt or to suddenly bloom. This eruption will spread to cover the whole nation, as signified by the proximity of the Corpse Flower to the US Capitol. This violence: the eruption or blooming of it, will be in full bloom soon thereafter and will cause travel across this nation to become increasingly difficult. The smell of rotting flesh will then be prevalent in the land.

This puts a further emphasis on prophecies that have already gone forth: that the Spirit is saying that we need to move forth with actual preparations for trouble right now.

Stephen L. Bening

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