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Prophecy: The Compression Judgement And Prophetic Delays
July 4, 2013

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Those of you who have been around the prophetic as long as I have will probably have decades of experience in listening to various prophetic words. My partner Matthew even pre-dates me, but I cut my prophetic teeth reading prophecies by Dumitru Duduman and Henry Gruver in the late 1980's. I remember that in July, 1999, I was having discussions with prophetic acquaintances and we were discussing Dumitru Duduman and his prophecies. I asked one of them whether Dumitru had ever commented about when he expected his prophecies to occur. He said that Dumitru had expected that they would all begin to happen between 1997 and 1999: that it was not a thus sayeth the Lord or anything, but those were Dumitru's expectations. I came to the conclusion around that time that the "Stand In The Gap" meeting of more than a million men held by Promise Keepers in Washington DC on October 4, 1997 probably played a big part in the delay. So, we were seeing in 1999 that the prayers of the church were operating to delay the judgement prophecies of established prophets. Just how long would these delays last? No one knew, but the prophecies just kept on coming.

The late nineties were hard on me. My best friend Blitz Robinson contracted cancer for the third time and the chemotherapy took a horrendous toll on him. All his hair fell out and he aged twenty years in appearance over a three month period. It was just after his death that God began to give me a revelation out of that painful experience. America, the Lord said, has a terrible cancer. The Lord was recommending chemotherapy, but the church was crying out, resisting the treatment, saying "Oh, God, don't do that, my hair will fall out." So, since that time, the church has resisted every prophetic judgement by praying against them for a delay. There has been no concern over the survival of the patient, for every administration of chemotherapy must be given before the cancer reaches a certain stage of severity. After that time, there is no point: the chemotherapy to kill the cancer would also kill the patient, so the hospital simply administers narcotics to keep the patient as comfortable as possible until death.

The years have rolled on and we find ourselves in the middle of the year 2013. Most of us never thought in a million years that we would get this far and still have a spendable American dollar. We never dreamed that we would still have functioning American cities, supermarkets, an electrical grid or any other comfort providing convenience, but here we are. We can thank Nita Johnson and the Gathering of Eagles in great part for this, as well as IHOP and others who have prayed against every single judgement that we have prophesied. Each saint from the young worshipers such as Kim Walker who crafted the pleading song "We Cry Out" up to the oldest praying grandma who has pleaded with God to delay the tsunamis from hitting the coasts where her grandchildren still dwell have played their roll. The judgements have been pushed back and pushed back and pushed back some more. But have all of these done us a favor? Have they done a good, godly thing or something else? What spirit were they of? Were they serving God or their idols as they prayed for these continual, repetitive delays?

God had raised up two unique prophets by the middle of 2008. We were commissioned as apostles to carry the staff of God and to call in the judgements. So, God transformed us from his messenger boys into active participants. We have been seasoned and matured by years of foul treatment. We have been tested and have passed on through to the place where God has established us as His messengers. We had now, after twenty years time, been made into the watchers and the holy ones of Daniel 4. It was now our job to get the prophecy from heaven, to decree it and to see it through to fruition. But something is wrong! Both positions cannot be right. From 2008 forward, it is either right to call in the judgements and to agree that God has sent them and wants them to be carried out expeditiously or it is right to continue to pray for their delay. Which action finds its' origin in the spirit of God? What spirit are you of? Jesus came as the lamb of God in his first physical visitation to Earth and he strictly upbraided James and John when they desired to call down fire from heaven to destroy a city that refused entry to Jesus. But almost two thousand years have passed and we are nearing the biblical set times. Jesus will now return as the Lion of the tribe of Judah who was found worthy to open the seals of the book of Revelation. He will pour out His judgements and he will use two prophets to do it. These two prophets will call in troubles as often as they desire and they will torment all of those who live upon the Earth. We who believe the bible know that these days and these prophets will come. Are they here now? The Book of Revelation contains much apocalyptic language of symbol and type. I believe these two witnesses of Revelation are a prophecy of a type and they they foretell of a company of witnesses: a company of prophets who will call in the judgements and make these types of decrees. But so far, as of 2013, Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening remain the only prominent prophets who have taken up the staves and who are doing this work.

Some argue that Jesus gave us instructions to "Bless and curse not" and several other admonitions against cursing. But, these scriptures were all delivered in the context that we are not to curse those who persecute us, revile us or spitefully abuse us. We are to bless those who curse us. We are to pray for those who spitefully abuse us. These scriptures have absolutely nothing to do with the activities of prophets who have been sent out by God over nations, territories, states and cities. We continued to travel all over this nation from 2008 through 2013, calling in the judgements and making prophetic decrees all over this land. All during this time, our efforts have been resisted by those who have prayed directly against that which we have prayed for. We are in spiritual combat, Who is right? Who is on the Lord's side? Well, it is clear to me that the 2012 election of Barack Obama over the prayerful objections of all of these so called saints who prayed so very hard for the election of a Mormon that God has begun to say no to those who desire the delays. We have been given "Obama The Judgement" by God. He is a judgement! All of the delay seekers prayed for the election of Romney and God shut up heaven to their prayers. A resounding NO was heard out of heaven and everyone has been left to behold the rapidly accelerating descent of our nation into the pit of hell since he was elected.

Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening traveled to Washington DC during April, 2013 and the Lord said to me during the time leading up to "God's Filibuster" that He was going to give me a revelation during the thirteen hours of continuous preaching that we were going to do at the Washington Court hotel. God did not disappoint me. He gave me a horrible revelation: it is the most horrible revelation I have ever received! In fact, this revelation is so horrible that if it is true and it really comes to pass as the Lord revealed it to me, then Nita Johnson and everyone like her who have obtained all of these prophetic delays will have turned out to be greater enemies of the kingdom of God and will have done greater damage to the saints and to the kingdom of God on Earth than any satanist ever dreamed possible. (Satan's proudest moments come when he is able to use real christians to accomplish his objectives) I know that they did the things they did unwittingly, thinking that they were doing God service, but they prayed those prayers nevertheless and we will all eat the fruit thereof and drink from the cup they have purchased for us with their prayers for delay. This fruit and that cup are bitter indeed!

I was preaching at the Washington Court Hotel in the mid morning of April 18, 2013 from Leviticus 26. Five times in that chapter, the Lord lays out the consequences of continual and repetitive disobedience and persistent unfaithfulness and rebellion. Punishments are said to be multiplied seven fold each time no repentance is forthcoming. I was discussing and preaching from this scripture about this principle that God will multiply judgements when He grants delays to His people and then His people respond by returning to their vomit. Five times He says He will multiply the judgements seven fold and then He will vomit His people out of the land if they do not repent. I was preaching when suddenly, I saw a vision to the left of my bible of an accordion file. It was expanded and then unseen hands pushed it together. Those invisible hands were compressing it and I immediately was given understanding about the meaning of the vision.

We then went on a speaking tour to the West, beginning in Liberty Lake, Washington on May 9, 2013. When I opened my bible to Leviticus 26 to share about the revelation that I had received about the compression judgements, I noted that the pages of my bible were stuck together at that place and I had to pull them apart: apparently, I had expectorated on them when I was preaching so forcefully that day and night on April 18, 2013. I took it as another confirmation that God was going to stick these judgements together: they will run contiguously with no interval of rest or restoration possible.

Those of you familiar with my ministry may have heard me preach about the seven year American tribulation. It is set to run from Fall/Winter 2008 to Fall/Winter 2015. During that seven years, we were and are to have five waves of trouble. After those waves of trouble, there were to have been periods of from three to six months where God's people could preach the gospel, travel around the nation to relocate to safer areas, restock supplies and just simply rest from the troubles the land was suffering under. Each of these five waves of trouble would last from six to nine months. Failure to repent would lead us to a sixth wave of trouble that would result in the land vomiting out its' inhabitants.
7 Year American Tribulation

I have struggled to understand what was happening in my nation since early 2009. Now, God has granted the understanding to me concerning the causes and reasons for the delays. But now, to my horror, God has revealed the consequences that will be suffered because no repentance has resulted from the delays that God has granted.

The horror that I beheld now as I watched this accordion file compress in my vision is that now, due to all of the delays that have been granted due to the prayers of the saints, wave two, wave three, wave four and wave five have now all been compressed to come in without any interruption during the remaining time from July 2013 through the end of 2015 (or later if their prayers for delay have moved back the end point). Once the roads close in America, free unrestricted travel cross country in America will not be restored. There will be no time granted for restocking supplies. God will not grant any respite at all. No breaks! All travel to other places will have to be on foot, through the wilderness trails, once the roads close. This will be an unimaginably horrible time. This compression judgement will lay at the feet of those who have prayed for all of these prophetic delays for all eternity. The blood of those who die in this horrible time will be on their hands, not mine and certainly not Matthew's.

I admonish you now to make all of your final preparations. Get as much revelation from God as you can right now. You will have to buy it by forsaking all your idols. Truth is so very hard to find. Buy wisdom, buy knowledge and buy understanding. Get yourself into the safest place that you can get to by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Movement once these things set in will be difficult so get it right and get it done now. Delaying and procrastination will cost lives. This will be terrible beyond terrible. God help us all.

Stephen L. Bening

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